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Why pay anywhere from $49 to $499 for a directory of venture capital firms, when you can have the information for free?

You can view a list of the Top Venture Capital Firms in the United States and Canada for free here.

Venture Capital raising tip: Avoid wasting time and money in contacting firms by understanding why venture capitalists do not invest in companies. Here are two (of many) reasons:

1. Venture capital is a business built on trust. This trust comes from reputation. If you are an unknown to the venture capitalist, he will not invest in you. He will invest in people he knows and trusts.

2. Venture capital investing is also a face-to-face business. A venture capitalist wants to be able to reach your office in no more than an hour’s car commute if a situation warrants such a meeting. In other words, they do not invest in companies which require a plane ride to get to if there’s a problem.

Do not waste your money calling and FedExing business plans to venture capital firms on the opposite coast like rookies do everyday.

Top American Venture Capital Firms

Top Canadian Venture Capital Firms


15 Responses to Top Venture Capital Firms

  • Request Investors to contact me for high revenue projects in India

  • Yes, that’s how it works. Brace yourself for an onslaught of emails from VCs and investors all over America,

  • This is helpful too.

  • I am looking for investor for startup company in area of safety pharmacology (biotechnology) with yearly revenue a 50mln.

  • hello my name is Michael Lee Sena i am a product developer ,
    am looking to “license usage rights”

  • Hello
    If you want to invest in a seed capital in DR CONGO for collecting dust gold; please contact me
    Project needs 16.380,000 us dollar.Business plan is available.

  • We are in the startup space managing a primary school mathematics learning program which is up and running with over 1000 paid clients from India and is priced at $ 50 for the full 40 weeks program, we have five levels in the primary math learning space.

    In India it is priced at INR 1500/- for the 40 weeks program per level, per child, for the full years program.

    We are looking for Investors for scaling up and take this program globally.

  • good evening.
    my name is Sebastian mwaura the founder of life capital group
    please review the company and advice if it can fit in your area of interest
    Life Capital Group
    The company consists of a financial & investment, real estate and insurance agencies which combined and together constitute a complete regime that complements each unit to build up a network of a company for posterity. The parent company which also is the holding company is Life Capital Holding group (LCHG), LCHG is as well the investment arm that receives and withdraws any investment fund and interest earned for further plans as drawn by the board. The financial arm is Life capital SACCO (LCS) which eventually will become a fully fledged bank once the CBK requirements are met. The Life Capital Insurance (LCI) is the insurance agency which caters for clients’ insurance needs, LCI will develop to become a fully fledged insurance company.and Life Capital Real Estate(LCRE) is arm that invest in land and properties ,it buy lager pieces of land and subdivide it to members,it will develop to become a fully fledged building and construction firm

    General Description :
    Life Capital Holding is a holding company for Life Capital SACCO, Life Capital Real Estate(LCRE) and Life Capital Insurance Agency.
    Life Capital SACCO is the current driving business for Life Capital real estate and Life Capital Insurance Agency. The SACCO business is a membership financial institution with current membership of about 4,000 members undertaking savings. The SACCO will ultimately grow and be turned into a bank to continue serving its clients as a fully fledged banking institution. Life Capital Holdings will serve as the holding company through which capital can be injected through to the other subsidiaries of the holding company.

    Life Capital Real Estate(LCRE) is intended to be the real estate development company and thus, capital for this will be raised through the SACCO’s development and also through interested investors in the real estate business.
    Life capital insurance agency is the insurance wing of the company and serves the insurance needs of members.
    The holding company will be the vessel through which the company profits can be withdrawn from the SACCO till the SACCO is turned into a bank. The SACCO, therefore, will be the companies building strategy to develop into a banking institution


  • Hello
    I ave clicked on the link and I can not find the list I am hoping you can help us. We are in the nutricutical pet industry and are looking for investment and funding.
    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  • I’m looking for an investor to buy this restaurant with gambling I have seen first hand the revenue this business has made it is an existing business it is making $25,000 a month off the gambling alone it is turn key and it is in a great location I need $100,000 to buy it and $50,000 working capital to get the restaurant up and running again I do need help with this as I am trying to grasp the American dream in this great country of ours

  • I’m looking for an investor to help us purchase this restaurant we will pay you back with in two years if not sooner I’m writing this in conjunction with the first message as I don’t want you to buy it I want you to help us purchase this business

  • Global Marine Minerals looking for investors for our Underwater Mining Company that operates in Nome, Alaska. We use Underwater Drones to mine Gold. We can go into waters in Nome, Alaska that have not been mined (Deep Waters). We have a Business Plan.

