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Raising Seed and Startup Capital From Angel Investors

Who are angel investors?

They are typically entrepreneurs themselves. Angel investors differ from venture capitalists in that they are investing their own hard-earned money into your company rather than that of institutional investors. They usually invest in the range of $25,000 to $250,000.

Here is some important advice if you are pursuing angel investors. Don’t waste your time chasing investors more than an hour’s drive from where your company is situated. Both angel and venture capital investing are face-to-face relationships. If something starts to go wrong at an investment, the investor wants to be able to reach it in no more than an hour’s car commute. They do not want to have to jump aboard a plane to hold an impromptu meeting with management team.

It never ceases to amaze me how many first time capital seekers waste money couriering business plans overnight to a party on the opposite coast after the briefest of telephone or email conversations. They are then shocked to discover that even small deals require multiple face-to-face meetings which they cannot afford.

How to Close the Deal With Your Angel Investor

How to Raise Seed and Startup Capital From Angel Investors

Here are some additional articles with valuable tips and advice on how to find, approach, and deal with angel investors.

How Not to Approach Angel Investors Read this first. Don’t make these money raising mistakes when seeking seed or statup capital.

Angel Investor Networks Across the Country Comprehensive listing of angel investor groups and networks which provide seed, startup, and growth capital.


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95 Responses to Angel Investors

  • Waste recycling is not a problem. I want to stop landfill overflow and i will!!!

    • My name is Brian Hall. I am an entrepreneur, engineer, and inventor.
      I am the CEO of Integradynamics Technologies:
      I have a design solution project to prevent airplanes and spacecrafts from
      crashing and killing crew, passenger, or the destroying the cargo.
      I am seeking a 7 million dollar investment and 10% deposit. Can anyone
      be my partner in this great project immediately?
      Contact: Brian Hall at

    • The Intellectual Elite Inventor is the CEO of Integradynamics Technologies:
      THIS IS PROFOUND: “The greatest inventions are the ones nobody remembers because they never
      get invented without the superior capital and intelligent advantage required to invent them.”:
      THIS IS TREASURE: “The greatest minds are the greatest finds.” SOUNDS LIKE EINSTEIN~right?
      Well, what do you do to make this true? I will tell all of you how to win and always remember.
      THE SOLUTION: “Invest in the best.” I’m seeking a $7,000,000 investment or loan for a 50% partnership
      To build my projects: 1. DynAir Car 2. DynAir Plane 3. Dyn Ener-G-aquagenerator
      4. Priva-Dyn online 5. Porta-Dyn 6. Deero-Dyn 7. Chargo-Dyn 8. Railo-Dyn 9. Buildo-Dyn
      I’m a phone call away or see my profile page today. or contact Brian Hall at:

    • I am seeking to buy a luxury apartment complex with 108 unit, 100% occupancy passive income.. Asking price $14 million to $17 Million. The apartment complex is in Midland Tx. Would you be interested in the equilty of this property. If not do you know a Angel investor that might help us make money off this property. I need private funding to help me start a business in this project.

      I can provide a offer memorandum of the property
      Attachments area

  • I have developed a all natural mineral tonic,that fights cancer,arthritis,cholesterol,mineral deficientcy,high blood pressure,closing of arteries and veins,prostate problems,eye weekness,acne,oxygenizes the body,strengths organ health.this 60 year old vietamese man told me,when has wife cut has hair,black hair was growing back.So if anyone can help me get this off the ground,to help others,let me know. Im Corey call me at 727-692-3772

  • Seeking a $10 million dollar investor(s) for a six-year project that involves the publishing of art and ancillary products from the most renowned artists from every country of the world and the construction of the world’s first global Peace Monument and Cultural Centre.

    Every aspect of the project has been successfully tested and, if those interested would like a conversation with the co-founder of the project, please contact Ed Solomon at 1.949.295.5894.

    We are proposing that within the six-year period, the return of the $10 million original investment and $50 million ROI.

  • We are a used car dealership on a busy highway seeking to expand our inventory. We can provide very reasonable 10% interest on 3 year investment, or this could be worked out to monthly payments. Call (864)-847-5140.

  • Me and my son who just finished his degree in computer support and repair are looking to start up a joint business. We live in Dunkirk Indiana. At one time Dunkirk was a booming community. We want to bring it back. He wants to start a computer repair shop and I want to open a donut and pastry shop/café with wifi availability. Eventually we want to also open a animal rescue and transport business as well. In Jay County we have two but one is a kill shelter. We have amazing ideas for the rescue as well that we can take to other counties in our state. The issue is capital for our start up venture. Can you help us get started or lead us to someone who can bring our ideas to life. Thank You for your time. Sincerely The Nickols.

  • Hello, If there are any true Angel Investors out there I beg you to take a look at my organization Mystic Rose Social Service. Eight years of serving communities in the state the business resides in as well as others, my census of serving individuals and families has now reach over 7000 and rapidly increase due to these hard economic times. I have invested in individuals keeping there homes to putting homeless in homes, providing food, clothing, volunteer services, paying for individuals to see doctors, elderly care and these just name a few. Mystic Rose Social Services mission is to enhance the lives of those it serves by meeting the comprehensive needs of individuals, families, and the community through a partnership of programs that provides accessible education and health and human services of the highest quality. We have serve others as our mission states to the highest quality. I have never receive a government grant or ask for donations because I am able to work and make money by selling Insurance, grant writing, consultations, business plans, as well as social workers contracting out. This is how I have been able to maintain good community resources and giving back to the communities I have even put up my own vehicle and house to get the money to keep someone else from starving and been homeless. I am not here to tell a sad story but I really need an investor. I have proven paperwork or you can just Google the company’s name, it will be the proof needed. I started this business on my front porch August 8, 2008 in the first three months I was serving over 500 families. On August 21, 2013 I was told buy the property owner Mystic Rose address you have until the 23 to get our things and get out of my building. I was 1 month behind and was not giving a writing notice. I was out of the building on the 23 with no where for the Agency to go. All I am asking is for an Angel to Invest in our organization a facility. We work very hard and we just receive a contract with Texas Health & Human Service that if we don’t get help soon we will loose it. The reasons rent was not paid is because we do not receive nothing but the money I work for, I have been carrying this Agency off of my income that I earn and my husband income that is giving to me to support my own household. Well I do know that if God willing it will only be an Angel that will come to our aid. Thanks

    • Do not invest a penny with Lanettia Littleton she is thief and con woman who has conned many investors and people in need out of their money! all under the guise of a state agency that is supposed to help the needy run for hills!! Her license should be revoked and she should be in jail she even ripped off her staff in Corsicana.

