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The Reddit Startup Story

How did the “front page of the Internet” come into existence? Find out from the two founders in  this motivational video.

2 Responses to Reddit Founders Steve Huffman & Alexis Ohanian Talk About Their Startup Days

  • This is the second time I’ve heard at least part of the Reddit story and it fascinates me on several levels. First, I think it’s revealing that the most important thing when creating an online success, or really any business, is to create community. Second, I think it’s important to remember that the best brands are so much more than a business. They are a solution for transforming people’s lives.

  • What a great post and I want to thank Larry Wildman for sharing it with the BizSugar community. It’s a perfect illustration of the difference between a business that simply sells a product or service and one that truly fulfills its customers’ needs.

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