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What is the Startup Financing Valley of Death?

It’s always the toughest trying to raise outside capital at the beginning when you cannot point to any sales. Everyone decides to take a pass on your deal as a result. You can’t really blame them for it. All they hear is a lot of big talk on your part without any proof. Sorry, but a business plan does not constitute proof. Investors understand that business plans are as objective and trust worthy as a personal ad on a dating site.

So can you blame them for telling you to update them on your progress in six months? Isn’t that what you would do to tactfully get them off your back? You’d want them to show you some actual proof that customers are buying before you invest a nickel.

Here’s a diagram of the Financing Valley of Death:

Startup Financing Valley of Death

Startup Financing Valley of Death

The Financing Valley of Death separates the true entrepreneurs from the wannabes. Which are you going to be?

Here’s the tool to help you get through successfully and impress everyone. The Guerrilla Startups Guide.

7 Responses to The Startup Financing Valley of Death

  • I have run 3 successful medical device companies in three different capacities . I need $5 million to start a new national Durable Medical Equipment. Liberty Medical ,Florida, Liberator Medical , Florida Complete Care Medical , Houston Texas. Have Contracts, Business Plan , Marketing and Sales Plans.

    • Good day Michael.
      I would like to know if you received Capital. I am also looking for $5 million for a new Fun Park in South Africa.
      This site seems to have no replies to anyone who ask. Maybe you have been successful?

  • is there any one who can help with the funding

  • I have an invention that solves the problem of getting into a vehicle and opening the doorand getting blasted in the face with a 140 degree index. It also has three other power points to its system.Problem solvers have been working on this solution since the 70s.It also has military capabilities because of its stealth mode.I have already paid for a research and market analysis and it goes to SEMA next month in Las Vegas looking for marketing and manufacturing investors.I need to get the provisional and the agency I’m working with wants 5000.00 for their bundled services. It will cost 18,000.00 for the patent,and keep in mind it will come with layered patents because of the many different vehicles that it will service.Through the research I found out it has International Patent Rights Reserved because there is nothing like it in the world.

    I need help finding three firms that can give me the opportunity to present this project to them. I will pay back 5000.00 for every thousand they invest. Thank You for listening and can you help with knowledge of these firms.

  • I have a 340 acre patented Gold Mine opportunity available in Arizona. 222,000 tons of provable reserves at .500 oz/ton au and 5 million + tons at .500 oz/tons probable reserves. Looking for investor/partner to purchase and startup operations. Need $5 to 20 million for various ownership buy options and startup a 20 tph processing operation.

  • I have an established Medium Size fishing business that has being operating for the last three (3) years and would like to expend after seeing the potential of business.
    Therefore i seek potential investors that are interested in the food industry to partner in the expansion of the business.
    I prefer an investment amount of $250,000.00 to $500,000.00.

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