Providing Startup Financing Solutions Since 2001

The Startup Guide teaches you how to get your venture off the ground with little or no outside money. It does so by revealing the financing strategies used by entrepreneurial greats when investors weren’t available. Ironically, while the Guide tries to dissuade you from using outside money, the application of its strategies will actually make your venture all the more attractive to venture capitalists and angel investors.

– Wil Schroter, Founder GoBigNetwork

The Startup Guide is the best tool I’ve found yet for financing a new business!

– Catherine Austin Fitts, President of Solari, Inc., MBA (Wharton)

The Startup Guide has been an invaluable resource to me during the launch of Playscreen. It perfectly illustrates hard learned lessons that entrepreneurs would be well advised to pay attention to. In the midst of all the misinformation and hucksterism around starting a company the SSG is a valuable resource you should have if you are running or working at a startup company.

This is the startup financing bible venture capitalists really don’t want you to know about. Use it to launch practically any startup without having to raise outside capital. A well-written book packed with loads of actionable information.

– Paul Kedrosky VC

– William Volk, CEO & founder

Peter Ireland’s Startup Guide is a must read for any aspiring entrepreneur or business executive seeking to cost effectively start or expand their business when outside capital is hard to come by. The financing techniques used in his guide were invaluable when I was at an Inc. 500 software firm and remain as effective today in my latest self-funded company.

– Alan Blume, StartUpSelling, Inc. CEO, Inc. 500 alumnus (2 years)

This is the startup financing guide every entrepreneur must read. Peter provides a creative yet do-able approach to getting your startup off the ground. If you want investors you must first show that you know how to create positive cash flow.

– Gene Marks

Over the past 20 years Peter Ireland earned a well-deserved reputation as the go-to-guy for startup financing solutions. His startup financing guide teaches entrepreneurs the tricks and tactics employed by elite entrepreneurs to launch their startups when cash is scarce.

– Barry Moltz

I  had the pleasure of working with Peter when he helped design the Guerrilla Business School curriculum for Peak Potentials.  Many of the lessons that ended up in the course originated in his Startup Guide. Since then tens of thousands of Peak Potentials clients have derived tremendous benefit from Peter’s expertise.

Paul Ketch, Marketing VP, Peak Potentials