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Canadian Angel Investor Directories

Here’s a current list of Canadian Angel Investor Groups

Alberta Angel Investors

Alberta Deal Generator – Edmonton, AB
Venture Alberta – Edmonton & Calgary, AB

British Columbia Angel Investors

BC Angel Forum – Vancouver, BC
Fundamental Technologies II – Coquitlam, BC
Okanagan Angel Network – Kelowna, BC
VANTEC – Vancouver Angel Technology Network – Vancouver, BC

Manitoba Angel Investors

Winnipeg Angel Organization – Winnipeg, MB

Newfoundland Angel Investors

Newfoundland & Labrador Angel Network – Saint Johns, Nfld

Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island Angel Investors

First Angel Network – Halifax, NS

Ontario Angel Investors

Aprilis Ventures – Toronto, ON
Association for the Advancement of Safety Technologies – Hamilton, ON
Cleantech Angel Network – Toronto, ON (New!)
Georgian Angel Network – Collingwood, ON (New!)
Golden Horseshoe Angel Network – Oakville, ON
Golden Triangle Angelnet – Cambridge, ON
Infusion Angels – Waterloo, ON
ISCM – Innovation Synergy Centre in Markham – Markham, ON
Maple Leaf Angels – Toronto, ON
Northern Ontario Enterprise Gateway – Thunder Bay, ON
Ottawa Angel Alliance – Ottawa, ON
Ottawa Capital Network – Ottawa, ON
Peterborough Region Angel Network – Peterborough, ON
Purple Angel – Ottawa, ON
Ryerson Angel Network – Toronto, ON
Southwestern Ontario Angel Group – London, ON
York Angel Investors – Vaughn, ON

Quebec Angel Investors

Reseau Anges Quebec – Montreal, QC

Saskatchewan Angel Investors

SAINT – Saskatchewan Angel Investor Network – Saskatoon, SK

Angel Investor Databases

10 Responses to Canadian Angel Investors

  • There are 180,000 Little League baseball team in the U.S. and over 2 million potential pitchers on these teams. We have just received my patent on a prototype we have designed and developed and now are ready to prepare to launch this product in November of this year.
    The beauty of this product is that each potential client does not need a team mate to catch for them and they can use this product outside/inside and anywhere. The pitcher will be able to track each throw as to where it crosses the plate or base and will improve muscle memory and accuracy of pin point position of each pitch. Much like shooting free throws in basketball to develop a better percentage shooting average.
    We have our team in tact and are now looking for investor/s for production and marketing.
    The team consists of a manufacturing manager, shipping manager, Go-Daddy advertising manager, Google engineer consultant and website designer. With available funding we could start production within 30 days.
    Our projections are 60,000 units for the first year and at a profit of $92.00 per unit the company would net $5,520,000.00 in the first year. We have two business plans ready for your review. the first one is more aggressive than the other with manufacturing more product before the end of the year, for a total investment of $320,000 for 20% of the business. The second plan is for less production for $120,000.00 for 7% owner in the company. We will be launching the product for sale on the internet, Facebook, Google, and Go-daddy on November 10th, 2014 of this year.
    With 60,000 units sold in the first year, that will be less than 2% of the available market in the U.S. alone.
    Please contact me for more information and a business plan package.
    Thank you.
    Dallas Page 541-556-5576

  • I am a Ghanaian entrepreneur situated at Accra and has done business survey of a very lucrative and high return business and need an angel partner to start. land has been 80% acquired .I am relying on your investors link to solicit for investors to partner with. thanks

  • I am seeking investment for a method of energy storage and power generation, please contact me in order to receive my presentation.

    Thank you for your consideration!

    Jun Yao

  • Hello everyone,
    My name is Gervais ouefio. I am Canadian looking for Angel investors to be able to fund our Mining Business in Central Africa. We do gold, Diamond and copper. If you are interested making some profit, please contact us on our corporate email.

    Kind Regards


    we have differents quarries where an exploitation can take place for extraction of susmentionned minerals and a small plant facility available to transform raw copper in metal blister 96%-98%.
    Differents projects related to those 2 minerals can be proposed as well.

    Businessly yours,
    whatsap +243825287474

  • Hello Angels, we just put together a business plan for a pellet industry, real estate project and for extensive livestock farming. We look forward for interested investors who can solicit we us to build a high profit making industry. We are confident and very sure of our profitability prior to our methods of production and market which is all stated on the financial projections. you are welcome to start talking with us via /+237680084606.Thanks for contacting. A.Eric

  • We are Data Base International are launching a new guaranteed secure Internet solving all of the current ailing Internet problems. We have raised the start up funds we requireand we wish to launch the venture from Canada. We are looking for partners to join in what will become the biggest and richest industry ever. Visit our website for more limited information but rather contact me directly for full confidential information. DBI World will become the one and only up to the second updated database on all information in the world. Join me? Not only that – DBI World will make the Internet much more secure and much faster.

  • Hi,
    We are aviation consultant company based in Dubai. Our company was established in late 2015. One of major activity is aircraft leasing and chartering.
    Recently we have received proposal of regular passenger flights operation. Our minimum requirement is 4aircraft to start with.
    2 wide body passenger aircraft
    1 narrow body aircraft
    1 wide body cargo aircraft.
    To start this project we require fund therefore I need your co operation and support.
    Business proposal document can be provided upon request.
    Waiting for your response.

    CONTACT HR OFFICE +233243591822

  • Hello Angels,
    I am a new Entrepreneur and looking for assistance in my unique retail business. I’ve started on a good roll but to keep the ball moving I need financial help. My business is in a rural tourism community in Manitoba. I see e-commerce in the future and many years of success. Any questions and or request for information is encouraged. I look forward to the challenge of peaking your interest in my project.
    Thank you,

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