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Here’s how you can find local angel investors to supply your seed and startup capital. Please note that this site does not in any way endorse any of these organizations and urges caution and a healthy dose of skepticism when dealing with all money middle-men (and middle-women).

Angel Investors Funding Mid-Atlantic network of angel investors

Ohio/Midwest Angels Midwest organization of angel investors

Midwest Angels Midwest network of angel investors

Walnut Ventures New England organization of angel investors National organization of angel investors

The Angels’ Forum, LLC Silicon Valley/Bay Area organization of angel investors

Axxon Capital Axxon Capital is a venture firm that targets women and minority businesses.

The Dinner Club Mid-Atlantic group of angel investors

NYNMA New York network of angel investors

Mindfirst Canadian organization of angel investors

Alliance of Angels Seattle organization of angel investors

Technology Capital Network (MIT) Boston network of angel investors

Techcoast Angels California organization of angel investors

Central Coast Angel Network Central California organization of angel investors

International Angel Network California network of angel investors

Isabella Capital Fund Isabella contributes intellectual and financial capital to early stage, women-led businesses

Angel Capital Network Sausalito California angel network

Angel Deals

SpencerTrask Match-making service for entrepreneurs and angel investors.

British Venture Capital Assn United Kingdom organization of angel investors

Tribe of Angels A community of angel investors for the Jewish business community.

Seraph Capital Forum Seattle angel investor network for matching investors with women entrepreneurs.

Springboard Enterprises A national angel investor network for matching investors with women entrepreneurs.

Women’s Business Center of NOVA Provides a match-making service for women entrepreneurs and angel investors in north Virginia.

Women’s Technology Network Provides a match-making service for women entrepreneurs and angel investors in San Francisco.

Angel Capital Summit The Professional Alliance of Angel Investors

Atlanta Technology Angels Angel Investors in Atlanta

Band of Angels Former Group of Technology Executives

Gathering of Angels Rumor has it this group charges big bucks for the privilege of presenting to its members.

New Mexico Angel Investors

Las Vegas Group of private investors

For more angel investor groups across North America, go here:

US Angel Investors

Canadian Angel Investors

National Angel Investor Databases

Angel Investors Aren’t Angels

Startups that consist of nothing more than a business plan tend to get ignored by angel investors. After all, nobody wants to gamble their hard-earned money on someone who can’t do anything beyond write a business plan. If that’s all you have to show, you’re dismissed as a failure. You can dramatically boost your valuation and power in negotiations by doing what successful entrepreneurs do: creating traction first. Decide how you want to meet with investors: as a player or as a beggar?

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226 Responses to Free Angel Investor Directories

  • I’m looking for investor for the highly profitable project. I think that any genuine idea is first of all simple. I want to organize the joint venture which will provide high quiality taxi service analogical to New York Yellow cabs. The main advantage of my project is that this segment of business is not developed in Ukraine and short terms of recoupment.
    My team has a great experience in this sphere and we hope to find an partner to bring this project to successful realization.

  • I am looking for an investor for a highly profitable startup in South Africa.

    • I’am looking for an investor for a highly profitable start up in philippines . We have a rice mill that we want to spread all over the philippines or to other country but we dont have enough capital to do.

  • I wish to make an inquiry on how to seek a seed investment for an e-commerce/retail start-up in Nigeria. I and my team have come up with a business plan which intends to utilize e-commerce and the brick and mortar strategy in revolutionizing the Nigerian wristwatch retail industry. The company; Watch Island will be start-up retailer exclusively for mid and premium range wristwatches. We aim to provide wristwatch enthusiasts with the following categories of wristwatches; fashion, classical/timeless and functional/everyday wristwatches. Our direct contacts with manufacturers and foreign authorised distributors give us an edge in accessing variety offerings and setting price standards.

  • looking for serious investors for a very profitable business startup in Zimbabwe

    • Hello,
      you are looking for investors and I am looking for raw platinum from your country.If you think we could help each other , please drop me a note.

      Best regards,
      Jan Ulrich

      • Hi im also looking for investments for my highly profitable startup in India.

      • Good day, I came across your ad on free angel investor directories(you want raw platinum). I believe my mining brokerage firm can be off assistance. We can get you companies that supply top quality platinum within days if not weeks here in South Africa. Kindly get back to me so we can discuss further details of this business venture.

      • Hello i really interested in that area of platinum mining

      • Hi my name is olivia . i am looking for investors for my startup agri project i need sum of 500,000USD can you tell me more abt what you want, give me more details please thank you

  • Please,help me connect to an angel investor for my fruit juice production business.

  • We seek an investment of 65MM USD to develop the billion dollar Eco-Aviation business based on our globally patented green electric taxiing technology which was successfully tested by L-3 and Lufthansa Technik. 703.282.9174

    • Dear Sir,

      We are a group of some programmers. We are planning to creat a revolutionary social networking site.After a long plan we have recently make our prototype.
      It will be the first in the world and it will be very much successful business.We have very impactive plan but we have several financial limitations.
      We need financial support to carrying our software for the networking revolution in the present world. Please reply us.

      Ashraf Ali

    • I am Talal Yousuf Mohammed Najibi from Kingdom of Bahrain, Executive Chairman and Founder of Najibi Group of Companies. I am writing you this email in regard to my finance on this project Eco Aviation project an investment opportunity in your region.

      If you have any possibilities businesses collaboration you can come with your any ideas with full Business plan / proposal summary.

  • All aluminum salphate A1 is imported in to Zmabia Zimbabwe Malawi and about 70% into Sout5h Africa. I have very large deposits of flint clay high in alumina and I want to mine it and manufacture 160,000 metric tons aluminum salphate. I need startup capital for this profital project.

  • Lucrative Real Estate & Tourism industry startup beckons foreigners to Kochi, Kerala, INDIA.. Undoubtedly,an emerging economy the Indian Govt has announced 100 % FDI especiaaly in the Tourism sector & Real Estate .. Kindly contact George Mampilli for further clarifications

    • Hello Sir !
      You can contact for more details regarding real estate investment plan in india C.G.

      For More details
      YOU can contact
      vaishali – +918818898733

    • Hello,
      I am diamond and gold miner in sierra leone , we are miners that do our mining in our community as one. Will are capable of supply you or your buyer with good numbers of carat of diamonds and kilos of gold.

      I am the head of the youth in my community with numbers of 350 youths , fro more information you can contact me whattsapp +23278169325, Skype abubakarr.mattia1

      Mr Foday bewie

      • Good day sir..
        We are a UK mining company, looking for a Gold and Diamond mining project..Do you actually have a concession….with some type of testing reports…?

        • Dear Thomas,

          I am planning to buy an existing Gypsum Business, and i have agreed terms with the owners. I have pre-production contracts that gurantee a sale of 100,000 tons per month. Annual production will be 1.2 million tons all for export to Gulf countries.

          Gypsum is the booming construction business right now.

          I am for fund to finance expansion for export purpose. It will be in either debt or equity or combination of both. Mine life is 10 years with NPV USD 35 million and payback period of 3 years.

          Please revert+ 255754762187

          • I am in Florida USA and have a private label material that makes concrete lighter by removing a portion of the sand, by voliume, and replacing it with my material, It will make the concrete one third lighter. All ASTM approved. Also have a coating for roofs that will reduce temperature inside a structure and save as much as 30% per month on energy costs.
            Contact me for more info

        • We are looking for an investor for partnership. We have on-going Real Estate projects, and high- performance investment in Zurich and precious metals such as platinum, gold and diamond. If you are interested you can reach me via email:

        • Hi Thomas.

          Would you & your company consider part taking in emerald mining in Brazil. I am from Iceland but Living in Palmas, Tocantins, Brazil with my wife to be, who is á lawyer here. She owns mining licenses in Monte Santo. We are in need of working capital. Á 500 page geografical survey report is available in portuguese.

        • Good Day Thomas,

          I am not sure if ths message will indeed reach you as this is a reply on a 2017 post. However, Iwill give it a try for what it’s worth. I read that yu have interest in Gold and diamond mining oppertunities. Please do make contact with me as I am in the position to colaborate with you in this reard and is actually looking for an investor/s for minerals such as:

          Gold, Copper, Diamonds, Cobalt, Manganese High Grade, Emeralds, Aquamarine, Zink and Quartz

          Thank you kindly.



  • I am looking for an investor interested in property development in Ghana. I need startup loan to settle in with my architectural concepts. Business in this industry is booming; higher profitable returns. If interested, do not hesitate to contact me for an executive summary! Thank you

  • I am looking for an investor interested in property development in Ghana. I need startup loan to settle in with my architectural concepts. Business in this industry is booming; higher profitable returns. If interested, do not hesitate to contact me for an executive summary! Please contact:
    Thank you

  • I am s South African qualified shoe designer. I’m looking for an investor who is interested in working with a highly creative and gifted individual. The problem I have is in my country people who have my skill are not supported as we don’t have a strong manufacturing background in high end footwear. I qualified in London in 2010 and I have been struggling to get funding to start my collection. As a start I will be concentrating on women’s high end/ luxury shoes. If you would like to see my designs, I’ll be happy to show you.

    I’ve found an Italian business partner Roberto Polci who is Design Consultant & Product Developer who has 34 yrs of experience in footwear, and has worked with numerous brands eg. Aldo, Nex, Dune, Kurt Geiger as well as Italian brands like Gianmarco Lorenzi, Giancarlo Paoli, Franceschetti. He’s ready to help me produce a shoe collection for 2015/2016. When I showed him some of my designs, he was really impressed. The shoes will be manufactured in Italy of course, as these will be high-end. He has an extensive list of manufacturers that he works with. Thanking you in anticipation. Pepe Nene

  • I am looking for an investor to help buy an existing business in columbia, ms. I’ve worked for the owner for 17 years.

  • I am looking for investor to invest $200k in a start up manufacturing business in South Africa. I am willing to offer equity in the business.

  • I am looking for a investor / partner to help launch a certified NON-GMO Food company. We have a large list of ready to market products that have already been publically reviewed and competition tested. We need help stepping up manufacturing so we can approach the national retail chains.

  • Im looking for an investment of 2m USD into a new modern Resort concept based business with high yield returns in Cape Town, South Africa. Traditional resorts are lagging behind exceptional service delivery models and this creates a gap in the market. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to make contact.

