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If your looking consists of posting startup capital requests online, you’re not really trying.  Here’s a story demonstrating how entrepreneurs who end up attracting capital  make it happen. The story is about Airbnb which was seeking capital back in 2008.  During the Democratic Party convention in Denver that summer they came up with a great idea for raising some seed capital. It involved quickly and cheaply creating something that could be exchanged for cash. The idea was to repackage cereal so that it would be worth a premium to attendees:

We made 500 of each (Obama O’s and Cap’n McCains). They were a numbered edition on the top of each box, and sold for $40 each. The Obama O’s sold out, netting the funds we needed to keep Airbnb alive. The Cap’n McCains… they didn’t sell quite as well, and we ended up eating them to save money on food.

As the old saying goes, where there’s a will there’s always a way.

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