    • You sound like a scam do you have the proper paperwork to prove all these claims

  • My name is salim from tanzania, our company called STEEL INTERNATIONAL LTD from TANZANIA (east africa).Our company deals with export of metal scraps. Right now we have the project in angola which involve more than 150,000 mt. we are looking for the investors who we can work together since this project a huge amount of money around 5 million us dollars, also we are looking for the buyers who are ready to provide advance payment so that we can supply him whatever he wants that means if you are the buyer of metal scrap( hms 1&2,used rail) we can sign the contract of supplying you 50,000 mt of our product, then u pay advance payment of 3 million us dollar as advance payment and then the remain balance u will pay us after the deal is done,

    the buyer and his representatives are welcome to visit the work place when the operation is going on, for now we have not yet started the project, waiting for any serious buyer who can pay advance as i suggested or investors who can give us capital for this investment and he will get 15% ROI annually, we can supply 100,000 mt can see the attached above and u will see our project plan,company profile,some photos of metal scrap and the ship which we want to cut it down as scrap metal.

    im waiting for any question or suggestion from any serious buyer or investors who are ready to work with us.


  • Our company is called Westin Green Agri Product. We are based in Cape Town, South Africa. We are seeking
    investor(s) for our poultry project which comes with an abattoir. The poultry farm which grows 360 000 chickens per cycle, will be sold to us with a contract in place. the project will immediately create jobs for 360 people.We are seeking $7 million dollars to start our project and are open to discuss the terms and condition. cell no. +27834339424

  • Hello, we are in need of startup capital to launch an exciting new fashion line for Latinas aged 18 to 29. Our business plan asks for $1 million dollars.

  • Can you really help us? We are seeking $250,000 in startup capital to launch a new social media platform for aspiring artistes! We really need help. 212 345-2876

  • Dear Jesus, we pray that you deliver unto us some mighty needed startup capital for our new bible camp which will open in the summer of 2014.

    We know that you won’t let us down.

    Deliver our cash to

    • Am looking for an investor and business partner, am well experienced in business with 15 years of service in international trading

      Am running my international trading business in china since last 4 years, at present am planning to expand my business project to Middle East and am confident about its hope there.

      My project here is the service of international trading agent, there are two types services, one is sales of unique branded products in the market,

      Second is the work as the trading agent, business service and sourcing agent, aims at importing and exporting any products from anywhere for our customers.

      I know how to make a products for your customers like they own products, or any products our custom need any type of products from anywhere, we can deal for then as a agent, and we can do any type of products, like building products any types of products as large scale projects, am able to deal like this products or any projects, we can produce any products depending on customer requirements, BRANDING, OEM, ODM,

      For more my about my experience and about my business idea please real below profile

      Thank you

      You’re faithfully


  • Great money making possibility in downtown Orlando FL. Building, furniture, and inventory included they are asking $399.999.99

    Reported revenue is $1,310,010.00 
    cash flow of $410,000.00 

    Nightclub has several lounges/private booths/dance floors/stages and bars.

    This nightclub is 5 years existing. As of now they are only open 10pm-2am Thursday, Friday, Saturday. .. There is lots of room for hours and added days for operation. Looking at possible double income. Will pay back startup capital on agreed time plus %. Option for partners when startup is paid off. Nightclub currently has 27 employees. I will bring in 4 of my closest friends that have years of nightclub exp, also prior military. Security/Bartender/DJ/Bookkeeping.
    I do have a business plan of detailed expenses if contacted. 

    Existing owner will train and make familiar to the business.

     I’m asking for angel investor for startup capital of $550,000.00 for building, utilities and employee wages, also unexpected expenses to start. 

    I have experience in the nightclub scene from Barbacks-Management. 1 year barbacks/1 year security/2 years bartender/ 1 year manager. I have 3 years exp as customer service manager also. I’m a former Law Enforcement Officer, also prior military. I am in college for business management and will continue to seek degree. I currently reside in Wyoming but will relocate immediately.

    Thank you for your time. 
    Dilworth Luken

  • My partner and me is looking for some seed startup capital and was wondering if you can help us.

  • new power assist technology enhances the output of any energy source looking for partners

  • hello, i m looking for angel investor or venture capitalist for my project Waste Tyres to Fuel Oil which will be sell to various industry like cement,ceramics,glass,power plant factory etc.and this oil also can be conerted to diesel .Is there any one to interest about this ? please send me mail at

  • Would like to receive seed funding for and existing funeral home .Would like a cash injection between 500k to 600k.This can be broken down between two investors. Can do 12% return over five years with principle and interest at end of term.I am a 100% disabled vet. Hold current embalming and funeral directors license in two states. North Carolina and Georgia. Started embalming at the age of nine. Tours of duty Vietnam and Iraq. Retired from U.S. Postal Service in 1998 with 20 yrs. of service due to my disability. Severe frost bite acquired in Germany tour of duty.I’ve chased my dream for over fourty-five years , but GOD and the Holy Spirit will not let me give up.My grand daddy taught me early in life, “Its not the size of the dog, but the fight in that dog “.