  • Looking for investors for Real Estate industry in India

  • Looking for Master Franchisees in various countries of the world for furniture and homeware products brand based out of Singapore…..60 Million USD credit line applicants need only reply

  • I am looking for an investor in the New England area for my food start up. I make a sauce that you can pour over your pasta , it can be turned into a hot sub sandwhich, and a snack

    • Hi i am a young entreprenier from South Africa i am loocking for an investor who can help me to start my frenchise in inter national and in my country , hope u will help also i need a Business mentor

  • looking for funding for manufacturing company in zimbabwe

    • Hello,
      Put it this way, you are looking fro investor and I am looking for raw platinum from Zimbabwe. So, if you think we could cooperate let me know.

      Best regards,
      Jan Ulrich

      • Hi ,I’m looking into owning mining rights ,if so I’m more than willing. For any terms u gat taking advantage of the tax laws …. Looking forward to hearing from you .
        Email ,call/whatsapp +263776697645

  • I am based in Tanzania looking for an angel investor(s) interested in funding a community & youth education program targeting to support the community in East African countries by recruiting the school leavers youths for training on entrepreneurial, agricultural and business programs with primary aim of reaching the entire community in the rural areas with the same programs to reduce the overpopulation status in our big cities for the purpose of seeking for the employment opportunities’

    Any interested Investor who may wish support the establishment of the project entitled Liscodent Complex College planning to have branches both in Tanzania and Kenya but the service coverage targets the entire E.African countries can contact the program coordinator through the above email or the telephone no. bellow FOR MORE DETAILS.


    Joseph Mosi

  • Introduction.
    Morning, my name is Anthony Kabuga, the Marketing Manager of New Age Construction Limited.

    What does the firm do?
    New Age Construction, by resolution of its Directors, decided to play a pivotal role of improving the housing conditions of Kenyans in general. We have identified a gap in the market and feel well placed to address it. Our pursuit is in tandem with the constituted Millennium Development Goals regarding Housing.

    What problem or need are you addressing?
    Kenya, as a country, has a major housing problem for a large percentage of its citizens. We at New Age feel well placed with our in-house team of Engineers, Architects, Surveyors’, etc to handle that abound headfast. Construction in Kenya, is beginning to be regulated but is still in its infancy and several potential clients feel left in the dark when trying to orchestrate the construction of their dwellings. We believe that we are well placed to offer this service to a large market if we can establish a partner with the financial might to finance some projects. We have researched the Market, the potential clients, the industry players, etc and identified a pivotal gap in the market for our presence and hence our letter to you.

    In the Kenyan housing market, we have identified five dimensions that need to be addressed..
    These are
    (i) Demand and supply gap,
    (ii) Access to finance,
    (iii) Building technologies and related costs,
    (iv) Real estate developers capacity, and
    (v) Land, property and land off-site trunk infrastructure.

    Who is the customer?
    Our customer is ideally the employed individual looking to establish his own dwelling for a young and up growing family. He is a new or existing employee who has established a reputation with his bankers of financial institution capable of raising a mortgage to purchase the property that we avail.

    Our competitive advantage?
    One strength we have is our presence on the ground with our potential clients. We can see firsthand the issues and situations many of them go through on a daily basis. We aspire to sell a package all round from the concept of a dwelling to handing over the keys to a completed dwelling.

    How big is the market?
    The African continent is booming. Alongside the strong economic growth rates registered in the past decades, empirical evidence has shown that the African middle class has been growing too. According to recent research by the African Development
    Bank, the continent’s middle class has reached 34.3% of the population in 2010, up from 26.2% in 1980 (AfDB 2011)2. In Kenya, it encompasses 44.9% of the population (see figure 1). This phenomenon has been accompanied by rapid urbanisation and strong growth in consumption expenditure and demand for certain types of goods and services. Housing demand has not, and will not, remain idle to these changes.

    The first implication of this shortfall in formal housing is that populations that are not catered for (or could not afford to given prevailing prices) have to turn towards self-built and informal housing. In urban areas this translates into the growth of slums. According to the Kenyan 2009 population census, over 30% of the country’s population lives in slums.
    In Nairobi alone, it was estimated that over 1 million out of a city population of 3.2 million lived in slums, with only 3% living in a house with permanent walls, water and electricity (World Bank 2011).

    What is our distribution strategy?
    When taking distribution in mind at prevailing rates, affordability remains a key constrain. In conjunction with public sector policies several issues must be tackle with the objective of improving Stakeholder capacity to ease the supply and demand side. Before construction, we shall have to emphasize on direct sales.

    More than often, studies on housing markets tend to focus on the demand side, and in particular the mortgage market.
    Part of untold story however resides with real estate developers.
    Their capacity to execute projects as well as to bring well-built units at reasonable costs into the market is a key determinant of housing supply.

    What is our exit strategy?
    We at New Age would consider a trade sale within 3 years on initial investment.
    We believe that we shall have duly penetrated the market in constructing and selling off our housing developments with your assistance.

    What do we need to do to achieve the exit?
    We at New Age have access to a wide range of professionals ranging from Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, etc, who are willing to work together to realize our combined goals and needs. A more detailed synopsis can be availed where required to better place us in light of your understanding in addition to any inquiries that you may have.

    Who is going to do the work?
    We at New Age have a barrage of specialists in various fields to aid us to achieve our goals. Personnel at this juncture can be hired in addition to those based in-house.

    How much investment do we need?
    We are seeking an investment of 4M USD (Four Million Dollars) under arrangements that will be comfortable to both parties. Please let us know what contractual obligations you would be comfortable with.

    What are we offering the investor?
    We feel safe in assuring the investor a return of 50% on this investment. This is however not carved on stones and are willing to discuss further.

    We hope the information provided thus far gives you an idea of who we are. Please do not hesitate to make any further inquiries.

    Kind regards,
    Anthony Kabuga.

    Marketing Manager
    New Age Construction Ltd.
    P.O. Box 7530 00200

    Michael Macharia
    Tel: +254 722 805045

    • I’ve been golfing for nearly 21 years and I’m seeking $25,000.00 from a Angel Investor to help me launch my Utility Patented Golf Accessory to the 37 Million Recreational golfers in the United States alone and 62 Million World Wide. I have been considered for a spot on the T.V. Show Shark tank, however I would much rather do it myself and keep 100% of my profits. My golf accessory has NO COMPETITION and I feel my golf accessory could attract at least 1% in sales immediately, that could earn $16,631,500 the very first year. I’m the sole owner on my golf accessory! The funds would put everything in place and put me in business. I want to start a golfing program for inner city kids at risk, who can’t afford the first tee program! If you have a heart and want to help me make this dream come true it would be most appreciated and the money would be paid back to you! I look forward to hearing from you! I can be reached at 909-697-8181 Mr. Johnson.

  • We would like to propose you a vibrant, profit oriented business plan in Malaysia.

    We believe that our proposed business plan will be able to create a very profitable business venture in the future.

    Based on our research and feasibility studies, we had found out there is a big business opportunity for ICT Sector in Kota Damansara, Selangor which is now a vibrant city located at West Malaysia.

    We look forward to hear positively from you and thank you again for your time.

  • Seeking investors who are dog lovers for a unique business in San Francisco, CA.

  • Myself Mohan Raj from India. I have a bunch of good ideas to run some businesses but no finance. My mission is to support some unemployed, emergency financial help to some people etc. Wanted some funds to start something which Will give me some scope for starting businesses. Supporting some ministries. Required money to fund them for development. Waiting for God’s time. My mail

  • Creative Projects.
    Dear Madam/Dear Sir,
    Most urgent,
    Please send me a receipt confirmation in return.
    Fitiavana transportation Madagascar offers you to invest in the business “Passengers transport and tourists transport services to Madagascar” the project cost is $ 130,466,162 ..
    Please let me know if we can work together and start activities in Madagascar. Let me know if it’s still available and where we can meet.

    Please be informed to the attachment.
    Letter partnership proposal (shareholder)
    Author: Ramisajaona Jean-Luc Olivier – the principal Fitiavana of transportation
    Tel: 261328183544
    Please contact 261325709907 for conference calls in English (contact: Mr Njaka “Assistant General Manager and Translator in Fitiavana transportation Madagascar).
    We are ready to work with you in transparency.
    For more information, please contact me at the phone: 261328183544 or E-mail:
    Thank you for your cooperation.
    Madagascar is an extremely poor place, with some 90 per cent of its population of 23,201,926 (July 2014) people living on less than two dollars a day but we want to change Dear Madam/Dear Sir.
    The primary cause of the humanitarian tragedy (mass immigration of African families in Europe) is the lack of employment, no creations jobs in Africa and to solve these problems, we must help entrepreneurs (which brings a good project) to start these activities because the only way to make them stay in his country is to create jobs.

    Migrants: UN fears hundreds dead in a shipwreck in the Mediterranean
    The sinking of a boat migrants fears 700 deaths in the Mediterranean.

    The sinking of a trawler in charge of migrants off the Libyan coast, the Italian chain RaiNews24 Carlotta Sami, spokesman for HCR in Italy. “One of the greatest tragedies in the Mediterranean Sea”. If the death of 500 people were confirmed, the victims of 2015 would increase to 1,500.

    Let’s work together to stop this humanitarian tragedy. Please help entrepreneur in Africa.
    Best regards,
    Fitiavana transportation
    Jean-Luc Olivier Ramisajaona | Chairman & Social Entrepreneur
    Madagascar, Indian/Mahajanga
    Mobile/SMS: 261328183544
    Renseignement bancaire :
    Nom : Ramisajaona Jean-Luc Olivier
    Code client : 001 000081164
    Numéro de compte épargne MGA : 00011 00018 0006733404

  • Looking for serious investor who is interested in investing in an R&B/Hip Hop recording artist who is well established in the industry. Well established in a sense that he is a singer, songwriter and composer for sone very well known international recording artist such as Chris Brown, Keyshia Cole, Omarion, E-40 just to name a few. He is a member of BMI and is receiving royalties on several songs he has wrote for these very artist. He has been approached by major labels like Atlantic and RCA to sign with them, but has decided to go independently. He has over 100 songs he has recorded and mastered, 15 or 16 of which he has been told by several VIP’s in the industry will be in the top ten of the music charts internationally. This young man is all business and has his nose to the grindstone of his music career. Please let me know if you or someone you may know is interested in taking a look at this very profitable venture. Thank you.

