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How to Use Entrepreneurial Finance to Launch Your Startup

This site has gained quite a bit of notoriety over the years for two main reasons. One, the Startup Guide based on the financing strategies and tactics of elite entrepreneurs, such as those found on the Inc 500 Lists of Fastest Growing Companies, improves the entrepreneur’s negotiating leverage with investors by showing him or her how to quickly create traction without outside capital. Two, many entrepreneurs as a result decide to pass on investor capital altogether. Why give them equity if you don’t need them?

If you are the type of entrepreneur who places a high priority on preserving as much autonomy as possible, you will have an extra appreciation for this startup financing approach.

startup capital

How to get startup capital.

There’s nothing magic here. While rookie entrepreneurs expect one bundle of cash to be dropped in their laps that will then solve all their startup problems, the elite entrepreneur understands that the key to financing a new company is in breaking it down into balance sheet components such inventory, fixed assets, equipment, and working capital, and then finding a way to finance each one individually.

If you think that the startup financing problem is being overblown here, take note that it has a name: The Financing Valley of Death.

Even if you are committed to not starting until you have funding from investors, knowing these financing methods will enable you to impress them far more than someone who is oblivious to entrepreneurial finance.

Here are two financing tools to help you get started tomorrow:

The Guerrilla Startups Guide

Revenue-based Financing: This product covers in detail how to use revenue royalty certificates (RRCs) to finance startup or expansion of a business. Although the Internet just discovered revenue-based finance in 2010, it’s actually a proven method for raising capital.

19 Responses to Startup Financing

  • Does anyone have any insight into the best way to find start up funding for a new franchise?

  • We are student debt consolidation company seeking startup capital to expand our now growing company. This industry is blowing up and can increase your bottom line by triple.

  • Hello, we are looking for seed capital to get our new crowdfund startup off the ground.

  • Hello fellow investors,

    Seeking Seed Capital of $3,599,998

    I am writing you this article to let you know about the new business that I want to start. It is a business in Higher Education. It is very different from the conventional university system, however. It does not offer any classes; only exams. That is why it cannot really be called a university.

    Here is how this business works. Imagine someone is skilled in Mathematics but does not have a degree in it. They can come to our institution, pay us the price for taking our math exams, and if they pass them, we will grant them a “degree” in Mathematics. Now please note that these exams will be administered by professionals in each field. In other words, the math exams mentioned above will be made by college professors. Also note that we include in our degrees the names and signatures of the professors who administered each test. So for the Mathematics applicant we talked about earlier, we will include the names and signatures of the professors who administered each test that the Math applicant took. This way our degrees will be gain credibility.

    Now to sum up the benefits of such a business, here is a list:

    1- My business will reduce the cost of obtaining a “Professional Degree”. Taking the tests will still cost money, but it will be tremendously cheaper than paying for an entire college curriculum.

    2- My business will increase the quality of education. When this business exists, “Educators” won’t have to bother with helping their students to pass their exams. That is because those educators won’t be responsible for administering any exams; we will be responsible for doing that. That way educators will be able to relax and focus on “educating” rather than on testing.

    3- My business will make “Professional Degrees” more credible. When this business exists, professionals who work in this business won’t be able to administer bad or easy exams. That is because if they do so, they will lose credibility and run out of business. That is why they will always make sure their exams are fair and unbiased.

    4- My business will make job recruitment easier. That is because when people start earning credible degrees, there won’t be a need for further examination of their abilities by job recruiters. Job recruiters will simply trust in their degrees. And by doing that, recruiters will save themselves and their customers a lot of time and money.

    That was some of the benefits that such a business can create. As you can see, this business benefits everyone. So if you are interested in it, you can always take part by helping me in creating it. Let me know if you can help in any way possible. I need a lot of money and people to get this started. I will appreciate any help.

    Zuban Mubari

  • Here’s hoping that you can help us with startup capital. We are seeking $250,000 in cash to help us launch a small fleet of food trucks in Phoenix. 602 564-3243

  • I have several ventures in medical technology, biotechnology, CRO, pharmaceutical areas from different parts of the world that are seeking start-up capital. For more information please contact me via this threda.

  • Hello to whom it may concern,

    We are in quest of $2,000,000 in startup capital for a small factory to produce solar panels.

    Neil Harris
    Sunpower Solar

  • My family and I have a successful retail business which could be reproduced in hundreds of additional locations. To carry out this expansion, we require approx $1.750 million in startup capital. Please contact me if interested.

  • I would like to start a food truck business. I was a chef for 10 years and can do this. My plan it to have 5 trucks in 3 years. Can anyone help me with startup capital?

  • Hello Investors,

    I am from Swaziland in Africa i am looking for funding for my project that will be processing frozen french fries and frozen vegetables,To start my project i am looking for $1 500 000-00,i have business plan for my project.Please contact me on my email address :

  • Am trying to find mining companies to bring to Ghana for gold mining. Am from Ghana but a us navy/army veteran and also a us citizen. Am also looking for investor for real estate project Ghana

  • I am an established vetran in Golf course Managment and Complete construction in SE Asia. I have constructed 3 number 1 courses in the past ten years. I am in a region which is just about to boomt. I am requiring Start up capital for a purpose designed construction company to dominate the window of opportunity. Capital required is $300,000 the window to invest is 45 days. Return plus profit within 20 months. Capital Equity of company in exchange. Business models are on the ground up and running.

    • Twin Builders Pvt.Ltd is contracting and construction company based in Maldives since 2013 currently we have more then 80 staff
      we are looking for investment $250,000. will be return plus profit within 20 months period
      who will interest please contact me

      Adam Saeed
      Contact No: +9609996028

  • I am looking for an angel to help me fund the purchase of a local business. I am offering a 25% return on investment with a short turn around.

  • I am writing from Zambia…looking for investors who invest in gold mining and agriculture…..we have discovered large deposits of gold in hard rocks….we done the tests and the each sample is 27ppm Au content per tonne….looking for those investors who can be interested in the venture…..

    We are also looking for investors who invest in agriculture sector in our country…we have million of hectares of virgin land which can used for agricultural purposes….in southern Africa region they is high demand of maize and other agriculture products which can be more profitable if invested in it….looking forward to hear from

  • Hello my name is Cole Fortune i am creating a energy drink that is healthier then the average energy drink i am working with a compony from scratch the company is power brands i have spoken with them many times they have created hundreds of successful brands for others
    The reason why i am creating this drink is to help boost your energy with out the side affects that caffeine gives people the idea is to focus on the use of power fruits and healthy alternatives
    At this time i am currently seeking financial backing of 75k. the money would be used for a concept all the way through the final product.
    please contact me if you have any questions i look for to hopefully hearing from you thank have a nice day sincerely Cole Fortune

  • MOWIN ENGNEERING LTD is looking for investors who invests in Agriculture, Commercial production of crops, Agro processing, Value addition and marketing of agricultural products. MOWIN ENGNEERING LTD need the grain processing for Rice and Mize. We have enough hectares of virgin land, buying machine it need $162217. we shall bear with the term and condition.
    Who will be interested please contact me

    Okwang Moses

    Contact No: +256772248165/+256782247314

  • We already completed 1st round of Angel funding last year and now looking for VC funding.

    > Technology Based Model leveraging drop-shipping in E-commerce Industry
    > Users will come for free tool and will stay for Network
    > POC already done and right now product being used by multiple customers
    > Qualified Team – Engineering + MBA from top institutes

    Here is our website URL –

    Please feel free to contact me on my email ID

    Anshul Verma

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