  • I am seeking a Private investor to invest $20K USD for the purchase of 10 Ounces of AU Dore Bar/ Gold Nuggets. This amount is for testing and confirmation of the product. The investment covers cost of product, Gov. Export tax, insurance, air freight, round trip ticket for one person the seller to fly from Liberia to USA to meet with buyer in Maryland, USA. At that time, they will be ready for the table top meeting, ground transportation local in USA, customs Broker’s Fee in USA, & Hotel Expense for 5 days. Investors rate of return on this deal is estimated at 1% of $1 million a month ($10k). The Investors payment is secured through the buyers SBLC (Stand-by Letter of Credit). The buyer has signed the Letter of Intent (LOI) as I have attached to purchase the first 10 ounces of AU Dore Bar. The buyer can commit to purchasing $1 million USD of Gold on a monthly basis from the seller. This will be a one time investment. The buyer will issue a Standby Letter of Credit from a top rated bank in the United States. The SBLC Stand By Letter of Credit will be Irrevocable & Confirmed.

  • new electronic security startup seeks

    1. I have an amazing device that prevents the loss
    and/or theft of cell phones, laptops, and Ipads.
    I call it: (“terms negotiable”).

    new software security technology

    2. I have a software crptology program and technique
    that can prevent all hacking, stealing, and violation
    of users privacy online and is 100% breakproof.
    I call it: (“terms negotiable”).

    new way for cars and drivers to communicate

    3. I have a cost-effective design and technique that
    allows vehicles to communicate directly with one
    another while driving or parked on the road or
    blow the horn only to specific drivers, North, South,
    East, and West directions without using a cell phone,
    texting, or a computer, etc.
    I call it: (“terms negotiable”)

    new way for all people and all countries
    to communicate : in one language

    4. I have a language algorithm and computer program
    combination whereby every race on the planet can
    communicate effectively using the same language
    and it is easy to understand and learn and understand
    like hand signals or A, B, C’s.
    I call it: (“terms negotiable”)

  • Pitching Precision LLC
    1295 Audel Ave
    Eugene, OR 97404
    Manager/Dallas Page 541-556-5576

    Short Form Introduction

    A. Business Plan – will be given to any potential investor along with non compete and non disclosure
    documents upon investor and manager meeting and introducing the product and design.

    B. Because of the sensitivity of this product being copied (even though we hold a patent on this product),
    before we release this product on the open market in November of this year, access to our Website will
    be very limited and only investors will be able to visit the site after reviewing the product and
    experiencing the positive influence this product will have on the baseball and fast pitch softball players.

    C. After reviewing this short form introduction to our product and if you have an interest in investing in
    this product, a demonstration meeting of the product can be scheduled and reviewed.

    Explanation of the Product and its use

    We have been working on this product for over 4 years now and now that we have the patent, we are ready move on to the next step in launching this product for internet sales this November. This product has only been shown to family members, 3 college and 2 minor league pitchers and each one of them said the same thing. “Why hasn’t this been developed before now and can you make one for me?”

    Every pitcher has the same problem of getting someone to catch for them, thus they can never hone their skills and accuracy, because throwing at a tire or a screen behind the plate never tells them where each pitch crosses the plate and at what height. With this product any pitcher or even catchers/fielders can monitor where each pitch crosses the plate or bag and then with our app they can closely follow accurate pitch location and percentages. (Much like a basketball player monitors free throws.)

    Muscle memory is the key and we can help any pitcher become more accurate over the plate at any height and outside of the plate at any height. Our product will help catchers and fielders become more accurate with throws to home plate or any base without a team mate, friend or family member needed to catch for them. (Our demonstrational video shows this very well)

    Company Purpose

    To help each pitcher at all levels to be able to develop muscle memory without the help of someone to catch for them. There are 180,000 Little League team in the U.S. alone, which equates to 2 million pitchers with 200,000 new pitchers coming into the leagues every year. And this does not even include the babe ruth, high school, college, minor and fast pitch softball leagues.

    Our projections are to sell 60,000 units our first year which equates to a net profit of $5,520,000.00 in our first year. We plan to manufacture part of our product in house to hold the product close to the chest at first and we have our shop drawings and stations designed. We also can double our production very easily in two weeks if we need to, depending upon demand. (We see that keeping up with demand will be our largest problem.)

    At 60,000 sales the first year we have only tapped less than 2 percent of the Little League market. The need for this product is so great and needed at every level and response from serious pitchers has been nothing but, “make me one and sell it to me“. We met with a minor league pitcher in the Northwest and he spent over 3 hours with us playing with our product and trying to find a weakness in the prototype. We took a few thoughts from him and adjusted a few areas of the prototype and we believe we are ready to move forward on production, website, advertising and promotion.

    There is nothing like this product on the market today and now that we have the patent we are more comfortable moving forward, but we still want to limit the public on who sees this product until we launch it in November.

    This is a startup company, but if you know anything about baseball you will see that this product will be purchased by thousands of potential pitchers, not even counting the catchers and fielders that will want to order our additional line of products.

    We are working with an engineer on a future product similar in design but will be so much better than we have now, but we are about 3 years out from launching this product also. It will be more costly, but those who have our product now, will want this new product when it comes out in a few years. We are working on the patent for this one now.

    Our Team

    1. Shop and manufacturing manager – Dallas Page – Over 30 years as a land developer and contractor. CEO of Anasazi Construction and Design LLC, President of Parthenon Construction and Design, President of Hanil Construction Inc and managing member of Rosewood Holding Co. LLC

    2. Internet advertising – Ben Johnson is a Google engineer and is consulting with the company on internet sales and promotion.

    3. Internet advertising – James Page is a sales rep for Go-Daddy and a 6’4”, 225 lbs, left handed pitcher who is in his last year of college and the co-founder of Pitching Precision and has great connections in sales promotion and product design.

    4. Shipping and Sales – Bradley Page is a sales rep for a pool company in Arizona and ready to come on board as our managing sales rep for this new business. He has over 4 years in sales and understands what it takes to ship the right product and contact the right people.