  • Looking for Investor partners for a high end engineering Capital Equipment dealer to expand and diversify business in India and Middle East. We have a setup to support sales and service in India, and support from US office. I can be reached at 646-712-1518 in US during CST time zones will accept calls untill 7 AM-8 PM CST.

  • we are looking for investors for the Cameroon universities student accommodation project. The project is make available 120.000 beds in all the 8 state universities in Cameroon. The project is highly supported by the government of Cameroon and the government is ready to give guarantees and tax exoneration. Please kindly contact us if you are interested.

  • I am requesting for funding or loan of U$ 1,200,000 to purchase 10 Hectares (100 000 square metres) of raw-land in Gaborone, Botswana, Africa. This raw-land will be subdivided into sellable total area of 63,000 square metres smaller lots (or plots) that will be sold at rate of U$ 43 per square metre for profit. Gross revenue is U$ 2,709,000 and after 12% VAT TAX deduction profit is U$ 2,383,920. Depending on the loan Interest rate the NET profit will be equal to U$ 2,383,920 minus the loan plus interest amount. This is a lucrative business in real estate industry in Botswana. I am requesting for funding (loan) of approximately U$ 1,200 000, which includes 10 Hectares raw-land purchase, land surveyor fees, legal fees and subdivision fees. I will need 9-months moratorium/grace period to allow for preparations and approvals of listed above activities. Preferred Loan repayment period is 2yrs including grace period i.e. The loan will be repaid within 24-months from loan disbursement time. Any other form of partnership is acceptable after discussion but subject to agreement.

    Your timely response will be highly appreciated to avoid missing this opportunity

    MOBILE PHONE: +267 74462145

  • To the investor,
    I am hopping to find an Angel Investor Or partner in the opportunity to grow my food product line in grocery store shelves.
    My name is Peter. I have been in the restaurant busyness as cook,Chef, Chef owner for 30 years. I have also opened other restaurants for other people that wanted the same. I have structured kitchens from ground up and remodeling.My specialty Is Italian,southern stile and gourmet foods. I also create foods that can be marketed into local and specialty grocery stores.
    I was approached about 14 years ago in the restaurant that i owned by a food broker who had heard about my products. She tried a number of my products when dinning in. At the time I did not know who she was and was asking my server to bring all these samples of foods to her table. When she was finished and was ready to pay, I approached her at the register and I asked her, how was her experience? She then gave me her business card, and proceeded to tell me that she was a food broker and represented 3000 independent grocery stores and wanted to put my product on shelves.I had opened a year before and had a very busy business.I did not pursue it and misplace the card. Six years later,sold my restaurant and worked as a part time Chef in other Establishment to spend time with my parents who at the time were deteriorating.
    After taking care of my parents till they both moved on to a better life, I went back in full force to pursue my future in opening the same business with success. All my products were all made from scratch. In the meantime I was continuing to work and perfect receipt to market in the future grocery stores.I have worked on and perfected my products for years and test marketed to my everyday client. I was approached by 2 bakery’s that wanted my receipt., among others.With this location,that my Wife and I own, I was approached for the second time to potentially market my product in the grocery stores. I have had this contract for 8 month and have not done anything with it yet.I have a passion and the heart in what I do. I have worked since I was 11 years of age in lawn business. I work in the restaurant 12 to 15 hours a day. I am still young and still can outwork my younger staff. 98% of all my guest complements is what gives me the energy to do what I Love. That is the best pay any Chef can receive.
    I am getting older and I have perfected these receipt to be ready for a serious Investor or partner to join my venture. I have been told that my products are one of a kind and it is what the public is looking for. I have for years asked my guest about these product they have, if the would purchase if this line went in store shelves . I always get supper great feed back, as well as no one has created these foods with this quality in grocery stores.
    To the Investor that will hear me out on what I have to offer, You will not be disappointed on the background and years of patience and hard work to perfect these products that I have put in to this.These receipt are one of a kind.After all these years I am ready to go the next level.


    Thank you for your time, Peter 🙂

  • To The Investor,

    We are looking for an angel investor to invest for a start-up plastic induction molding business (domestic and auto industry) situated at Mysore, Karnataka, India, which as high returns with minimal competitors. We are looking for a investment of INR 500000 with competitive returns for a short term.

    E-Mail –
    Contact No.s – 7795455630,8147207873

  • Hi,
    We are a registered family business enterprise in Malawi based in Mzuzu,Mzimba District and are seeking start-up capital from an angel investor or possible partner who can inject their money in our propsed agro-processing  business.

    We live in a place where there is no vegetable oil processing plant yet the region produces plenty oil- bearing seeds which year in year out are transported to Lilongwe and Blantyre for further processing.Some is exported to Tanzania,Botswana,Zimbabwe and even South Africa .

    Thus,all the oil consumed in our region comes from  Lilongwe and Blantyre.There are also some imported oil which come from South Africa,Zambia,Egypt and Kenya.Whether these oils come from abroad or sourced  from within the country,the oil becomes very expensive by the time it reaches Mzuzu ,the regional headquarters of northern region let alone  the rural areas where it is almost an affordable.

    A research conducted by our consultant at the Mzuzu University shows that there is big demand for vegetable oil in the area and that there is potential for business growth if a refining plant can be set up in Mzuzu.

    In the northern region,there are about 2.3 million people while in Mzimba district alone where we  operate,there are close to 800,000 people according to 2008 population census.The figures are expected to grow up at an average of 2.5%per annum.

    In Malawi,vegetable oil refining is around 38% according to statistics of 2008 which means the country has still to import the commodity from other country.

    According to our business plan which we are ready to send you ,the loan payback period would be within 48 months.

    Could you therefore kindly consider us for financial assistance or link us to funders who would be interested in our project in order to achieve our dreams.

    In this connection,we should be grateful for your positive response soonest.

    Yours truly,

    Geoffrey Ng’oma
    Afro Tropical Trading Co

  • Startup funding: Caicos Green Initiative LLC. is located on the island of Turks & Caicos. We specialize in Real estate Residential development. Our goal is to purchase “Pristine land”, and build High End Custom “Green Energy Efficient” homes in a gated community setting. Our Green package homes, have yet to reach the Island infrastructure that the Government been seeking to date. Investors will receive a 10% interest rate on loan, and 5% equity share in business. Once Marketing begins, contracts for this type of home will be on a back log to build….Profit margins for resale of homes will range from $1,000,000 to $1,200,000.00. These are hard numbers (Go to Real Estate web sites for the Islands property value). We actually are selling homes with “Equity” left over, as a selling point. Investors needed for startup funds. ( or 18564499523.

  • Serious investor for startup wanted to exploit untapped mineral rich gold and copper fields in Zimbabwe on a long-term basis. Initial start-up capital required is $300000 and the mineral resources can self-fund itself into a very big mining entity. For further info, email:

  • Dear Sir,
    Good day.
    I have a great invention idea that an electric device does not need any external charger or electricity. It will recharge itself by own without any power or external energy. So in this regard i need an investor very urgently. He/she may need to invest only around 30000$. Could you please help me find an investor?
    Thank you so much.
    With regards,
    Mijanur Rahman
    23, Sellers AVe, Upper Darby, PA-19082

  • Dear Sir,
    I need a Business/Commercial litigation lawyer who handles collection issues. A referral would be welcomed if this is not your area of practice

    Yamato Ryota

  • Dear Sir

    Am Mr, Tony Greg a native of TARKWA Gold Mines. in Republic of
    West Africa .
    Am contacting you on behalf of my Community which comprises of mainly local
    Gold miners to represent and as well look for a prospective buyer for the
    bulk of Gold mined locally in our Community.
    My Community in conjunction with the Village heads has in their possession
    this article (Gold Dust)

    1. 300Kg Gold Dust
    2. 22+carat plus

    The Community as well as the right to go into any contract of extraction or
    mining with any interested person or company depending on the discussion
    reached between both parties concerned.
    If you are interested I would be glad to see you in ACCRA GHANA to sign an
    agreement before you can carry the Gold dust back to your country
    with me. I remain to hear from you soonest



  • I am looking for either an angel investor or an agent that will represent me on my investment on an offshore gaming enterprise.

  • Hello there,
    I am based in Nigeria and seeking investors to help me in getting my venture up and running.
    I deal in Fishery and poultry. I have land ready for production and small office space, however, I need funds to invest in:
    *Building facility,
    *Chicks and fingerlings,
    *Chicken and fish feeds,
    *Medications/Veterinary care and
    *NAFDAC Certification
    The estimated budget to get the business running will be $20,000 and I am willing to relinquish equity in the business up to 40 percent.
    Based on my business plan, I estimate the business to be making money 6 months after beginning full operation.

    I can be reached at +234 813 445 8652
    Thank you.

  • I am looking for a silent partner to invest in my label. I am offering a 50% share and 50% of ongoing profits. Contact me for more info. I am located in Brisbane, Australia.

  • I am looking for an investor from Europe, U.S.A or U.K for very lucrative business in India … Real Estate and Tourism being the most potential sectors … I am in this field for the past two decades and would like to invite foreign investors to join hands with me for a bumper harvest… I prefer Angel Investors with a minimum
    capital of 10 million USD … My hometown, KOCHI has a solid market base of 20 Billion USD… You can contact me via my email — or via my Skype ID — gigyboy ………..

  • I am looking investors world wide to help me start commercial real estates in east cum digital on pole LED advertisements and central Africa.
    for more details contact –

  • Looking for Angel investor for a guided living facility for youths/young adults with autism related challenges. I have identified a property and, as a Developmental Psychologist specialising in behavioural and learning difficulties, I have the expertise and connections required. I am located in the Netherlands. Please contact me further information, if interested.

  • I am looking for an investor to start gold mining at very high returns. All fieldwork is done and funding is needed to start production.
    I need an investor for my gold mining company. We have done all field works and are currently at the stage where we need money to pay for the mining lands and buy equipment for the mining operations
    Based on the survey that has been performed it is estimated that we could get 2 to 3 kilos of gold every week. . There is other business we can invest too
    processing of maize products..i mean yellow corn,
    Gold mining,
    Natural Shea Butter nut
    or red palm oil business ..for now we will buy the palm fruit from cooperative hand….after sometime we get our own palm plantation….
    and other car business….is a very profitable business
    Thank you all
    my skype is charles11_31

  • looking for investor to buy shares in our piped metered gas centralized in ken ya urgently

  • The best places to invest in so far here in Ghana is Oil and Gas, Accommodation, Food and Health. I have plans on all these areas and fortunately, it wont take more than five years to pay back. Full payback in five years assured with lots of profits. I’m very serious about this. All I need is a good and serious angel investor so we do this together. Trust me, if you want to invest I’m your best bet.

