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Top Canadian Venture Capital Firms
Listed by Province
ARC Financial AB
Argo Global Capital PQ
Axia Capital Corp Ont
BCE Capital Ont
Bus Dev Bank of Canada National
BMO Equity Partners Ont
Brightspark Ont
Borealis Ont
CAI Capital Management Co. National
CCFL Mezzanine Partners Ont
Canadian Medical Discoveries Fund Ont
CastleHill Ventures Ont
Celtic House Venture Partners Ont
Covington Funds Ont
Crocus Investment Fund MB
Dancap Private Equity Inc. Ont
EdgeStone Capital Venture Partners Ont
ENSIS Growth Fund MB
Envoy Capital Management AB
FCC Ventures SK
GTI Capital PQ
Golden Opportunities Fund Inc. SK
Greenstone Venture Partners BC
GrowthWorks Capital Ltd. BC
HDL Capital Corporation Ont
J.L. Albright Venture Partners Ont
Jefferson Partners Ont
MM Venture Partners Ont
McLean Watson Capital Inc. Ont
Mercator Investments Limited Ont
Mosaic Venture Partners Ont
OPG Ventures Inc. Ont
Primaxis Technology Ventures Inc. Ont
Smart Seed Fund BC
SpringBank TechVentures Funds AB
Tamarack Group Ltd. AB
Tech Capital Partners Inc. Ont
Telus Ventures BC
Vancity Capital Corporation BC
VenGrowth Capital Partners Inc. Ont
Venture Coaches Ont
Ventures West Management Inc. BC
Yaletown Venture Partners BC

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22 Responses to Top Canadian Venture Capital Firms

  • I am seeking start up capital.
    Visit my website to see my vision.
    Thank you
    Randy White

    • require financing for a total Eco-sustainble waste and agricultural management company operating in India
      ..could be based from Canada .
      The starting projects range from
      1)water recycle ability in urban landscapes
      2)aggro-management in selected areas .

    • Last week I went for the frontpage 2fer special. Best investment in a year. Launch your company first, build it, and only then talk to VCs once it has some tangible value.

  • Hello I have invented a water treatment plant that reads water in real time however I need the start up capital to proceed. All of the leg work is done including vendors quotes and manufactures the pattent application is complete. I have been researching this industry for the past three years and have yet to see anything remotely close to my design. I feel this is a great investment opportunity. I am based in Calgary and am available at your request.

  • I am seeking growth capital.Visit the sites to know what we are doing. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact me.
    Thank you

  • Dear Sir,

    We are online dating site.
    We need loan to build dating site and the marketing.

    The cost of building Dating site is $15,000
    The cost of placing advert on cp24 Tv for 10 weeks is $80,000
    The cost of Overhead Expenses is $25,000

    We need the capital amount of $120,000 to start our online dating site.

    In 10 weeks, we can generate 10,000 paid member at $4.99 a month.
    Which will bring our monthly revenue to $49,990 monthly.

    Kindly consider our proposal for option of funding.

    Contact me via email

    John Popoola

  • I am a business owner. I need capital to support the growth of the firm.

  • National Hotel Development Experts looking for financial partner

    Contact via email for more info and website

  • Hi, I am looking funds for my startup. Through this system anyone can buy and sell their smartphone securely and in case of stolen/theft user can mark stolen/theft using web portal and stolen/theft smartphone can be traceable if some tries to buy/sell using our system. fund required for establishing a company and infrastructure and marketing. If anyone interested I can also share revenue model which will launch with in a year. In revenue model, invested amount will recover in 2 years and get profit rest of the life.

    startup will launch in other countries.

  • We are seeking seed capital to start online social network connecting sing;es.
    We plan to charge $15 monthly and when we have 100,000 monthly users that will be $1.5million monhtly sales
    When we have 1million monthly users, that will be $15 million monhtly, we are seeking investment fund to establish our online dating services to reach millions of singles both national and international
    Thank you
    John Popoola

    • Boot strap your startup.. 1000 customers is $15,000 a month.. you can finance a lot of debt with that cash flow.

  • Looking for startup funds to purchase equipment and machinery to mine gold in British Columbia, Vancouver. All testing completed, 43101, geological studies conducted by Mamouth Co. Ready for production.

  • Our company is a growing company which is looking for investors to expand its activities.
    This is a team of highly enthusiastic and energetic scientists and engineers specialized in developing state-of-the-art, customizable and scalable machine learning and statistical solutions to serve clients across the globe in different sectors and industries.

  • I have developed a flywheel accelerator. Our first aplication will be for a bicycle. It does the same as an electric bicycle, except no motors or batteries. Visit our website for more information

    We are in need of seed money

  • I am looking for a VC partner or VC Capital to develop a wind power propulsion system for cargo vessels that I am developing. Need money for building of a working prototype and further R&D.

  • We are looking for seed capital to develop a drinking and wastewater treatment pilot scale project using a disruptive patent pending electromagnetic technology which eliminates the need for chemicals in the water treatment process. We have developed a lab scale working prototype and have partnered with a high profile university and a local municipality but require equity capital to leverage government funding options.

  • Hello I am based in Mexico City, I am seeking for a capital partner to develop the most important Physiotherapy chain in LATAM based in México, I have a unique asset of protocols and equipment to achieve 3 times faster recovery for patients, I have had 1 testing clinic open for more than 3 years dedicated to learn about the business and create a very solid business plan, and developed a very profesional 6 year plan. I have being director on commercial areas for different AAA companies.

    • Sell your service to the Insurance company.. do a pilot with them – if you rehab program reduces recovery time and their costs for rehab. Then they will love you and you can raise all you need. I would do debt financing not equity unless you got an awesome VC

  • We are a feel good company with a great social mission to help parents around the world. Our platform connects parents, shares valuable information and allows to buy, sell, rent and donate their kid products. We are looking for investors to partner with.

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