    5. Web site design – Jacquelyn Johnson has over 10 years experience in architectural CAD design and is currently developing Pitching Precision’s Website, Instruction Videos, product placement and expansion.
    Jacquie has developed several websites including C2S Rings, which designed, developed and sold jewelry on the internet.

    6. Payment and Invoicing – Austin Page is the CEO and co-founder of C2S Rings, a company that designed rings and other jewelry. Austin is currently the Medical Manager for over 17 doctors and is consulting on the development of a pay pal design for the website.

    As you can see we have kept this product close to the family, as it is easy to copy and we want it to be a big splash when it hit’s the market in November.

    Investing interest

    If you have an interest in knowing more about the product and would like to see a demonstration, we would be happy to schedule one with you. We are interested in a partner/s and would like to show you the prototype if you have a sincere interest in investing.

    • We may have a batting (and pitching) cage in our preliminary concept. Eastern Washington State, amusement park concept in need of $500K approx. in order to begin the process of securing investment group to fund the entire project…

  • I’m looking for funding to start a restoration business the items we will be restoring will consist of antique items such as peddle cars advertising vintage cars and trucks as well as motorcycles and many other items that are from years gone by if anyone could put my wife an I in touch with a Angel investor it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Business Plan – will be given to any investor, because of being copied and being charged in the wrong ways. My name is Gracye W. Reed, I’m an African-American, handicapped woman. I’ve been in a wheelchair for over 29 years. I am 43 years old. Can you help us. Trying to find a grant writer, investor or someone that can just help us out. Grant writing cost too much and talking to people, I’m running around “No” wheeling around like a monkey with his tail, cut off. This is what I’m looking for. I am trying to find someone who can help me, “No, US!” the disabled people; someone who can help us fund this retreat and special project-programs. This letter will tell you a little about the retreat and special program- projects, what it is for, how it will help and what it will bring to the table. We are also going green throughout the whole retreat, recycling water, recycling energy and recycling cans, paper and glass and much more. Also included in this is an outlook of the retreat as well as drawings of plans and signs, which I have. If I had the chance to pick the help and the people for this; special program- projects, I would hope and pray that it would be, the T.V. show, The Extreme Makeover Home edition, hoping that they would take this on and with my design and there outlook on things, the place will be everything I imagine and more. This does not have to be on T.V., just want their help. This retreat will have benefits for all the disabled. I have a spot in mind for this retreat. The lot is over in Ontario Ca, I have the lot-Per shell number. I was hoping to get this land will be donated to us and this special project-program. Please help the disabled community with this special project-program. Help those who need jobs, those that are handicapped and want to work and those that just need a place like this to relax, and have some fun and just want to get away in life. I have the whole thing designed, written drown and ready to go. I also have the copy writes, to all of this. If you will help us out on this, this year!
    Employment: This retreat will bring a lot of job opportunities for many people in different ways, if you are disabled or not disabled. I strongly encourage the disabled people to work at this retreat and others that may open.

    Example: cooks, waiters, waitresses, housekeepers, therapists and so much more.

    I have the name for this place,you will fined it out, if you help us out. The Retreat: A rode Iron Gate will be around the whole retreat and recycling Center, R-V parking lot, two parks named “Victory Park” and another for a Celebrity wing, “Victory Park 2”. It also includes a guest parking lot, vegetable garden and fruit trees. Then you have the Petty James Reeds banquet /conference/Faculty Hall. Wheeling Comforts has a pool and hot tub, men’s and women’s restrooms and “the cage”, which is the place to have weddings and parties etc. The front of the retreat is a yard. There will be various electrical outlets in the brick fence around yard and house. You have in the house, dining rooms and kitchens and all of the other places where events can be held! There is a large size house, within the house there is a living room, laundry rooms, dining room, kitchen, hall-ways; Pantry & Linen closets, bedrooms & bathrooms. The rooms are named after “stones of the earth”. On the back side of the main house are more various electrical outs and Side-walks that lead you in many directions. One of the ways goes to the day-care, laundry rooms, and staff rooms. In the Courtyard, there are ten rooms. In the middle of the ten rooms, you have the Courtyards. Then you come to the gates of the celebrity wing, and they can have the same fun, with their own privacy as well. In there is a kitchen, dining room, day care, a small park, storage, laundry rooms, the other side of the retreat, and the celebrity wing parking lot. On both sides of the retreat, on the outside gates there are a dog runs and above that a cat runs. On the outer outside wall, on the other side of the Celebrity wing is the gift shop, salon and Medical center.

    Example: There will be special equipment for the disabled people so they can get in and out of the pools, bathtubs and bed; as well as having special vehicles with lifts and ramps etc for all guest and employees.

    Medical and Therapy center: There is a Medical center for any type of emergency or medical needs, for all staff and customers, until the paramedics arrive. A therapy on call for your therapy needs. A psychiatrist, there on call for those needing that back up in life. You also have on the outside wall, a salon and gift shop-Medical supply.

    There are many places to hold special events and parties like (1) both Victory Parks (2) The Cage, (3) The Petty James Reed Banquet/Conference/ hall. (4) Pool and Hot Tub Areas (5) Courtyard (6) Celebrity wing, only Celebrities here. In all of these places, you will be able to hear music from the stereo systems; we will also be able to break off or change the music in many ways and areas around the retreat as needed. So we can have many events at the same time. I would love to give us, the disabled a place of our own. A place to come and have some fun (if needed and a place to work.) We have Know comfortable place to do anything like this!!!! It will be the first. I’m also starting a none-profit, Willing Comforts Centers INC. With this I’ll be able to give to the ones that feel the world has forgotten them. Both of these will be working together. So if you can help us, I would greatly appreciate it; and can help the disabled community get back into the world force. And give them a little place to call their own!

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    thank you for your time!