  • My name is Joe Macfadyen I am the owner of Macfadyen’s Construction And Home Renovations. I started up my company in April 2016. I am looking for a silent investor Someone willing to invest money into my company. Amount needed from investor is a minimum of $1,000,000. – $2,000,000 Canadian Dollars. In return the investor will receive 25% of my company’s yearly net income for 50 years. I need the funds to purchase new work equipment , work vehicles , purchase property , hire employees. Right now I have 25 full time employees and 10 part time employees. I am looking to expand and get my name out in the public. The only thing holding me back is the lack of proper funding. With the money from the investor I can get everything I need to complete 100’s of jobs each day. The more I make the more the investor makes. So if your interested in investing in my company get back to me and let’s talk business
    Text me at 289-204-3443

  • Hello and good day to you!


    Presently, we are looking to raising money to acquire and develop land in Jamaica to create a mass production fruit farm cultivating the “soursop” fruit. Since our intent is to begin a much needed enterprise that will in the near future create a new product line from a rare exotic plant and fruit known to work superbly well towards the benefits of nutritional health within the human system. This will give us the opportunity to add our line of new products to the baking industry • drinks industry • food industry • ice cream industry • juice industry as well as to many other food services industries.

    The most important reason for us going in business is, we saw the opportunity to establish a much needed “Enterprise”. One that will begin by cultivating a rare multi-purpose plant that produces a fruit which is known to be very nutritious and is also very tasty. This will not only become just lucrative, but also to produce a much needed nutritional product that works superbly well for the human body. It’s also building a new brand from an exotic plant and fruit that the world will “quickly” come to know, trust and at the same time to enjoying its consumption.

    Therefore, we first need to put together a mass production farm to make sure we can harvest enough of this produce both to meet the need of the raw market as well as to supply a manufacturing plant. In order for us to keep up with supplying the consumption market and to continuously keep up with serving the public at large.

    Business plan is ready to share upon request; to learn more about this, please contact me personally at the information listed below!

    Best Regards

    Everton Elliott
    Founder & Director
    Project Name: TropiCell Infanta
    Phone: 718-838-0964

  • We are currently in a highly lucrative market in a rapidly growing economy. The current trend towards an increase in the number of entrepreneurs and competition amongst existing companies presents an opportunity for an increased demand for market resources and services that will enable entrepreneurs to stay ahead of the pack. The Lawrence E. Root Women in Business Resource Center is the “brain child” of founder Lyndia Bruckbauer- Dutmer. After returning to college at age 40, Ms. Bruckbauer-Dutmer found she was in the same boat as many of her female piers, 86 Percentile to be exact, in their senior year. She had 30 years’ business experience, going to have her second Bachelor’s Degree, graduate Magna Cum Laude and yet she could not find a job in her field of study. The fact is only 14% college female graduate’s find jobs in their field of study, leaving many to ask, “Now what?”
    Ms. Bruckbauer-Dutmer answered that question for herself when she opened her own successful businesses. The Lawrence E. Root Women in Business Resource Center is not just a program providing resources and mentoring, but provides affordable office space, marketing and branding, virtual assistance, and many other tools to help and guide young professional and entrepreneurial women to succeed in their business goals. Ms. Bruckbauer- Dutmer is asking for help raising $2 Million in funding she needs for building, training, and working expenses. The following plan is the blue print for the Michigan the Lawrence E. Root Women in Business Resource Center. The Resource Center has an aggressive goal of a resource center in every state within 1 year and anticipation of global resource centers in 120 countries worldwide in 2 years.

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