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  • I currently own a wholesale textile company in LA Ca in which established in November 2009. It is called Elizabeth J Figueroa & Co Textile and Design House along with a couture bridal gown division called Madeleine Fig that took it’s launch January of 2013. I am seeking an investor to take our company to the next level of growth. Existing orders, future bookings and business to filter throughout the year. If you or someone you know may be interested in joining our established team please email me at Thank you.

  • Calling to discuss venture funds for our airline startup

    • How far along are you in your airline? My goal is to start one up as well.

      • Need startup funding for our domestic regional airline business here in Fiji South Pacific. We need is us30 million to start with. Airline already registered. Please call me on my mobile-+6799418716 Investors are welcomed. Thank you

  • i have a iron mine that i have been working on to get it started for the past 9 years i have built my crushers, ,smelters im ready to start production. the reason i built the smelter instead of just selling the 10 million tons on the surface is because i am running enough gold ans silver to pay for the processing of the steel and make a great profit. i tryed to operate the smelter alone but i cant stay awake 24 hours a day so i need to hire people to help run the smelter and i am broke i need start up money for workmans com , insureance and payroll the smelter should be able to produce about 25 thousand a day and produceing 1 ton of gun barrel grade steel can any one help put 406-490-7258. ill make it worth your while.

  • I’m looking for seed or startup funding for a sports project, we have a major investor. I have a great business plan / PPM and all legal documents, for additional information you can contact me.

    A1Profootball League, LLC.
    Rahim Muhammad; CEO
    (435) 705-8592

  • Hello

    Inviting investment into a Software company specialized in Oil and Gas Related Software. Exiting business spread across Middle East and Europe.

  • I am looking for an investor interested in Liquefied petroleum gas (cooking gas) in Nigeria. I need a startup support loan of $75,000.00 to complement my capital. Business in this industry is booming; higher profitable returns. If interested, do not hesitate to contact me for an executive summary ! Please contact.

  • Need a start up capital of $500,000 to start an entertainment company. Specifically music production, P.A systems, music equipments, stage, lightening rentals and video production

  • am looking for investors to start my hardware business, i already a business plan and a business place in a developing area. its a lucrative business where we gonna be supplying group five with hardware material, it is a money back guaranteed business and it is a good business investment because it is i a developing area pls…. angel investors, invest in my business and you will never go wrong.

  • My name is Ramon and I have a business called creative visual we specialize and helping small businesses grow through advertising our services range from signs embroidery Auto decal graphic design and more imagine one place you can go to to fill all of your business needs whether it’s a sign, auto decal mouse pad mug,menu, flyer, logo, or pen creative visual can accommodate you our team of graphic designers work one-on-one with our customers to provide a one-of-a-kind experience we believe that every small business should look like a big business with our vast variety of services creative visual will provide you with Marketing Solutions to improve your small business…

  • Hello my name is Juan Pablo I’m 18 years old, I live in Cancun, Mexico. But I’m now living in Baja California, Ensenada.
    I am starting a new sea real state project called “Viento” so if you are interested in investing you can contact me at this mail: So that i could send you the information.

    Best regards,
    Juan Pablo.

  • Hai I’m Jestin Thomas. I have a new idea about mobile app, which providing knowledge about hotels nd restaurants. To get best investment I nee a executed prototype. For that I’m struggling with technical nd financial problems. So from u, I would like to get investment or partnership for generation of prototype. I’m sure this idea will get very best investments in its running. I’m waiting for Ur ve reply. U can contact me on, 918301874298,

  • My name is Justin Stone I am wanting to start an app company that plays movies and latest TV shows free paid by commercials I need 250k for 25% shares the start up money will go to go public experts to put this company on the nasdaq the rest of the funding will come from the stock market

  • Hello my name is Justin Stone I am starting an app company that plays the latest shows and movies free paid by commercials. The funding is to get on the nasdaq the amount is 250k for 25% of the company shares you will set the par on the stock and the amount of shares we can sell I will be happy to get a contract made with an investor the money to do the app and everything else will come from the stockmarket also you will own preferred shares with dividends with the ability to sell out at any time but I hope we can take this to the top of apps being that it is free to the public the name of this app and c corp will be Stone Tube inc.

  • Dear Sir/Madame,

    My name is Izabella Hadvari from Hungary, Budapest. I’m a pillar of a team, who puts his life on humanity and its health. Researches and develops.

    Our major journey is research and development of mineral and thermal water utilization, and development of products made from fruit .

    One of our revolutionary invention is an oxygenized mineral water with vibration. – water with H2O + O2 + vibration. We fix the large amounts of oxygen and vibration, based on our own know-how, which is beneficial to health. Effects: boost the immune system, increases capacity and slow down the aging process. Thereby we raise the vibration level of humanity. Dr.Masaru Emoto’s research inspired our development.