  • Looking for serious investors for a very lucrative business venture in Zimbabwe

  • I have concieved a medical disagnostic program and an electronic healthcare records (EHR) that will allow doctors to assess the medical conditions of their patients within in seconds, provide EMTs and ERs with immediate and life saving information, and provide individuals with access to their medical records 24/7. I am looking for a 3 phase capital infusion, 1) general startup capital of around $100,000; 2) Line of Credit or investment of around $6MM; and 3) Advanced funding of $30MM (I have initally found the advance funding providing that I show funding phase 1 and 2).
    At a 4% market share this will yeild a first year profit of over $50MM.
    Parry W. Clark JD, PhD, MSM
    Office (904) 361-9157

  • My name is Weldon Lee Haywood, Sr. I am owner and CEO of HEADE Products, LLC, Anaheim, California.
    I am seeking $500,000.00 investment to be used for the manufacture, marketing and sale of the first 100 sets of a product I designed, The HEADE 15’ HSP (Hinged Square Platform) With Sloping Plates And Matching Mat. A PowerPoint Presentation is available for review upon request.
    The product will be marketed as a rival to the Duffy Golf Model #312, Synthetic Turf 14’ X 20’ Putting Green and Synthetic Turf 15’ X 17’ Putting Green With Foam Edge Transaction. I’m seeking the investment for a period of three years with the ROI terms to be negotiated.
    A patent was filed in October 2012 for the product. Sunrise Industries (Hong Kong) CO, LTD has signed a three year contract to be the manufacturer of the product. HEADE Products, LLC will serve as the parent company representing the product.
    The product will be marketed to lawyers, doctors, athletes, hotel chains, airports, high schools, colleges and affluent individuals from all walks of life. The LLC has been approved as a supplier by Avendra (procurer for Marriott Hotels) and have been invited to submit as a new vendor by four California High School Districts representing in excess of 50 high schools.
    The product will have international appeal and will be offered for sale in international markets targeting the same groups as those of the US markets.
    I am interested in discussing any terms that will make the investor comfortable in providing the requested investment funds. HEADE Products, LLC and Sunrise Industries are ready to begin mass production as soon as necessary funds are available.
    Weldon Lee Haywood, Sr.
    (844) 694-3233

  • Hi, my name is Henry Williams, I’m a Thermal technician from Chicago, Il. I have been in the construction field for 10 years+, I have recently developed the Motorized Tie Down which has been observed by Thomas Frost (patent attorney) and the patent courts to be number 1 in the country and considered very unique. Upon further investigation no one shares this idea, I’m looking to take this idea further, I do not have the capital to invest in this wonderful idea. My interest is to find a partner whom would like to combine their efforts and resources on this innovative idea. An ideal partner aside from being cash flow positive should be very open minded. If you feel that we may be a good match to work with one another please contact me @ (773)983-5461 for further information. Thank you for your concideration

  • Hello, There are 4.8 million miles of road in the U.S, each and every day we travel these roads unaware of the possible danger this on the road around us from flatbed trucks. On the picturesque roadways of the U.S, flatbed truck accidents all too often create an unsafe, ugly scene. Of the roughly half million truck accidents that occur each year flat bed trucks make up a great portion—both through collisions and unsecured cargo.
    A flatbed truck is a large vehicle used for commercial purposes with a minimum gross weight of 10,000 pounds, discounting the weight of any passengers or cargo.
    Many flatbed truck accidents are caused because of the load they are carrying, logs, among other types of lumber, are generally transported using flatbed trucks. Sometimes when a flatbed accident occurs the load on the truck are shifted forward due to the impact, and come crashing into the cab of the truck after crushing the cab guards.
    Flatbeds are used to haul many types of loads, including motors, cranes, building materials, concrete beams, dry wall ect. These loads have to be “tied down” to the flatbed and secured thoroughly. The drivers of the flatbed truck are also required to periodically stop their trucks, check their loads and ensure that their cargo is secured properly and that there is no cause for concern. Even though flatbed truck drivers are careful for the most part, sometimes errors in securing the load adequately, or failure to regularly check the loads while on the road can lead to a serious flatbed truck accident. The MOTORIZED TIE DOWN is designed to drastically cut the handling of the “old ratchet tie down” method in half and safely secure the loads to the flatbed the user will simply press a button. Drivers no longer have to be exposed to hot or cold elements or after hours of driving have to roll a messy strap up, this design is made to safely and cleanly retract in its casing and stores easily, also with a built in sensor there will be a two way L.C.D sensor that fits on a key ring that will alert the user if any tension is lost on their load the driver can remotely tighten the Motorized Tie Down from inside the cab of the vehicle(Sold Separately). There will be many different sizes and all will be color coded for the rating of the load. I’m looking a partner to invest $100,000 for 15% stake in the company I’ll do all of the marketing research every step that’s taken you will be informed of. This company is in it’s early stages and I’ll be glad to let you know what has been accomplished so far please feel free to contact me at anytime @ 1(773)983-5461 .
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  • please contact me, This is an area of the trucking business, that i have a vast amount of expierece and knowledge, with out the guess work. Virian Bouze’.510 926 9515 or email me at

  • Eastern Washington State, amusement park concept in need of $500K approx. in order to begin the process of securing investment group to fund the entire project…You should realize that we are starting from the ground up, so please be patient as we work on getting our position situated to begin the process of short term finance to get the studies and business plan created and prepared for investors (investor package). ~ ~ ~
    We are associated with a Montreal based tech company that creates high quality real-time virtual reality. They have been contracted by some of the top developers in Canada and the Middle East. For a major Canadian developer we created the tallest residential tower in Canada as well as the interior of Canada’s largest penthouse. For a Saudi developer, we created an 8 square kilometer city. All of our projects are in real time, meaning buyers and investors can fly around and explore in real time. we are looking for jobs, VR, meaning buyers and investors can fly around and explore in real time

  • I am looking for Angel Investor who can invest 10,000,000/- USD in a booming economy at Cochin,Kerala.
    The market is worth a minimum of 5 billion USD.. Real Estate and Tourism industry having the top priority among other lucrative businesses.. Please contact George Mampilli .. Email-
    Even I am available on SKYPE, my skype ID being — ”gigyboy’ …………………
    INDIA as you already know is an emerging market where the Govt has opened the doors for 100% FDI ..
    I have been in the Tourism sector for the past fifteen years having gained deep knowledge..

