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The Lies Told in the Pursuit of Venture Capital

Lies Entrepreneurs Tell Venture Capitalists by venture capitalist Howard Anderson

Lies Venture Capitalists Tell Entrepreneurs by venture capitalist Howard Anderson

A Software Industry Pro’s View on Venture Capital

Joel is not a venture capitalist , but he’s of interest to anyone in the software business. Read what he has to say at JoelonSoftware, including his article on venture capitalists.

An Engineer’s View of Venture Capitalists

This is an excellent article by two engineers on why dealing with venture capitalists is usually a nightmare.

Venture Capital – An Overview of the Basic Issues and Challenges for Entrepreneurs (pdf) written by Andrew J. Sherman, Esq. Article.

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Venture Capital Negotiations (pdf)

More Venture Capital Insights

The Hottest Venture Capitalist on the Planet (pdf)
Interview with Michael Moritz of Sequoia Capital

Ruminations on venture capital, trust networks, and information theory. This is a superb article by a venture capitalist on why you are highly unlikely to raise venture capital if you are not already known and respected by the local VC community.

Get the Inside Scoop on the Venture Capitalists to Avoid
The Funded

Entrepreneurial Death Traps (pdf)
How to avoid the classic entrepreneurial mistakes
Written by venture capitalist Frederick J. Beste III

The 12 (Almost) Surefire Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success (pdf) Written by venture capitalist Frederick J. Beste III

The Truth About Vulture Capitalists
Written by venture capitalist Frederick J. Beste III

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