    Our mission is to provide this healthy water over 3 years to 5% of all Earth’s population.

    We looking for your help, could we work together? Do you have some contacts who are interested in health of people living on Earth?

    I am thankful for your attention and willingness to help.
    In case of interest, get contact me at this email:

    Your faithfully,
    Izabella Hadvari

  • Hi I’m Terrence from Dallas tx trying start up my own business building new homes in trying to get a shoe store opening

  • I am a Vet trying to provide affordable housing for the area. This town is short on affordable housing for young families trying to get a fair shot at life. I intend to give them that chance. I have the vision I have been working on for about a year. It’s the finances that hold me back. With an investor, I could not only benefit the local economy but this endeavor would be a lucrative business opportunity for all the parties involved. The land here is not cheap by any means. Which is why I am asking for between 500k and 1 million to make this happen. With proper funding and good weather, we can have this developed in a year. Units could be occupied at full capacity within 4-6 months of opening. Estimated annual gross will be in the 120k+. If I can buy out a local property, the start up cost and development costs would be significantly less. This would take a decent amount for a bid. For further information, I am available between 8am and 10pm daily.

  • My Name is Olivia me and my Husband have agricultural farming project in Namibia. The company is registerd we seek 2 000,000( two million USD) To fund and starting our agri project business. The project will be producing fruits and vegetables ans we have available servised land that have power and water in it…..investors and Loan Lender please email me back at

  • Name is Eric and from Glencoe mn and I am looking for investors or a investor to help me get my over the road trucking company get off the ground I am looking for $500,000 and you can be 25% of the company the money will be used for equipment and paychecks tell money starts coming in

    I expect my first year of profits to be at $300,000

    You can contact me at 320-249-5573 ( text only )
    Or email me at

  • Hello

    We are seeking investors into our nursing training centre here in Ghana. The business model is to house a clinic, pharmacy and nursing unit. The startup capital required is GHS 788,560 ($187752.4). The Training centre is located at Legon- Accra. Investors can contact Prince Kofi Mensah via: or +233 242821733
    Any amount contributed makes you a part owner to the business. We hope to hear from interested investors. Thanks

  • Hi friends. I want to make a social app with new features and I need funding and investment to develop app. I am willing to share 30% partnership and ownership to the potential investors. Support me to doing great Business.
    Kindly reply my email.
    + 923126840471

  • Hello to All – I’ve just discovered this site, exploring around. GAEA Research Trends is a startup business located in Miami, FL. We are seeking $10K in startup “seed” business funding to grow a proprietary new 401(k) Research Monitoring business.
    This is an intelligent proposal, backed by independent data, and strong client numbers. I am prepared to answer intelligent questions about what I am doing. We’re seeking to start, first Nationwide, then Internationally, within a year.
    Our business slogan: “We don’t just grow your 401-k numbers, We make them POP!”

  • I am looking for a investor to help me start a global manufacturing company whereby, inexpensive, enviroment friendly, clean, safe gadget can be made to illimunate cockroaches and their offspring in homes, hotels, shopping centers, hospitals, schools, facturies, etc.

  • U.S. Oklahoma, Health Care, Assisted living facility and licensees for dementia and Alzheimer’s, Needing investor $1,750,000. ROI 21% with money back in 4.5 years. Goal is to have 10 residence with total investment $17,500,000.

  • Hi I have a vintage shop/ coffee shop I need a loan / grant for inventory and working capitall Please advise

  • I am looking for someone to help start a new start up company it is called Flagspinners to help flags from being twisted around poles

  • Start up for wireless headset, need an investor. I feel left out. Hoping that all here will meet their goals. Need an investor. Year after year revenue. Please contact me.

  • I need about 25M for a hydro dam/ farming operation w/ a large Fresh water Lobster Farm/ homes around the lake/ concrete products/ concrete coloring/ crushed rock. A diversified operation.
    I have a brief Bus. Plan Please E-Mail me at



  • We are a Romanian team with more than 20 years experience with aviation sector and we are looking for an investor to join us as major shareholder to set up a Regional Airline Company and to bring in 2 million EUR.
    We intend to start up with 2 ACMI leased Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft
    and to operate European destination.The base will be on Timisoara / Romania Airport.
    If you are interested to invest in such a business please let us know.
    Please, E-mail me at:

  • Looking for a Start Up Investor to fund the construction of a 3,000 sq. ft. high end coffee house eatery in a new development area. This new area has over 1.6 billion in capital investments, including a new medical school, 19 housing developments, corporate headquarters and a military training base. Looking for 600k

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