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The Power of Crowdfunding: Mining Companies Now Compete With Startups for Crowdfunding Support

Thanks to the advancements of investing, more and more upstarts are becoming confident enough to launch their new products and services to the world. By getting $5 – $10 from those who can commit, a business that had no way of getting funds from traditional means during the 90s can now get the funding they need through crowdfunding. Usually, getting monetary support from people all over the world via crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo only apply to startups that have no backing from stockholders. However, today, the old mining industry seems to be looking at crowdfunding to get the support they need for operations.

Crowdfunding for Mining Companies

Crowdfunding for Mining Companies

The mining industry is much different from a regular business that only needs a capital and workspace to operate. Miners need to secure a lot of permits in order to prove to the country they’re operating in that they’re following safety procedures, given the hazardous nature of the business. The environmental impact of mining and current low prices of gold are what keep miners from getting the backing they need from investors.

Crowdfunding projects are still in their early stages so there’s not much data to show whether or not they can become successful. So far, there’s only one crowdfunding project related to mining that showed tremendous promise. Planetary Resources, a company that plans to mine ores from Asteroids in the future, was able to acquire over $1.5 million in just 30 days for its space telescope project. In Canada, the KlondikeStrike Canada platform was launched in order to help people invest in mining companies that offer opportunities in the Exempt Market.

Gold is a very important commodity in the investment world. Germany, the second largest gold holder in the world next to the U.S., has a solid economy thanks to its vast reserves of the yellow metal. Gold today costs around $1,300 per ounce and if the country decides to cash in all of its reserves, it would be able to support its economy independently for many decades. Gold, in short, is one of cornerstones of a powerful nation.

Looking at crowdfunding for support may be a good step from miners. By being presented at kickstarter sites that people from all walks of life visit on a regular basis, mining firms are opening themselves to more potential markets.

4 Responses to Crowdfunding: Mining Companies Now Compete With Startups

  • Marketing,

    Falcon Isle Resources is a newly formed phosphate mining and exploration company in Utah with a phosphate mining operation with over 7 million tons of surface minable high-grade phosphate resources suitable for Direct Ship and Organic Fertilizer application or shipment to downstream processing facilities for higher grade fertilizers. Falcon Isle presently has a verbal out-take agreement to take all of the high-grade ore that is produced, subject to approved pricing.

    The Diamond Creek Phosphate Mine has been closely held by a family for over 80 years and has previously been permitted for initial mining that took place back in 1981. Falcon Isle is in the process of re-establishing the mining permits to continue the mining process of this high-grade phosphate ore. There is approximately 50,000 tons of exposed phosphate ore that has been previously stripped in prior mining operations, which will be the first area to be mined.

    Falcon Isle Resources is looking to raise up to $10,000,000 in order to finalize permitting, establish a well defined mine plan and plan of operations, in additional to commencing the mining operations. Please visit our website at for more detail.

    Please let us know how we can proceed with raising capital through crowd-funding. Additional information is available upon request.

    Best Regards,


  • Marketing

    LIKEMINES Company Limited is a start-up gold mining company registered in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. Its primary focus of operations is mining, sales and distribution of precious and semi-precious minerals (specifically gold).

    LIKEMINES, has acquired 100% ownership rights to two highly mineralized gold concessions in Ghana, West Africa.

    Concession #1 is 78.88km2 and is situated in the Kumasi basin, approximately 15km direct northwest of the Ayanfuri Mine, where some significant mineralized quartz stockwork systems, hosted in intermediate granitoid bodies and in the surrounding Birimian metasediments have been discovered by earlier exploration work in 2008-2010.

    Concession #2, is 100.65km2 and is situated in the Kumasi basin, close to the eastern margin of the Manso Nkwanta-Asankragwa volcanic belt. It is located approximately 25km WNW of the famous Obuasi Gold Mine.

    Both concessions are located in Southern Ghana within the Ashanti Gold Belt, one of the most highly gold endowed and tightly held geological provinces in the world. Ghana, particularly in the south, has been considered one of the world’s most prolific regions for gold discoveries for some time, with both gold producers and explorers enjoying tremendous success there.

    For more information about our company visit us at At the moment we are seeking a capital investment in our company in exchange for equity in the company. Crowdfunding is one of the ways that we are seeking to raise capital.

  • I have gold mines, two operating, small placer gold mines in oregon
    need funding to expand

    Have big Arizona underground Placer gold channel. Mill in place
    and Mine developed

    Need funding parner

  • MMSA 8 year old Gold Mining and Core Drilling Equipment Sales are sitting on top of the Providencia Vein in Segovia Colombia. Untouched under the license. Approximate 250.000 ounces in the license area. Looking for JV partner to dig a 475 meter vertical shaft to exploit the vein below.

    Looking for funding or JV Potential buyout partner

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