    Thanking you,

    Best WIshes,

    George Mampilli

  • I am wondering if there are angel investors for a business startup? My faith in God, Jesus, and the USA in reaching for help here, please email. Thank you for your time in reading. Have a good day.

  • We are a pet care company located out of Bothell, Washington who developed a very successful Canine Barkery. We create unique, all-natural Canine Frozen Yogurts and Treats. All ingredients used are created b nature and provide “Natural Canine Health Benefits”. This is NOT your ordinary dog treat. We are at the beginning stages of production and are looking for an angel’s help and guidance on design, packaging, branding and advertisement in order to grow into the retail side. To learn more about our company, products, ingredients and beliefs visit our website at Any help or advise would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time in advance.

  • Looking for a investor, ($7000) sports gear to be sold wholesale to every stadium and arena to enhance the fan experience

  • Our company needs $1M-5M convertible debt to get to construction point of most innovative, extraordinary and futuristic residence or hotel building for very rich and famous. As a fact, extraordinary things attract a lot more people.
    We invite extraordinary investor who loves very unique architecture, modern arts and extravaganza things to be a part of most outstanding project in the world. It will give you profit and global fame and prestige. Together we can shape up the future! Please contact us: victory798 at gmail Everything is ready to make a huge breakthrough!

  • Looking for Investors who will provide funding for purchases of real estate in the Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX. area. I am also amenable to partnering. If you would like a high yield on your investment please contact us at I will do all of the leg work.

  • Flash Cabs (A unit of Shivkripa Tours and Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.) is offering the Radio Taxi service in entire state of Uttar Pradesh, currently operating in city of Lucknow only. Flash Cabs is pioneer in Uttar Pradesh to introduce meter taxis with two way communication system and call center facilities. It is operating with current fleet size of 40 premium cars – all Tata vehicle 2012 to 2014 make (35 – Indigo, 3 – Manza Club Class, and 2 – Aria), and having plans of expanding to 100 vehicles soon. The customer can request for cab over phone (0522-4646464, +91-7800501501) and even book using our website (
    Flash Cabs operates round the clock, having state of art communication technology and centralized control room supported by call center. Its fleet management team is highly committed with technical skills and keeps down time of cabs to very minimal.

    Seek investors for expansion!

  • Motorized Cargo Strap is a Chicago,Il. based product, whose mission is to be successful by effectively utilizing the philosophies of high quality, advanced techniques, and customer service.
    For the past year, I have worked very hard on this “flag ship” design the Motorized Cargo Tie Down with advanced safety features and a very unique design which can be used in the commercial and private sectors. the appealing features of the Motorized Cargo Strap would be the ease of use, convenience, storage and the unnecessary straining avoided. Instead of rolling in and tightening a cargo strap manually using a ratchet mechanism or crank, this lithium battery powered product would feature an internal electric motor for operation. This could save a considerable amount of time and effort by altogether eliminating the difficult manual ratcheting action, particularly when several straps were being used to secure freight. I have designed the Motorized Cargo Strap to have the same features as the ratchet tie down and is ready for physical prototype stage *(note there is a 3 D design prototype).
    The management team I choose will have the direct knowledge of the industry,extensive research experience,and unique administrative skills. The company’s management team will consist of people with broad backgrounds in manufacturing, automation and finance. I’m seeking $250,000 for start up purposes these include:
    Prototype Costs
    Patenting Costs
    Incorporating Costs
    Website Construction
    Marketing New Product Line
    Growth into New Market
    Production Space
    Purchasing New Equipment
    1.1 Mission
    The Motorized Cargo Strap mission is to be successful by effectively utilizing the philosophies of high quality, advanced techniques, and customer service.
    1.2 Keys to success
    It is important that the company provide superb customer service and fast delivery at the same time the company’s further success will depend on securing new customers in several market niches.
    1.) Truck Dealers: 12,608
    2.) Truck Stops & Plazas: 3,057
    3.) Wholesellers of Truck Equipment & Parts: 7,330
    4.) Wholesellers of Electric Tools: 3,182
    5.) Wholesellers of Contractors equipment & Supplies:10,868
    6.) Wholesellers of Safety Products & Supplies:3,636
    7.) Wholesellers of Truck Accessories: 3,260
    8.) Trailer Equipment & Parts Businesses:1,739
    In today’s global marketplace products maybe exported in a number of ways:directly by the manufacturer,by whole sellers,by retailers,or by other agents to name a few. According to the Economic Census, nearly 7,190 merchant wholesellers (with employees) cite exporting to be the primary nature of their business. This number represents 3.2% of the total number of exporting establishments tracked by Foreign Trade Division of the U.S. Commerce Department. Nevertheless, these exporters- in addition to exporters included among the distribution channels previously cited- may be of interest when considering distribution channels previously cited- may be of interest when considering distribution to the international market:
    1.) Wholesale Merchant Exporters of Motor Vehicle Supplies & New Parts (with employees): 278
    2.) Wholesale Merchant Exporters of Transportation Equipment & Supplies (with employees): 280

    Product Summary
    In this summary I will review the distinctive features of the product modification and the needs it will fulfill. The concept of the Motorized Cargo Strap is a motorized cargo strap for securing loads on flatbed trucks and trailers. The weatherproof product would be compromised primarily of a protective housing, cargo strap, two end hooks, a powerful electric motor, rechargeable lithium battery, internal reel and control switches. One end of the product would have a fixed hook for securing onto the edge of the truck or trailer. The opposite end would contain a pull-out strap with end hook to be secured at the opposite side of the vehicle. The flat cargo strap would be wound up on an internal reel that was motor- driven. This motor will be powered by the internal lithium rechargeable battery. The side of the motor housing would contain recessed push-buttons used for operation. There will also be a two-way sensor L.C.D Remote that fits on a key ring that will alert the user if any tension is lost on their load the user can remotely tighten the Motorized Cargo Strap from inside the cab of the vehicle. Of course multiple color coded straps with this feature could be employed, depending upon the size and type of load to be transported. Although this product could be used for restraining small to heavy loads, it would be ideal for the Trucking Industry where cargo straps are commonly used on flatbed trucks and trailers to secure loads. It could be used extensively by contractors, construction firms, delivery services, shipping companies, warehouses,and in industry for securing loads on vehicles.

