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How to Get Startup Capital?

Here are the top 10 tips for raising startups capital:

Startups are a Team Sport: Have a team of at least two people with complementary skills and talents show investors. For example, a great combination is where one has a strength in closing sales while other has a strength in ensuring that the product or service purchased is delivered as promised. A team of three is even better. An investment in a company with just the founder is too high risk for investors. What if the founder gets hit by a bus a few weeks after the money is invested? Chances are it’s a write-off.

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How Do IPOs Work?

With the IPO market heating up again, I thought you might like to know how going public works.

IPOs are incredibly complex and risky feats to pull off in today’s regulatory environment. However, the following story does a first rate job of highlighting the key steps in a successful one.

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