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How to Sell Yourself When You Have No Credentials, Connections, or Money

So, who have you helped out so far? – The Customer

One of my favorite bloggers for a few years now has been James Altucher. He always has something interesting to speak or write about, and today I want to bring your attention to one of his best talks to date. Most people struggle with feelings of not being good enough to attract the best customers or charge market rates for their services. Here James gives an insightful and humorous talk on how to establish a beachhead for yourself when you’re a complete unknown.

By the way, James also has a new book out called “Choose Yourself: Be Happy, Make Millions, and Live The Dream.” The Kindle version is just $4.99.

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Risk Mitigation Tips for Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs

Nothing is more difficult than bootstrapping a startup. It can prove to be the ultimate test of endurance for many a wannabe. And, until you’ve weathered the storm yourself, it can be difficult to fully understand just how gut-wrenching starting a business can really be, especially if you already work at a steady job, have a nice paycheck, and are used to having others tell you what to do.

Sure, the upsides of entrepreneurship are practically limitless, but tell that to anyone who has failed horribly as an entrepreneurial venture and you’ll get a different perspective. If they failed their first time, it may have completely dashed their hopes and caused them to wash-out. If they failed multiple attempts, then they’re probably not going to be the best person to go to for a “pick-me-up.” It is in that spirit that I hope to showcase some of the ways to mitigate startup risk. It is important to understand how to do this regardless of whether you use your own or other people’s resources in your startup.

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