    Henry E. Williams

  • ****Attn: ANGEL INVESTORS-Great ROI-SHARKS need not apply****
    We are looking for qualified Angels with a minimum investment of $50,000 each with at least a forty eight (48) month commitment. This is a very legitimate Business Model which in essence helps people get back to work and become productive Citizens. If you feel like you may want to look into this further, send us an email with your contact information and or personal email so we may send you a Confidentiality Agreement and discuss this further. SHARKS need not apply, thank you.

  • Last few days in Lithuania was really sad. One young girl were killed by man which had to brought her to her destination. Sadly that she did not reached her homes.

    After this story here in Lithuania were a lot of discusion how we can stop people killing like that above. And I found a business idea which will save people lives.

    I would like to create a firm with loyal drivers. I will create a website and mobile app where everyone, who need to be brought from point A to pint B can find drivers. Why it will be helpful? Because customers will contact straigt to firm, not to drivers. And firm will know who, what and where will be driven.
    If somebody can fund our project, please, write to my e-mail:

  • For investors interested. Very profitable investment (Gold).

    Funding for industrial exploitation of a Gold Mine open pit. Documentation and Business Plan, updated 2014.
    Production capacity: 2.6 tons of gold a year.
    In addition to gold, other minerals, such as platinum.
    Need 15 million to fund production at industrial level.
    Annual profits, calculated at 60 million.

    Shipping Business Plan, only to interested investors.


    A greeting and thanks.

    Bertolí Carvajal.
    Sales Manager Properties
    and Business.
    Canary Islands, Las Palmas, Spain.

  • For investors interested. Very profitable investment (Gold).
    Funding for industrial exploitation of a Gold Mine open pit. Documentation and Business Plan, updated 2014.
    Production capacity: 3 tons per year.
    evidence : NI43 -101 ,F’ty study. famous success company is just beside.
    Need 5 million us$ to fund production at industrial level.
    Annual profits, calculated at 60 million.
    Shipping Business Plan, only to interested investors.
    skype :pilotloe

  • How to find funds for the Start-up for clean, high-efficiency Energy for the future of civilization until all suffocated in an atmosphere of CO2.
    According to the new technology.
    Even if there is no seed money to your prepaid procedures.

  • I’m a experienced entertainment promoter & music concert investor. I’m currently looking for 250K in seed money to fund a unique idea for a Bar/Grill & Live Music Venue, in San Antonio TX, 7th largest city in the US. I currently have a location, a proposal from the property owner, and a unique concept to match. San Antonio is a huge city that’s craving a bigger nightlife and I have the formula to provide what its missing. This is low risk investment, with huge financial potential, and the only venue of its kind. Please allow me to express my concept and im sure you’ll love to be part of a winning investment. / 210-867-3648

    The Solution is a true revolution: Re-inventing the wheel~I have it!
    This is comprised of 7 breakthrough inventions to correct the climate.
    I need a $7 million partner to build them. Can anyone be my partner
    to get this great revolution underway? contact Brian:
    Greetings ,

    I invite your connection. I am an inventor and entrepreneur.
    I have 7 innovative technology solutions to make the world
    a better place. For $7,000,000 to complete the projects,
    1) Amtrak 330mph 2) Fast unsinkable ships 3) Traffic Solution
    4) Energy solution 5) Crashproof Airplanes 6) Jet-O-matic House
    7) Steal-proof credit cards and no bounce checks
    Can you be my investment partner with a 10% deposit up front
    in exchange for 50% ownership of the projects ASAP?

    -Brian Hall

    I have innovative technology and solutions to make the world
    a better place. I need $7,000,000 to complete the projects.I would
    like you to be my partner for 50% ownership. Can you be my partner?
    I would like to start immediately. These are the projects:

    A solution to safe mining to prevent mining accidents
    A solution to deer, car, and people crashes
    A solution to plane crashes
    A solution to the oil , gas, and energy crisis
    A solution to global warming (climate change)
    A solution to nuclear power and nuclear waste
    A solution to online privacy.

    I invite your philanthropic support.
    Let’s make the world a better place.

    email: phone:240-988-0505.

  • I have a great idea about penetrating the retail market and becoming a major competitor. Interested investors please contact me on my email:, no time wasters.

  • I am in Tamale in Ghana West Africa. do I stand any chance of attracting any angel investor since you say they should not be more than one hour drive?

  • St Petarsbsburg State Marine Technological University has developed a unique project, that is a human-powered small DRY submersible, with the operating depth of 30 m and more. It can be used by various marine industrial and technological companies and private users. As according to the preliminary market research, the demand will be at the very least 1 mln units and the selling price will be $ 700 k.
    We are looking for $ 5 mln investments to finidh the prototype testing an set a production.
    We are ready to discuss all possible forms of cooperation and partnership! Thank you!
    maraleksasha@ mail. ru

  • When the last drop of fossil fuel is gone. Our world will still be thriving.

    Inventor Designer Custom Fabricater Auto Technician Electrician. Has a simple invention patent pending. It solves a problem to an unmet need many people have.
    Markup is 300%. After product is launched 35 other products will be developed and hopefully utility patented.