  • Looking for an investor to invest in my new social tool. Its a great tool, designed to be accessible both on the mobile and the desktop web. It works great and has an excellent UI too. I would like to share my business idea if you are willing to invest. email me @ the address and let’s get down to business:

  • Looking for an investor who’s willing to help us to to agricultural and fisheries. Every day income and a good busines for us. And if u investment u have an lot hectare. Please do message me at the proposal will be sent by gmail. You can and me on facebook .

  • I’m looking for seed funding or a bridge loan for a sports project, I have a major investors & agreement of venture investment / PPM and all legal documents. For additional information you can email me.

    Thank you.

  • I am Kenyan living in a fertile part of Rift valley where almost every crop do well.
    I therefore look for an investor who can set up fruit processing company in my area.

  • I need a capital of $100,000 to enable me complete a mortuary/funeral home project that I am putting up in Ghana. I want to know if any Angel could in any way possible help me to secure a loan or funding or partnership for the completion of this mortuary project that I am constructing.

    Mortuary/funeral home business is a very lucrative business in Ghana but has been completely overlooked and neglected not only by financial institutions but governments as well. Mortuary/funeral services have the ability to ignite a chain of jobs if considered. My ten years working experience as a mortician at St Patrick’s Hospital Mortuary has given me the insight of knowing how profitable it is to operate a mortuary in Ghana.

    I am one of the very few people who is pursuing a master’s degree in mortuary science in the world but do not have the capital to change and spread affordable modern mortuary services all over Ghana and some parts of Africa to halt the poor and inhumane ways of handling human cadaver. I am an ardent supporter of eco-embalming and green burials for that, I always follow.

    I need the loan or funding to be able to achieve this dream, that people are giving dignified burial and funeral in Ghana. ‘Give some of your food to the hungry, and some of your clothing to the naked for you shall reap the results’. Who is saying that he is an Angel who stands ready to come my way to support my funeral home project?
    Thank you.
    Charles Gyimah (Ghana)

  • We’re interested in developing a relationship with an investor that has interested in an environmental service type business. This business would generate 750,000+ per year in 2nd year.

    Projections for year 5 is 2.3 Million+ – Year 7 Projections are 3.8 Million+ with current expansion plan.

    We have self funded this DBA as a division of a 5 year old Government services related company. We need to expand to keep the market share. Investments can be reduced with credit line for equipment. This business is an untapped market and a proven concept in major cities such as Dallas, LA. Miami, Charlotte, Nashville, and others. We’re a SDVOSB and will employ Veterans as employees.

    We prefer investors within a 1 hour drive from the Atlanta area.
    We prefer face to face meeting with the investor.

    Thank you, President SDVOSB

  • I am looking for funding for a bridal stationary startup business in Zimbabwe.

  • Heloo everyone…I ‘m Indonesian farmer need investor who interest in agribusiness with sharing profit 60:40. We have potential income.Please call me at +6282338057806.

  • Dear sir/madam…
    I’ m looking for angel investor who interesting in agribusiness in Indonesia. We have 2 hectar field red onion. I need loan USD 15000.

  • I’m looking for angel investor(s) who would help me launch a baby-boomer men’s-oriented casual and formal clothing line,as well as a men’s grooming product company,based on capitalizing on my new brand,#Clutter Stud.”(In June,an article and interview about me on my local Canadian Broadcasting Corporation-CBC-radio station appeared with accompanying photos on the website under the heading,”Windsor hoarder wants help before he gets sick,loses home.” Since I was dubbed online “the Handsome Hoarder” women viewers who saw the photos of me in my interview,I came up with the brand hashtag #Clutter Stud to reflect my hoarding and,according to these ladies,poster boy good looks at age 62.
    Brad “Laddie” Baylis,

  • Hello, I am looking for an investor for my startup, a high end butchery in one of the premier upcoming malls in Nairobi, Kenya.
    Kenya has a fast growing middle class. The butchery is strategically placed to serve these middle class citizens as well as the extremely wealthy neighboring homes.
    The business is so well poised to become a entire brand on its own.
    Please contact me for more details

  • Hello,
    I am looking for an angel investor to invest in an on going business in the agrochemical industry. I have already registered one pesticide product and needs capital of USD 240000 for the importation of the product and others in the pipeline. The venture has the ability of 100% profit. The amount can be in exchange of a 38% stake in the company.

    We are based in Kenya. Great prospects of growth. Contact me for more information

  • We have an opportunity to acquire a resort in Nan Thailand which has the potential to turn a hefty profit after 3-6 months. It has 17 cottages which we could sell as timeshares as well as renting them out when they aren’t being used as timeshares. There are a number of other things we could do on the property to turn a profit as well, if you would be interested in investing around 2 million US to possibly make it back plus interest in around 3-6 months, please get in touch with me. Thank you, Sincerely, William Russell Cell: 66-092-179-1467 US # 860-334-6769 libertarian at

  • Hi

    I have a modern African restaurant and bar concept that I started researching 5 years ago, This is a start-up business, I have a comprehensive business plan and associated documentation. Over the years I have been mentored by Business Partners Limited who have now committed themselves in funding 50% of the business Provided am able to find other investors to fund the rest ( the overall setup costs are R4,931,269). Secondary the NEF ( who are my second preferred investors) who have also looked at the viability of the business have asked me to find an external body who can do a feasibility study on the businesses behalf, The feasibility study will substantiate the market and speak to the projected sales in line with the target market, After that study is done they have promised to fund the business 100%. Am asking for your help on two fronts, if possible I need you to help me raise half of the investment so the partnership with Business Partners can resume or secondary if you could help me with the feasibility study that I will take to the National Empowerment Fund.








    Ceo Gonjah
    Texroy Joseph Elliott




  • Looking for serious investors to startup online grocery shopping cart in india with good marketing strategy
    if any one interested to invest please contact

  • Sir,
    Kerala beckons global tourists to invest money in the most lucrative and potential industries for very good
    returns … The two potential businesses are ”REAL ESTATE” & TOURISM” … Thanks to our new regime
    for it has opened the door for foreign investors ( 100% FDI ) in the Tourism sector.. Kerala is known as ‘God’s
    own Country” on account of its natural beauty, 100% literate state in the whole of India.. Abundant natural
    resources, manpower etc.. good climatic conditions … Minimum investment needed is Ten million USD..for
    a good start..
    Contact me via my email — or via skype — ID — ”gigyboy” – Cell- +91-9567220619

  • Dear Sir/madam

    We are group of Gold/ diamond Miners in republic of Ghana,

    We have gold dust & gold bar for sale, we are looking for buyers,

    we need an organization or individual that can help us sell our gold then invest with us,then we shall go into partnership with them as to develop our mining concession,

    We will be pleased to go into partnership with you.If Only You Can Understand Our Primary Problems.

    We Are Facing a lots of Problems in Our Mining concessions, Because we Lack Modern Mining Equipment And Machines.

    We have in stock 520kg gold dust.

    Purity :————————— 96.5%.
    Carats:———————– — 22 carats Plus.

    Origin:———————– —- Ghana.

    Please Note :
    In the event that you do not buy gold, be kind enough to forward our contact email to a Gold Buyer. As our Agent we are ready to give 10% commission of the total purchase if you can connect us to a gold buyer.
    I am expecting your reply soonest,

    Best regards,
    Mr.Abu Mike

  • Dear sir,

    I am reaching you from Dioku Engineering company Limited based in Nigeria, at no, 34, Aje Epe, Express Way Lekki Free Trade zone. Lagos.

    Our company is into supply and installation of dedicated Solar Systems to rural and urban areas without conventional electricity supply.
    This is a lucrative and profit oriented business venture, not only in Nigeria, but other west African Sub-region.

    We are therefore, seeking investors all over the world to enable us expand the scope of the business world-wide.

    You can get in touch with us via company’s e-mail:-, or phone nos, +2348030714441 or +234803387976 .

    Thank you.

    Okechi Geoffrey Eke (Dr)
    Company Secretary.(Legal)

  • Hi
    I am looking for an investor interested in beef export and supply in India
    As India is leading beef provider in the world and it is a huge market with high profits.
    We are supplying to top beef exporters, but now we get into export due to which we need capital.
    We have a plant from where we supply meat. For expansion of business we are looking forward to built a bigger plant which again needs capital.
    It is our family business and we are into it from decades.
    We have a team of highly experienced personnel and are influential people with a goodwill in the market.
    There is a lot of scope in this business as there is a high demand of Indian meat in the world.
    Get in touch for more details –

  • We are in agro-business and looking for an investot for a startup agro-processing and services business. The idea is highly profitable and proven and tested in other countries.

    Return on investment is at most 2.5 years.

    Fond Regards
    Thabo Khoboko

  • Looking for an investor to invest in my project, we want make vehicle travel in Asia in Indonesia,interested?
    send email to or call +6285229092975

  • Hello! Looking for an investor for the construction of a customs terminal in Russia to clean Chinese cargo moving via the newly created road it corridor (China) and Kyakhta (Russia). The building is ready and the land of 3.5 hectares. the project Cost 8 million dollars. The project is highly profitable and fast-payback. A profit of 5 billion rubles a year. All the information will be sent by mail after receiving the response. phone +79025625487 e-mail: sincerely, Anita!

