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Google Goes to War With Facebook

The Internet’s gotten rather boring over the past couple of years. For me it’s always been a place to conduct business and research not a place to engage in pointless socializing as the current Social Media phase seems to demand. I have just never been into schmoozing for the sake of schmoozing. So it’s rather nice to see the two 800 lb. gorillas of the Net start to go at it. This should make the Net fun again.

Frankly, I don’t like either one of these giants. It’s not good for small business when Google is so dominant in search. The latest algo modification shifted billions in revenue from one group of sites to another. Imagine if you had been playing by the Google rules for years building up your traffic only to see it collapse over night as a result. That’s what happens when one search engine is so dominant. It makes me long for the 1990s when you had eight or ten search engines to choose from whenever you wanted to do a search. Back then you would use two or three for all important searches to satisfy yourself that you had found what you were looking for. Continue reading