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The Ultimate Entrepreneurial Finance Toolbox

Learn to be a deal-maker not someone waiting for strangers to dump money into his or her lap, otherwise you will be wasting many, many months of your life.


The Guerrilla Startups Guide

 If you want the lack of money to control your world, don’t worry it will.

This Startup Guide is designed for anyone wishing to start a business and not just for venture capital seekers. It’s a specialty tool focused on how top entrepreneurs create the startup capital needed to launch a company.

The Startup Guide in PDF (pdf files are readable with a free copy of the latest Adobe Reader) $99.95 for all three volumes (290 pages). Today only, you can get it for only $79.95. Includes Excel spreadsheets.

Every single day more entrepreneurs invest in this manual. One of them may be a competitor of yours. Don’t be left behind.

How to Close Investors Like a Deal-maker

Are you frustrated by your inability to close a deal with investors? Go here to find out how to close the deal like a deal-maker. This product will triple your chances of getting the money. Yes, this is the one that explains RRCs (Revenue Royalty Certificates) in detail.

The Startup Plus 1-Hour Talk

The Startup Guide in PDF + One Hour Talk. $149.95

Ever felt a desire to have a productive chat or brainstorming session with another entrepreneur with close to two decades of experience? Order the Package Deal today which includes the Guide and a completely confidential chat about anything pertaining to start-ups, financing, marketing, strategic alliances, public relations, or a host of other management issues.

There is normally a two week waiting period so order today. This will allow you to read the Guide and prepare your questions.

How to Buy a Business Course

The new course on the business growth strategies of self-made billionaires is now available. Why do some entrepreneurs rapidly pull away from the pack leaving the rest in their dust? The answer comes down to greater business sophistication. These people can spot profit opportunities that most business-people are blind to. Moreover, they know how to quickly capitalize on them.

I’m looking for a small number of experienced entrepreneurs to join this class. It is designed to be interactive and help you to put the billionaire strategies into action. This is not a real estate or stock marketing investing course, but rather a deal-maker course. It’s the first ever M&A course for entrepreneurs. For more info, start here. To enroll, go here.