  • I would like to introduce as agriculture professional hailing from Indian state of Punjab – which was the pioneer in bringing green revolution in India in the late sixties. For the past some time I have been searching investors for my dream project of commercial rice farming either in Ghana or Angola. These two countries present tremendous potential in Agri business and rice is always on short supply from the local farmers. There is acute shortage of food specially rice in many African countries and most of the countries are dependent on import. Hence, huge potential for growing rice and other commercial crops in Ghana or Angola. If you could provide me start up capital to start rice farming, I promise you very good return , Either in the form of ROI or fixed share from the profit. Business plan for rice farming on 5000 acres is ready with me and can be shared with you on demand. However, this plan requires 4.5 million USD to successfully manage rice farming operations on 5000 acres, but the plan could be altered according to the availability of funds.
    Needless to emphasize that many corporates, individuals and countries have procured millions of fertile acres in African countries, as African population is going to double from current I billion to 2 billion by 2050, hence huge potential of farming in the black continent. I can share with you many world bank, DFID, FAO and other institutions’ reports speaking very high of farming potential in Africa.
    I have travelled to Guinea, Ghana, Zambia and Uganda for exploring agri business and lastly focused on Ghana as Ghana is a net importer of 70% of its rice and it has most fertile tracts of land with largest man made VOLTA lake to cater to irrigation facilities. It has sufficient powers and road network to facilitate the commercial rice farming. I have paid 3 visits to Ghana for this purpose. There are excellent opportunities for agri ventures to flourish and in the coming decade it would be a highly profitable business in Africa. Whole Africa needs food badly and none of the countries of the continent is self reliant in its food production. Mostly they are dependent on import.
    I have a strong team of professionals to manage large scale rice farming. I need start up capital to commence rice farming in Ghana or Angola on 5000 acres. For that I have business plan ready and can be shared with you on demand. Interested investors can contact me on my mail id
    With utmost regards

    Sadhu Singh Sekhon
    +91 9649279414

    • Hello,
      Have read your proposal with interest.
      Am based in Kenya,4th.generation of Indian origin, know East Africa very well and have acess to large tracts of land for such projects.
      please contact me to discuss further.
      kind regards,
      Shamit Singh Varma

  • Investor Wanted!

    I am looking for investors, requires a budget of $ 100,000!
    We want to plant at least 1000 Tree Rudraksha 金刚菩提 / Jīngāng pútí (Name In China).
    Target Market We are – India, China, and Nepals.
    >>Indonesia is the Largest Suppliers Rudraksha all over the world, reached 70%.

    • Hello,
      I am diamond and gold miner in sierra leone , we are miners that do our mining in our community as one. Will are capable of supply you or your buyer with good numbers of carat of diamonds and kilos of gold.Also looking for mining investor that can invest in diamond and gold mining .

      I am the head of the youth in my community with numbers of 350 youths , fro more information you can contact me whattsapp +23278169325, Skype abubakarr.mattia1

      Mr Foday bewie

  • Start-up financing: Mexico jr mining project
    900 acre silver mine
    600k to 1.2k per month
    Need investor for final phase -production
    We want to extract the ore and ship to refinery for payment

    Not looking to go public or do joint venture with jr mining company

  • Hallo,im looking for an investor to fund a construction of a student hostel in a town with five universities without state accommodation hostels. The plot is a small one but can accommodate 7 storeys flat with a total bed capacity of 280- In Kenya student hostels are a necessity and market in inexhaustible.Rate of return is approximately 100% .

  • Hello, I am seeking investor/investors for a real estate project in So. California. Funding will be used to provide affordable housing for Section 8 renters. Under HUD’s Section 8 rental assistance, landlords are paid DIRECTLY from HUD via DIRECT DEPOSIT. An Executive Summary and Business Plan are available upon request. ROI is 10% for the first year with a 50% return after 18 months via buyout.

  • Looking for seed / bridge funding for a sports project, I have a major investor on board. We have a great business plan / PPM and legal documents. For additional information please feel free to contact me.

    Thank you,

    A1Profootball League, LLC.
    Rahim Muhammad; CEO
    (435) 705-8592

  • Hello everyone, I have a fully accredited business that has developed over a two year period which supplies specific training and development to the aviation and offshore industries. Some of these products are the first of their kind globally. I am looking for an Investor who will now help my team and I to expand our business through our marketing and education drive to reach as many people around the world with the products that we have to offer.

  • HI,
    My name is Brian amllooking for investors to invest in social business in uganda and East Africa at large. The businessIis highly profitable and the market is ready available.its an opportunity worthy investment.

  • Attention P.I.C.

    We are currently offering a unique investment opportunity, and are seeking agents in the promotion of this particular investment.The investment is set over a 10 year period, and offers the investor a guaranteed return of 15% per annum, payable on a monthly basis. The principle investment, is also returned after the 10 year period.

    We currently have several agents worldwide, successfully promoting this investment to there clients, which is proving to be extremely profitable. The investment cost $25’000 per unit, and the agent receives $500 per unit sold, the majority of are agents sell between 5 – 50 units per investor.

    We look forward to hearing from you,
    if you feel you have the clientele to successfully promote this investment opportunity.

    kind regards
    Ben McKee

  • Joel on January 6, 2016 at 6:22 p. m

    Hi I am looking for an investor for my home remodel repair business in Alabama, I have been in the business for several years and I want to expand it to cover the entire house. I am licensed and I am looking to acquire more vehicle’s. a higher bond insurance. more equipment and a building to hold equipment and supplies.

  • Hi, i am looking for an investor to fund our registered company. we deal with gemstones of kinds namely tanzanite, ruby,sapphire,tourmaline,spinel,yellow gold,rhodolite, green garnet just to mention. we have invested in mne fields that have already been verified for mining but we are lacking necessary equipment, so we invite all those who would wish to work and possibly buy shares in the company.

  • have an startup idea and need capital

  • I have an a online startup idea which is problem solving of peoples email me back if anyone intersted when you email me i m give more details

  • Good Afternoon,

    Looking for potential investors for a fire protection and security company. The investment would be low in terms of financing but I am hoping to find an investor who would be willing to commit time to the development of the business. If you are interest please do not hesitate to contact me through the information below.

    Best Regards,
    Robert Bailey
    +1(616) 294-2557

  • Good afternoon,

    I am searching for a potential investor for a fire protection and security company. The investment would be low monetarily but I am more so looking for someone who would be willing to invest their time in the development of the business. I have worked in this industry for 5 years and have business connections and potential clients lined up but need funding for equipment and other materials necessary to meet consumer needs. If you are interested, or would like more information please do not hesitate to contact me using the information below.

    Best Regards,

    Robert Bailey

  • I have some gold claims in Zimbabwe,i have been doing mining for over a year & i am looking for a partner in this investment to expand this project & enhance production.i am looking for a partner to fund my start-up who can bring in equipment in the form of gold milling equipment & i will provide the mining claims.We will have to be partners in thus venture & will be fully on the ground to run this project should a partner have commitments elsewhere.The claims are very productive especially should we get modern extractibg equipment in the form of goood compressors.At this stage i need someone to bring in the said equipment to enable this venture to maximize its mining production & to do customer milling for othr small scale miners who will have to pay the service & boost income in this venture which have the potential of producing 3 kilos of GOLD per month during the intial phases of the project & this volume can increase when the venture is fully operational.

  • I want to start a industry or manufacturer unit of
    Paper Box Unit, or Cartoon Box Unit at Assam of India
    Starting up of manufacture unit is approx $300000 as big Plant and Small Plant can be start $100000
    and investor will be partner of 50% profit
    and all management will be control by me
    its urgent required help
    if someone interested to be angel investor i will be thankful
    my contact id

  • Hi We are into Training and recruitment business, and we have technology enable platform which drives our training and recruitment business. We are already generating revenue. For business expansion we are looking for angel investment of USD 300,000.
    Interested investor kindly connect.

  • Regal brains consult is a registered consultancy company and currently we are into media / entertainment projects, we have a huge project at hand which will blow off peoples mind and we are looking for investors interested in entertainment projects to come on board to experience this huge profit with us. Please contact us on: / for our proposal.
    Trust me you don’t want to miss this opportunity, thank you.

  • Dear sir,
    It is our pleasure to contact you for the purchase of A/U gold dust and uncut diamond which we have accumuleted for sale ,if you ready and willing to buy revert back to us immdiately.Our company represent and sell there naturial noble metal,mainly A/U gold dust and pure rough uncut diamond clarity;D,E,F,G,H,I.quantity is 5,500 Cts stone. We have at present 320kg of gold dust whose characteeristics are as follow
    1 quantity 320kg
    2 quality 22 carat
    3 purity 99.05%.
    If our proposal meet you in a favourable condsiderations to purchase, then revert back to us,but be informed that if you realy want to have our product is either you come or send your representative to come and see it physically beceause i want to build trust with you as my foreign business parterner that can never mess us up beceause there are so many bad people today cleamining what they cant not do.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Sincerely yours

  • I am from. NASIK. MAHARSHTRA in NASIK lot of cashews are cultivated medium unit REQURES 125000$ Nd small unit. Minimum 45000$ an investor an have. Very god epreturns all mangeen will be done by us. Yiu just have to have profit market is good in Mumbai a export if someone int. pease contac. At myp786@gmail .com

  • Am in looking for investors who will need to invest in transport, real estates and agriculture sectors has more business opportunities in those areas please connect me here is my e-mail

  • I am developing a dating app- This app will revolutionize the dating industry- I am looking for $200,000 to take this project to the next level. All $200,000 dollars will be use towards marketing- I estimate that the company will make 1.2 millions in the first year.

  • We are Hongkong Base company looking % Million USD/EURO as equity date investor minimum 600 % return genuine investor may contact

  • Dear sir
    Here I M Nikit Agarwal Residence of Bokakhat Dist Golaghat State Assam Country India And in my Area Radius of 150Kilometer their is no Paper Cartoon Box and for start up and running the industry i required angel finance of Rs 1.5 crore as Indian Currency so if any one interested then please mail me at or call me 09085333269

  • We are a San Francisco based start-up in the bio-health space looking for seed capital of $750,000. Can you help us?

  • I want to invest into the mining industry in Zimbabwe,Please I’m looking forward for you help.You can contuct me on +27786384511 or email at :
    I will patiently wait for your reply.Thank you

  • I’m looking for an investor who is willing to help and invest start up capital in a Gold Mine startup.In return to the investor I will offer 50% of our annual returns.For those who are interested Contact Moses on +27 786438511.

  • BULLET_PROJECT ready to be shot in action. Am looking for an investor for my big business to come in Zimbabwe. I’ve already done the researches for each and every aspect in this project and with the faith that I have in it is not to be doubted. Am currently in Capetown right now was just rounding off all the researches that I have done with the help of a fast growing company as well here in Capetown. My goal right now is to go back home and start up this dream with the help obviously of the investors

    I cannot wait to do this because I know its gonna help a lot of Zimbabweans

  • Hello am Jennifer from GHANA and I new an investor interested in food business, please contact me via email: And also investors interested in buying natural sea salt, we have about 5000 to 10,000 bags of it at a very cheap price. Call me on +233241093501. Thank you.

