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Available in the USA Only

Qualify for up to $250,000 in Three Simple Steps

Some Potential Uses for Funds include:

– Cash Flow Management Tool

Helps a new business owner keep cash on hand for things like payroll, while they can use the cards for other things like:

– Buying product/stocking the shelves

– Launch Marketing Campaign/Advertising/Branding

– Upgrade business systems/infrastructure

– Upgrade storefront

– Real estate investors can use the funds to purchase materials for a rehab project

– Balance Transfer Checks can be used to turn the Credit into Cash, which can then be used for down-payments or purchase of equipment or property, or for any other cash transaction.


Funding Details

Unsecured/No Collateral

– Your business does not need to leverage its assets to acquire capital.

Stated Income/No Docs Required

– Simple two page application, no income verification.

No Restrictions on Use

– All of our products can be used same as cash, we do not burden our clients with vendor trade lines (i.e., BP credit lines, Office Depot credit lines).

Funding in as Little as 7-10 Days!

– Quick Approval Process, which means your start-up can take advantage of opportunities in the market faster, putting you ahead of your competitors

No Upfront Fees!

– We do not charge our clients for submitting an application, we are paid solely on results.

Lines will not report to the personal credit bureaus

– Drawing these credit lines will not affect your debt/credit ratio, thereby sheltering your personal credit for personal necessities (auto loans, mortgages, student loans, personal credit cards). Lenders will only report defaults to the personal credit bureaus.

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16 Responses to Get Fast Easy Painless Business Funding

  • I would like to talk to you about the offer

  • Hey. We are in to the business of branded watches, which we get 45% lesser then the market value. We have been in to this business since 1992 and are looking forward to expand our wings to a whole international level. We are a team of renowed professionals, and upto 21 stores all over india. Looking for some financers preferably from gulf countries.

  • Do you lend to a company in the real estate industry? I have found this to be a problem for most lenders. I currently crowd fund deals I cannot carry myself. Please advise.

  • Dear sir,

    Please, I am an author with some unpublished intellectual properties. I need your kind financial support of $20,000 to enable me publish the materials.

    Please, your support in this regard, will be greatly appreciated.

    You can reach me via this phone no- +2348030714441.

    Thank you and God bless.

  • I would like the opportunity to speak with you about my new company, Largest media and mass comunicetion Pvt Ltd. Largest media and mass comunicetion Pvt Ltd is best summarized as: To produce a pilot project for a TV serials and title song recording the serial base on Religion movement between 1500 to 1700 BC a through music by Religion ..

    Largest media and mass comunicetion Pvt Ltd is currently looking for early-stage financing I am a 28 years old yeong lady residing in Delhi India like to start my early venture .with a capital of equity and debt one million dollar. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me

  • Dear Sir/Madam


    To Whom It May Concern

    My Name is Adam Saeed Ali, Professionally I have 20 years experience, managing, and developing in Construction Industry in the Maldives.

    We are looking for investor who will interest to invest for Develop our construction company (Twin Builders Pvt.Ltd).

    We are looking for $300,000 and we will offer 50% share or return investment plus profit $200,000 within 24 months period

    Company Turnover:
    1- 2013- $30,000
    2- 2014- $90,000
    3- 2015- $150,000

    Twin Builders Pvt.Ltd is a Contracting and Construction company based in Maldives. We have been providing our clients with reliable solutions since 2013.currently we have more than 80 staff and 10 professional staff including designers and engineers

    Our services offer a single-source of solution for all of your preferred needs in a professional way. Whether it is restoration, Site Preparation, Maintenance, and Engineering we have the experience and personalization to provide the highest quality within the budget. We support our clients from project inception, to the turn key.
    Our Company is committed to providing the highest quality services, competitively priced, with services exceeding our customers’ expectations for quality construction, and repair maintenance services at fair market.

    If you interest please contact me

    Adam Saeed Ali
    Managing Director
    Twin Builders Pvt.Ltd
    Reg No: C-0710
    M.Haadhoo, 2nd floor, shaheed ali hingun
    K.Male’ Rep, of Maldives
    Contact No: +(960) 9996028

  • i am looking for a loan of 25000 to expand my company i have a great clientele and have quite a few more major companies ready to advertise. if you look at our client list i am sure you will be slightly impressed thank you ted powder

  • Looking for $150,000 to purchase equipment and 3 month operating costs for a 5 tph gold ore crushing and processing plant.

  • I have a graphic design./large format digital printing/ signage company. I have been in this business for 35 years. My company previously owned by my father and i has been in business for 45 years. Our sales until this year have been between $1,000,000.00 and $850,000.00. My father passed away 4 years ago. In order for me to obtain his shares i had to purchase them for $500,000.00 and have been making payments since 2007. After his death i had to continue to pay his estate/ step mother and step family the remaining balance of $179,000. The estate has now forgiven the remaining balane of only $76,000. Due to this i had to cut the business expenses back in order to make these payments. It also used all of my working capital. So i am basically starting from scratch. All of the large corporate clients are still ordering but i am soon unable to accomidate the very large orders due to lack of capital needed to manufacture. I am looking for a investor interested in finding either a active or silent partner. Past financial records can be provided. Would also be interested in a line of credit at a reasonable rate and term. Would need roughly $200,000.00 to bring the company back to the volume of revenue it once had. Serious inquires only please. Time is now a factor. Thank you very much.

  • we r looking for finance to setup a new start-up our sheep & goat farming project, we are seeking capital for purchasing land, insurance of animals for security,fast development and infrastructure etc.. for our newly established company Mikhail Agro Farms Pvt Ltd, our project is of 1 to 5 Cr,INR it is 100% profitable secured business comparing others there is no marketing problems, agriculture depends upon industry and industry depends upon agriculture so through the year the profit is must, our company have selected land of 100 acres everything is ready we need is just funding, we r having 10 yrs experience along with govt training certificates, so if interested plz contact send details terms & conditions. without any upfront fees & charges

  • We are a USED CAR AUTO DEALERSHIP fully licensed in Toronto, Canada.
    Sales in 2016 was 90 cars.
    Sales in 2017 was 230 cars valued at 3,015,947 Canadian dollars. Projected sales for 2018 is 360 cars.
    We are looking for an investor to purchase 30 percent shares in our company for an investment of 300,000 dollars plus 5 percent Interest on the funds.
    Only serious venture capitalist may contact us at 416 833 2090


    This is a comment section, not a public request board.

  • I’m looking for a potential investor for a professional developmental football league, with a great business pla / ppm and legal documents, for additional information please feel free to contact me.

    Thank you.
    Rahim Muhammad
    (435) 705-8592

  • hello I am charles Akoetey, I need an investor to my business which has an ever increasing target population, the business is viable and profitable and in the education sector.

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