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fake it till you make it

Startup Lessons From Elite Entrepreneurs

But, the game’s out there, and it’s play or get played. That simple.

                                                                 – Omar Little, HBO’s The Wire

Have you ever found yourself wondering how your startup got dropped so quickly by the competition and was made to “eat their dust”? If so, then read on.

However, before you do that here are two important points about this piece:

  • – Please be forewarned that if you are one of those people who becomes morally outraged over everything, don’t read this. It will send you into fits.
  • – We are only going with legal tactics here although the ethics of some of these tactics maybe contentious for some. Continue reading

Never be shy about promoting yourself because if you aren’t going to no one else ever will. – Gene Simmons

When I first wrote the piece “Fake it Till You Make it” a couple of people became morally outraged and delivered sermons on a popular networking site. My original piece was basically about the need for aggressive self-promotion, particularly in this day and age. There’s an actual legal term for this strategy: puffery. Yes, it’s legal. My two critics jumped to the erroneous conclusion that I was suggesting illegal behavior. I wasn’t. Continue reading