  • Company is looking for an investor for join venture in a small-scale gold mining project in the Cameroon Republic. Licensies & permits obtained. Artisanal & exploration works are in progress. Projected monthly rate of production: 12-14 kg. Investment amount: 470.000 USD.

  • I am seeking $3 Million/partnership for alluvial gold mining from the rich gold deposit in Papua New Guinea, details on this project upon request.Any investor who is willing to help and invest start up ($3M 100%) capital in Alluvial Gold Mine startup.In return to the investor, we will offer 50% of our annual returns.For those who are interested Contact Moses on + 675 72668407 or email:

  • To Whom It May Concern,

    I have been reading about your company profile and I would like to share this opportunities.

    I want to offer a gold mining area located at Western Irian, Indonesia.

    The land area is 5000 hectares.

    The land is owned by my colleague.

    The owners only will give more information to the potential investor.

    If you want to get more information, please attach an official invitation letter and i will arrange a meeting to the owner .

    Please kindly advise and share your thoughts
    Hears from you

    Warms wishes,

    Farid Hasan

  • Im looking for an investor here in the Philippines at Cebu City for car workshop, car accessories, car wash and vulcanizing..

  • Now that the economy has run dry. What do you think will be the next great company? SECURITY! But not alarms and cameras. Alarms and silent alarms depend on a five man relay team, and by the time police arrive. All you’ll ever get is a police report that says, YEP! You got robbed, beaten, and we’re calling the ambulance now. Cameras and recorders? NOPE! Criminals easily disable ten thousand dollar camera and recording systems using a two dollar disguise, or don’t you watch the news. Our new product cost less than a camera, and will make sure criminals will never, ever try. Facts? We need $25,000 to open for business and install the products we now have on hand. Once we initiate our marketing strategy and serious investors see it on the news. Capital for the expansion process will flow like a river. Who wants to be on the new, leading, crime prevention specialist coat tails?

  • Hello,im Francis from Ghana and i own an already extablished furniture and construction company called “FRANSCO CONSTRUCTION WORKS”. I have been doing this work for over eight years now so i have much expirience in both furniture and construction works which i always called up for estate house roofing and furnture work being it local or foriegn, because of the talent i have,we can do all with a nice finishing touches but it has come to a time that i wants to spread my work to the world but have little amount of money to do that. So please,i need investors to invest into my company so that i can even export some of my work to other countries. Thanks to you contact:+2343949412 , +2329322990 or email .

  • “Panama Papers” giving you cause for concern?…
    Well, it’s about time you relaxed, and invested in something to hugely benefit the world… as well as YOURSELF!
    A Green Energy… project. Patent recently approved after being worked on for many years.
    Based near Caltech & J.P.L., funds for final prototype needed. Technology is not difficult to understand. Presently a paper company with no debt whatsoever, and has been assisted by a much-respected Construction Company serving the Telecom Ind. for forty years.
    Negotiations just about to take place with an IMMEDIATELY recognizable transportation company that would make your next month investment so lucrative for equity that it should come with a doctor’s “heart stopping” warning label!
    Principals only. Thank you.

  • We are currently seeking an investor and would like to take the opportunity to present you our new business initiative.
    Our company is engaged in Mining activities in India ( Coal and Gold ) and South Africa ( Gold) having recognized accomplishments and exceptional workforce with a long history of employee retention. Our intention is to expand our focus and expand the mining activities to a greater level, which we believe we can offer in this new initiative. By aligning with a good investor, we believe that we can offer significant advantages to your existing portfolio as well as a superior rate of return.
    Our New Business initiative is for Gold Mining in Madagascar, this property is supposed to be one of the Best Property in Madagascar. All necessary permit/licenses, land lease, environmental clearance and other necessary documentation is ready. The area is ready for immediate Mining.
    We will provide the proposal viz: investment schedule,project implementation and investment return. contact me with any questions or comments you may have, and I will respond promptly with any additional information you require.

  • Stella Adamante Fine Jewelry Start Up is looking for investors for the Fine Jewelry Hot Enamel Luminary Collection Project on Kickstarter. Please see our production samples here:

  • Hi I’m adinath from India … I’m sports person ( track and field )
    I have started sports development in India like I have my own sports institute across pune . Also I managed schools as a concept Mobile sports van…
    I want investor in my preschool sports programme it’s in votive concept. .everyone knows India is huge market for sports

  • I need help! Please give me a loan.

  • Am Namutebi Rahmah from Uganda, 23yrs with an o’level certificate. Am looking for a genuine investor from uk who will be able to fund me in my passion of being a wholesaler of genuine bridal accessories and makeup accessories in Uganda. My target is to become a big business partner with the manufacturers enhance forth starting up a charitable home for the disabled

  • Seeking investor to help acquire a hawaiian seaplane business. I have a 4 year college degree and the business is profitable. 2 planes, dock chapel, office, living quarers, other assets. Business in operation for years. Present owner is 84. Lots of advertising, contracts and contacts, 2013-$494,000, 2015 $450,000 expenses $8,500 per month. Permits operational. 18 years in business. require $1,500,000.

  • Business loan investor needed??? email;

  • Hi I am Kena Asare, a university graduate from Ghana and an enthusiast of community development.I want to set up an NGO in my community to help the less privileged ones living in the community.I want to link up with people who share my drream and believe in making lives bearable for the rest of the human race.The NGO will focus primarily on health, social, and gender issues that affect the lives of individuals in the Kwaebibirem District of Ghana’s Eastern region.
    Meaningful advise is also welcome.Interested persons can contact me +233547934664 or

  • I need an angel investor for a startup real estate registered business. Please contact me if interested.

  • I am looking for an investor for a new restaurant idea that I have
    this restaurant will generate millions of revenue this restaurant will be very successful and will be very famous from the day it will open we will use my family background and history as the theme for this restaurant this will become a huge tourist attraction because of my family history I am seeking $300,000 for full partnership or if you just want to lend the money we will make a deal for you to make a high profit on your money within one year after the restaurant is opened
    please contact me asap


  • I am CEO of a local Russian food-producing company with a number of bistros and cafe for our clients.
    We are currently looking for a way to expand our business and require as much as 2 million USD.
    We plan to purchase equipment, real estate, expand staff and more advertisement for the business to attract more customers.
    Ready to provide any required information for further discussion.

  • Seeking seed capital of $100,000 for social housing project. Kindly me at for details.

  • I am looking for investors , angel investors, lenders who can invest into a rough diamonds buying and reselling business.
    We are looking for funds or investment from the tune of $500000 to $1000000 as start up capital.With this amount we will buy rough diamonds from local sources in Africa to resell in USA.
    We have a ready business plan that we can send to you.
    We hope to breaj even or maek profits after 4 to 6 months of operation, provided we are given 2 to 3 months grace period.
    Contact for more details

  • Hi Good Day, I am seeking an investor who is willing to help and invest a start up capital in a Clothing Boutique. I am seeking US $125,000.00.

  • Hi,
    I am looking for an investor who can invest in my futuristic restaurant design in Kenya. I am seeking 1000000USD

  • We are seeking for serious investor to operate for our “Gold Mining Exploration Project in the Philippines. The initial investment required is $1,000,000 USD for first stage exploration with FS cost for 2-years period.
    The project site has a total area of 6000 Hectares with a MPSA permit ready and approved by the government. The permit is approved for 25 years operation. As a reference, RTG gold mining firm is currently in operation in the nearby site connected to the project site.

    For more details, please contact me.

    Khayzer Palmansali

  • Hello I am looking for investor who will invest in my business. my business plan is agriculture I need $100,000 USD. my email is ( thank you.

  • Hello I already start my busness idea about selling online on ebay , Amazon and other platforms anyway I am doing special products such the healthy products olive wood like kitchen ware and chess game Also dealing on olive oil and it’s a products it’s like gold .
    It’s just a small description about Tunisian products such high quality and competitive prices and they are not founded on the world’s of online
    My company need a real investment to progress well,thanks

  • I have an invention and I have started the patent process. I have done the patent search and it came back good. The patent attorney said he is certain he can get the patent. I am looking for an investor. My product is called the Paint Caddie. While I’m not going to get too descriptive here I will say while you are painting you will not need plastic or newspaper on the floor to protect it from getting paint on it. My product will relieve this issue. It will be cheaply made and will be sold worldwide. This is a cheap investment. If interested please call me at 770 337-4409. I do hope we talk soon.

  • Siza Agroprocessing &Gen Traders Ltd is a private Limited company registered in Tanzania engaging in processing of Rice,maize and animal feed
    We currently own and operate rice mill with processing capacity of 40t/day,maize mill with processing capacity of 20t/day,animal feed mill with processing capacity of 30t/day,bakery and storage facilities of 2,500sqm

    We are currently seeking interested persons or company to partner with by investing around USD 400,000 as working capital

    The business is highly profitable and the market is widely available in neighbors countries including Kenya,Burundi,Rwanda,Sudan and Congo

  • Hi,Am Ben From Northern Uganda East Africa Looking For Investor In Area Of Agro Business .As You Northern Is Call Food Basket For Country Supply The Market Over And With Return,please Don’t Hesitage To Contact Me +256774485644 or

  • Looking for an investors or joining for manufacturing
    Sheepskin UGG-Boots Australia made

  • Good day
    I am looking for equity partner/partners for a start-up multinational agricultural group Holdings Corp. The company will produce and supply horticultural products to the international markets inclusive of local markets in South Africa. This organisation will produce finished products in everything it does, this will include a fully automatic vegetable processing line and a semiautomatic 200 KG per hour chip crisp line. Subsidiary 2 of the group Holdings will have a major focus on developing a retail line. If you are interested in this corporation please contact me direct.
    Kind regards,

  • I am currently involved in Agribusiness in Sub-Saharan Africa, we are resuscitating failed greenhouses projects that has failed to work in Africa with emphasis on the technology input that will enable maximum crop production that will address food shortages that is a common occurrence in this part of the world . We are seeking a partner that could inject USD 500,000. or better to help us purchase the needed materials and also help in travel and capacity building expenses to many more communities. Interested persons can contact me through +254733418428

  • Business loan needed urgently. Contact at.

  • Dear Sir/Madam

    We are seeking an impact investor/partner to conduct a charity car raffle in Zimbabwe.
    US$20 000 is needed for the project
    and they will get their money back
    plus a 5% of the raffle total earnings at the end of the project. Thank you for your time. Kindly drop me an email

  • I am looking for the perfect business minded partner with the investment for my product.
    Please interested person contact: | +91 9730514470

  • I have an invention AND interested manufacturers. I only require help covering the cost of getting this concept to the interested parties.

    Possible multimillion patent buyout, I will share 10% of royalties/buyout with someone who will assist with covering these costs.

  • TO European or AMERICANS Retirees : RETIRE a LAID BACK life to PHILIPPINES,,I can help you Invest your money to highly profirable business Food Manufacturing business for distribution local and global market. ,,Just watch your money grow with us,,without your effort,,email me: Virginia:

  • We are seeking a joint-venture, partnership or investment in mining and mines in world wide

  • Great!
    I own parcels of land, plots and acres. I need individuals and investors to come up with ideas of multiple projects as suited to parcel location taking advantage of still infant county governments.

  • To all investors interested in Gold investment projects. M&E Partners is the appointed Project Management Office for the project owner. The project is based on the concept of Gold trading with strong focus on Fair trade, Country development and local communities (gold producer) development.

    The project owner
    The project owner is a consulting company with over 20 years of experience. They have been working for more than 20 years in the African continent and is a highly recognized and estimated actor on this market. They are working directly with numerous African Governments and are also regularly consulted by United Nations and World Bank for local development projects in Africa.

    Local governments have very high confidence in the project owner, they are the ones who requested the project owner to set up this project to secure the payment of export taxes and help local community mines as they do not have finance and necessary skills to export themselves the Gold. As you may know, the community mines do not wish to work with large groups in the mining sector because they are always screwed (purchase price ridiculous, pollution, etc ….), The project owner, through their strong governmental support is the perfect key to unblock the situation, generate a profitable activity for the investor but also benefiting local communities and government of the exporting country.

    The Project Management Office
    M&E Partners is the official PMO of this project for the Project Owner. We have designated the project in collaboration with the project owner to make it attractive to all parties and especially for the investor and we have the responsibility to monitor all on-site operations being the representative of the JV for the shipping operation to ensure that all operations are carried out correctly.

    The Project
    It is through the direct connections at Presidency level that the project owner has been requested by several governments to built this project to promote and develop gold-producing structures and to ensure that the payment of all taxes of gold export. The government in the country of origin is and will be active support for the successful completion of the transactions in the project. Each mining cooperative is also verified by the government of the country which gives its approval or not for the seriousness and legality of this mining community for the project and via all these elements, we are able to organize the shipment and the selling of 250 Kg of Gold twice a month.

    The investment vehicle providing the requested safety for any investor is the registration of a Joint Venture Company between the two parties in which the investor has a 51% stake like that it invests in a structure in which he has the majority. The day to day execution of operations is under responsability of the project owner, the investor will have the tools for monitoring and control of all financial operations and the PMO is there to monitor all on-site operations at country of origin and country of destination.

    Key success factors:
    Active support from government at country of origin
    Fair Trade philosophy of the project
    Existing portfolio of legit suppliers verified by government of country of origin
    Existing portfolio of legit buyers (mainly Gold refineries)
    Country of origin are only low political risk countries
    On site operations designed following industry standards to ensure security and safety
    Full control of of ALL on-site operations via the PMO (Project Management Office).
    All funds for the project are injected into the JV company bank account for full control of investor
    Excellent ROI to the investor with an annual ROI above 80% per year
    As agreed, kindly confirm good reception of our mail and send us from your side the company profile of the potential investor for this project.

    We are fully available for a Skype or phone conference in order to response to any question about the project and the next steps.

    Waiting for your response.

    Your sincerely

    M&E Partners
    Business Consulting for Africa

    Cell: +27 (0)78 437 0531
    Fax: +27 (0)86 641 1239
    Email :
    Skype : ericvt.sept

    Cell: +27(0)78 762 1610
    Skype: motlatsosyabonga

  • I have almost 20 years of IT and Internet based experience. I’d like get a business started up using my experience, and find an investor that is willing to invest a few thousand in the company. The investment is for equipment and advertising. I am open to all discussions with investors.

    Gunter Technologies will provide all types of IT consultation along with setup and maintenance of networks and computer systems. The company will also provide web site and phone app creation, programming, and maintenance for businesses and individuals.

    Please contact me at 417-365-3330 or send email to

    Wade Gunter

  • Looking for an investor with keen interest in gold mining in Kenya. My family’s land has lucrative deposits (Migori Gold Belt) based on a survey by RedRock Mining Co. I lack the necessary capital.

  • To the investor.

    Hi, we would like to develop a filling station in South Africa, North West, Rustenburg. We have an offer already from one of the prominent service station franchises, we’ve submitted our studies at National Empowerment Fund but the challenge is the purchase price, we are short of R4m to conclude the R21,5m deal. around the site we would also like to develop a state of the art shopping centre for the community.

    As an investor for R4m we would negotiate and settle for a great deal.

    Contacts: Tshegofatso.

  • I’m looking for an investor to Invest in a Plastic pipe production in Botswana, Southern Africa. Email

  • I have a mandate from Pikes Peak Regional Development Corporation in conjunction with El Paso County Revolving Loan Program to search and locate for projects seeking for loan support within and outside the region for possible business seed funding.
    If you have a project in need of the commercial loan, do respond for possible collaboration.

    El Paso County Revolving Loan Program.
    Administered by
    Pikes Peak Regional Development Corporation

    Mr. Derry Gadson

  • Hi, do you allow guest posting on ? 🙂 Let me know on my email

  • Looking for serious investor who is interested in investing in R&B/Hip Hop recording artist TJ Proijekt. Well established in a sense that they are singer, songwriter and composers. We are a members of BMI and receiving royalties . We have been approached by labels like but have decided to go independently. we has over 30 songs we have recorded and mastered, 10 or 12 of which he has been told by several VIP’s in the industry will be in the top ten of the music charts internationally . Looking for 50,000 investment. Please let me know if you or someone you may know is interested in taking a look at this very profitable venture. Thank you.

  • I’m seeking an investor to fund me in developing niche affiliate & dropship websites that target highly searched keyword niches with low competition. These sites will be designed and optimized to solely depend on organic traffic. Income comes from two methods. One, we should average 3500-10k per month per site from affiliate revenue. Once these sites are established we will sell them to investors as these are highly sought after assets that sell from 15-250k per site. I can develop one of these per week with outsourcing the content to a seo professional I know. Each site would need 6-12 months of revenue and traffic analytics prior to selling for the potential amount, however we will still be bringing in revenue from the affiliate commissions. This is an investment opportunity that will pay well over 100% roi, with a low required initial investment to get in on this highly profitable project. Once we sell our first few properties, id be willing to split investment costs 50/50 and form a true ongoing partnership. This is a opportunity that could generate millions of dollars per year once established and sites mature. You can see an example site I’m working on now at a highly searched keyword with little competition. With a combined 300k searches per month just in the main category. and a 4-6% commission for each sale made. There’s currently a site in a very similar niche on flippa now that’s about 7 months old generating $10k in affiliate commissions per month. Current bid is sitting at $16,000 and if sold on a higher end site would sell for $125k-$250k. The development of the site probably cost under $500. I have the skills to produce these sites as well as other sites such as SaaS platforms. Here’s an example but would cost much more to develop and market. to view the functionality

    Thank you and I hope to have intrigued a hungry investors attention.

    Thank you,


  • Anyone willing to invest for start up business as well as franchises.
    Serious young business minded person resquesting.

  • I looking for an investor ready to invest in an already running microfinance business in kenya. A loan will be more prefered at a negotiated fair interest rate.

    I am intending to open at least 100 branches in the next 3years.

    Call me on +254722852373

  • A minimum loan of $300,000 will be ideal

  • Dear Potential Investor,

    I am seeking financial support for our startup investment company focused on real estate,hotels/resort and export and imports of goods and services.
    We are located in East Africa in particular Kenya,Nairobi city..We invite any angel investor to invest in us and become a partner or shareholder.

    Please contact me for more information at or +254719432016

    Kind Regards,
    Emmanuel Juma

  • I look forward to meet an investor who will help me develope my app idea I named it “Silenca” that can run in Android/IOS, the app will help reduce conflicts in relationships and marriages worldwide.

  • Dear Sir,

    I’m currently seeding investor to my business.
    I have a great business plan and I wish its a great deal you invest in it.


  • Interested in a possible investor for a ecommerce site which earned $200 the first two days up on $86 adwords investment. Items generate over 75% profit margin. Some are over 200% margin. Someone who is interested in outsourcing advertising and has the budget to do so. This site will earn over 2k per month once finish adding products and someone proficient in ppc marketing sets up the campaigns.

  • I am looking for an investor as well for a health and wellness business based in Nairobi Kenya.

  • I am looking for investors for medical application for smartphones with android is already 90% ready and I need to conclude the ap. And Marketing I already pay around to 60000$ and I need to give the last portion to the IT.
    teem and to the lawyers to register the ap.after that we can decide together with investors the next step .

  • Hello, looking for a partner/investor for mining, oil or agri business in DRC. I am based in California and have serious opportunities in DRC. Serious only please. Thank you.

  • Straight to the point…23,000 capacity venue. Major Celebrity Entertainers. Productions: March thru December 2018 – MINIMUM of (31) Events / Shows. Continuing on into 2019.

    Live Stage: DVD Productions: Massive Merchandising.

    Investment: $750,000. (ROI) over a 6-month period. After the return of initial investment, the Sole Investor Partner has and will continue to draw an income of $25,000 per Talent Show, resulting in a minimum annual salary of $775,000.

    Tentative date to book our 1st talent event for the last weeks of March 2018. SERIOUS AND READY ONLY PLEASE! In this industry it’s imperative that we book talent anywhere from 30, 60 to 90-days out. Full and complete details upon contact. Looking forward making 2018 an explosive year.

  • I am looking for partner in mining of Gold, I have a lot of Gold in Ghana,

  • Hi,
    Im looking for an investor for a startup about a company for mobile applications of massive interaction for companies and final users in my country. Im from Paraguay in south america and the market here for this kind of business is still emerging so it would be a very profitable business. In case some investor is interested i can send you my business plan and show you the prototype app.
    Thanks. My whatsapp is +595973564009

  • We have are an incorporated company, we are looking for an investor to enter into mining business in Zimbabwe.

  • Hello to all, I need an angel investor for by business, I have the exclusive right to sell on my product. A contract to South, Central and North America. The product is done, barcode, translation in 3 languages on the box, illustration card etc. I am looking for amounts $150.000 min to $1M. I would love to talk to serious investors that can help me grow globally . Product just arrived in Mexico and has stared to sell. I need funds for production and Marketing etc. My business location is Orlando Florida. Further information up request. Thank You so Much.

  • I’m wondering if any of these investors have interest for the Italian market

  • I’m seeking an investor so that I can purchase 40 oil and gas wells, I have 25yrs oil and gas experience, and with today’s oil price it’s a quick pay back. I’m willing to do 12-15 months with 12-20%ROI.
    If you are interested please contact me.

  • Hi, My Name is Carolina I have a premium lingerie enterprise and I need to find a serious angel investor, if you are interested or you can help me please conctact me:


    TnT Creative Ventures, LLC is seeking funding from prospective investor(s) for The Project: “Neo-Plasticity” a sci/fi film. The funding request, marketing analysis, and return of investment analysis of the project are included in this Proposal. TnT Creative Ventures, LLC is seeking the flexibility, guidance and funding of “Neo-Plasticity” a film project, for growth of business to benefit both parties.

    Executive Summary
    The purpose of this proposal is to forge a strategic relationship between the prospective investor(s) and TnT Creative Ventures, LLC to leverage the customer/consumer base for TnT Creative Ventures, LLC newly developed film project “Neo-Plasticity.”

    TnT Creative Ventures, LLC has developed a new story concept based upon real world events happening and how six unique individuals are able to come together to forge an alliance after a apocalyptic event sends the the Earth back into the “dark ages” which has the following specifications and advantages over similar film and TV projects in the industry and popularity.

    Walking Dead
    Fear Of The Walking Dead
    Z Nation

    TnT Creative Ventures, LLC has a window of opportunity to introduce its project and gain a significant piece of the market share in the Colorado and Western States like Arizona – New Mexico and Nevada has done. Bringing more revenue to the state and local businesses.

    Project Description
    “The Sum of all Fears” meets “World War Z” with a pinch of “Revolution!”

    The intention of TnT Creative Ventures LLC, is not only to produce and develop “Neo-Plasticity” into a film but to also use that completed film as a Television Pilot thus creating the opportunity for a Television Series to be produced locally for long term employment and profit. The project film “Neo-Plasticity” will take 8 weeks to film with an additional 8 weeks post for editing and special effects applications.

    With the addition of “523 Productions” in California we already have several European countries in line for distribution with an estimate (low) of $2 to $4 Million take on an initial weekend box office. This does not include opening weekends in the USA – South East Asia or the Middle East.

    Packaging For Television
    Once the “Neo-Plasticity” film project has reached its limit/run with the big screen theaters the plan is to introduce it to Networks (CBS-NBC-ABC-Amazon-Netflix) as a TV Pilot. Doing the same thing popular Sci/Fi shows have done in the past like Stargate SG-1 – which started as a film (Stargate) and went to television for a huge 8 year run. Not to mention the “spin-off” (Stargate Atlantis) that did very well also.

    Financial Summary (Short)
    It is estimated that there is a sizable demographic between 18 and 60 who share a love of Sci/Fi and Action/Adventure Films. That number being 62% of the USA population alone of which is 323,127,515 – with a projected estimate of 1 Million of that 62% going to the theaters to watch the “Neo-Plasticty” project at an estimated single ticket of a little over $8.00 per person which averages out to be a projected (low) payback at $8 Million for an opening weekend. This does not include overseas sales/profits shared equally or percentage wise between TnT Creative Ventures, LLC and a prospective investor(s).

    Return on the initial investment of $8,927,809 for the film project “Neo-Plasticity” would be within 8 months after initial filming has begun. By using the talent base (Crew-Actors-Production Facility) in Colorado along with the “Tax Incentives” available, this project can be produced for less than many Hollywood productions with as good or better quality.

    A complete film script, budget and top sheet has been prepared for viewing at your convenience.

    The Future
    TnT Creative Ventures, LLC has a slate of 9 Films/Scripts ready for production at various stages of development and casting at this time. All for producing in Colorado and the surrounding area. It is a continued adventure with TnT Creative Ventures, LLC and the existing relationship with the prospective investor(s) should the partnership continue.

    The Project “Neo-Plasticity” is at this time fully cast with known and up and coming actors with signed LOI’s – with Tax Credits on hand and also a Director and Local Crew – Production Facility and a well known Hollywood SFX person signed on.

    At this point we have no funds only the project – cast – and production ready to go.

    The Video Promo is a preliminary one showing the basic concept. For more information if you are interested in the investment process for this project send me an email at: and we will make a time to talk via phone – skype – etc at your convenience.

  • Hi
    I am looking for an angel investor, in poultry farming.
    For more details and pitch deck, can contact through email or mobile number via whatsapp, message or direct call.

    Thank you.

  • Looking for an investor to start an online business dealing with clothes and other products and services

  • Be a part of the next UBER/LYFT concept!

    I started this business in 2017 and was looking for investors. I used my own funds to the tune of $10,000. I am now at the point where I need INVESTORS to move forward.

    Be a part of a very unique business that has very little competition. We will contract with businesses and full time RV owners to brand with 3M graphic wraps on their RV’s. We are looking for MEMBERS to launch in the summer of 2018. Business Plan and Executive Summary on request!

    Please visit to get an idea of what we are all about.

    Minimum of $5,000 USD…

    If you show serious interest you can email us at
    or call Joseph at 1-832-510-7739 for more details…

  • Hi All

    Please advise if any investors looking to invest in booming Real Estate Market, both long term ROI and short term opportunities with lucrative ROI available . We are a Infra and Real Estate Company and also joint venture with other premium real estate companies in closing multiple deals across the subcontinent . Current deals seeking equity or FDI or financing, For DETAILS PLEASE WHATSAPP
    W: + 91 8500886060

  • Looking for investors for my idea to set up a Healtcare/ Lifescience Audit company
    I already have good connections to all the major hospitals and diagnostics centres and plan to monopolize this market by end of 2019

    Looking for an investment of $25,000 USD with an RoI of more than 50% in 200 days

    You can contact me on

  • Hi

    Im looking for an investor for a startup herbal business form mt. Everest site Nepal. We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the largest manufacturer and supplier of Raw Herbs and Essential Oils including Organic nettle Leaf Powder, Chiraita / Swertia Chiraita (BuchHum) Extraction and Lycopodium collection and supply and all the probable herbs liable to be found in the locality at Tingla-6, targeted for Solukumbhu and Okhaldhunga District of Sagarmatha Nepal.
    We have enough land available to establish the plant as well as farming. The site is connected to the National Highway and a river with facility of plenty of water for irrigation and electricity. Manpower is also easily available in the locality and hence the processing cost would be the minimum. We have already submitted all the legal documents and a letter of Proposal to Government of Nepal. We intend to supply almost all kinds of seasonal herbs to local as well as foreign manufacturer and traders as per their requirements. We will also deal with Processing, extraction and distillation of various kinds of herbs and herbal products. Since we are eager to establish and extend our business, we highly appreciated if you would like to give us an opportunity to work together to recognize the business as a multinational Organization.
    We are looking forward to hear from you for positive response. Please feel free to contact to the below given address.

    The Herbal Agribusiness Innovation inanition Group
    Tingla-6, Solukumbhu, Sagarmatha Nepal

    Shambhu Kumar karki
    Managing Director
    Cell No. +977 9845097557

  • Hello, I am a profitable business project with minimal risk. I need an an investor to invest in this fantastic project.

  • Great list. Are all people here investors ? I was wondering if I could do a guest post for you or perhaps suggest an other topic? I’m in Stock investments and very interested to see more topics here.

  • I’m seeking Angel investors for a crypto sports trading platform. If anyone is interested, please email me at

  • I am looking for startup funding for teeth whitening mall kiosks in india . I am a dentist myself

  • I have an innovative product idea I want to sell

  • Hi! My many name is Oemelenna Mmanoko in Botswana. I am looking for serious investors in the tourism industry, petroleum and energy industry and media industry.My whatsapp is at +267 74791881.

  • Kindly connect me with angel investors who will finance my registered hospitality project which has real potential for growth and a feasible master plan

  • “We are seeking investors for an amazing new Sexy / comedy Film and believe we can offer a 50% Return on Investment, Required 5 Cr INR.
    with positive cash flow starting as soon as 6 months from the release date,”

  • I am looking for only one no more than two investors to help me become the next biggest talk show host of the United States.. my platform is showing people how to become entrepreneurs as I have done my job solely on my own not giving anything but earning everything even the undergraduates & law degree. I am on top of current affairs, sharp, witty and likable. I’be funded my own experience team with over 25 years of TV . experience. I have been an entrepreneur for the last 20 years only looking for $30,000 to get my television project off the ground. I am locate it and it Atlanta Georgia

  • Mining Company in Botswana looking for partnership
    for diamond prospecting activities in the Orapa Area.

  • Looking for investor to start restaurant/liquor business. Featuring home delivery. First of it’s kind for this area

  • I have started a potentially very lucrative business in Ghana. I have been able to start production and and we have an outlet for good sales. We are encountering difficulty due to weak transportation facility specifically use of old vehicles. I am looking for an investor to partner with me to fix the transportation problems as well as procure marketting services like the media. The product is Apple Cider Vinegar (raw unfiltered with the mother). call or whassp me on 0507154818

  • HI,
    I am Ashish Kumar from mumbai, india. I am a film director looking for 100000 USD for my film Project. It is highly profitable venture. If any genuine investor wanted to invest in the project plz do call me on +91 9821662851. Regards

  • I’m looking for a loan or investor to invest in my make company. My company has it own makeup brand which focuses mainly on women who come in darker shades. There is a high demand demand for black owned beauty brands that focuses mainly on darker women and the opportunities are endless.. please .

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