    I have no team. No business plan. But neither did Steve Jobs or Wayne Huizenga. I’d love to find a business savvy entrepreneur / investor / potential mentor to team up with.

    You bring the expertise, capital and work as hard as me and we could build a successful multi product industry distribution and services company.

    All my ideas and services solve problems to unmet or poorly net needs. All have a markup of 300% or greater. All are designed using the Keep it Simple Stupid engineering concept.

    I am not looking tone a multi millionaire. But I would like to donate at least 10% of all my inventions profits to improving Christian Orphanages around the world.

  • Someday when I am successful I hope to lead entrepreneurs to financial freedom through education and investment in their ideas.

    It always amazes me at how many wealthy people and businesses there are that have trillions to invest. Yet, the people who have the money only want to invest in multi billion dollar ideas.

    Coca Cola is known all over the world. Even Warren Buffet recommends that people invest in Coca Cola.

    Sugar and water…..who knew back then that Coca Cola would be a solid investment.?

    The US Government and any real investors should invest in the little ideas. Because somewhere in those small investments lies another 3m or GE or Coca Cola or IBM or Waste Industries.

  • Creative Projects.
    Dear Madam/Dear Sir,
    Most urgent,
    Please send me a receipt confirmation in return.
    Fitiavana transportation Madagascar offers you to invest in the business “Passengers transport and tourists transport services to Madagascar” . We need the necessary capital of about $130,466,162 and an investor for funding the project. My project is good and profitable. We will be able to pay angel investors back their investment PLUS at least five times their investment in cash by year 5 (or 10 times the investment by year 10).
    Please let me know if we can work together and start activities in Madagascar. Let me know if it’s still available and where we can meet.

    Author: Ramisajaona Jean-Luc Olivier – the principal of Fitiavana transportation
    Tel: 261328183544
    Please contact 261325709907 for conference calls in English (contact: Mr Njaka “Assistant General Manager and Translator in Fitiavana transportation Madagascar).
    We are ready to work with you in transparency.
    For more information, please contact me at the phone: 261328183544 or E-mail:
    Thank you for your cooperation.
    Madagascar is an extremely poor place, with some 90 per cent of its population of 23,201,926 (July 2014) people living on less than two dollars a day but we want to change Dear Madam/Dear Sir.
    The primary cause of the humanitarian tragedy (mass immigration of African families in Europe) is the lack of employment, no creations jobs in Africa and to solve these problems, we must help entrepreneurs (which brings a good project) to start these activities because the only way to make them stay in his country is to create jobs.

    Migrants: UN fears hundreds dead in a shipwreck in the Mediterranean
    The sinking of a boat migrants fears 700 deaths in the Mediterranean.

    The sinking of a trawler in charge of migrants off the Libyan coast, the Italian chain RaiNews24 Carlotta Sami, spokesman for HCR in Italy. “One of the greatest tragedies in the Mediterranean Sea”. If the death of 500 people were confirmed, the victims of 2015 would increase to 1,500.

    Let’s work together to stop this humanitarian tragedy. Please help entrepreneur in Africa.
    We solved this problem at source.
    Best regards,
    Fitiavana transportation
    Jean-Luc Olivier Ramisajaona | Chairman & Social Entrepreneur
    Madagascar, Indian/Mahajanga
    Mobile/SMS: 261328183544

  • I am looking for investors to invest in my vegetables processing project,my company will process frozen vegetables and frozen French fries.I am looking for $235 000 to start this project,i am from Swaziland in Southern Africa,please contact me for any interested investors :

  • Here is my Presentation for the INVESTORS/PARTNERS:
    JAMM Transportation is a limited liability transportation company based in Lafayette, Louisiana. JAMM Transportation moves all type of freights in 48 states in United States and Canada.
    JAMM Transportation is offering all freight services including dispatching, truck management, accounting, maintenance, drivers, fuel accounts, 24 hrs GPS truck tracking, Insurance, etc.
     Initial participation package is 5 trucks for $500,000.
     Trucks will be Heavy Duty Trucks, Sleeper, 2012-2014
     Trucks will haul 53’ reefer trailers
     JAMM Transportation will provide the trailer in a lease agreement
     All trucks will be lien free and titles will be 100% under the partners name
     Truck accounting will be available to partners at any time
     Truck location will be available to partners at any time
     Estimated annual return 17%-24% (Partners own 100% of the

  • Contact me via email or Call me at my office 337-205-8923

  • I have over 35 years rxperiance in automotive hot rods and mussel cars I’m looking to start a bussness whare I build kit cars an redo classics I’ve built several hot rods been a mechanic for garages work in on everything from lawn mowers cars trucks. Semis my ideal is to buy old s10 and ranger pickups an I can put 28 to 32 Ford glass body’s on them and for a 10 s put a 34 to 42 will les coupe or truck on them I figure it would cost about 10 to 15 to build and finish but I could sell on e bayor auctions for 20 to 30 thousand dollars I’m a honerable discharged vet I figure my kids are grown an I bhai e been divorced for 15 years I have never been in trouble an don’t do drugs thank you for your time to read this Franklin b wood Jr 937 270.1331

    Mobile: 9433079848
    Entrepreneur journey started in college, year 1995, dream to make it very big and deal IMPOSSIBLE,
    having knowledge as only investment journey is interesting and decisive. Executing milestones orders
    after competing with big giants like Steel Authority of India Limited, Essar Steel Limited, etc made
    our presence felt in big organizations like Railways, Defence, Mines, Infrastructure, etc.
    (ANNEXURE “A”)
    With our skill, products supplied by us was used for Locomotives, first BTFLN wagon, ancillary
    machine worth 500 crore for mines and BEST India’s first exported warship MOPV vessel ‘CGS
    Barracuda’ for Mauritian National Coast Guard commissioned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi was
    built with products supplied by us which was impossible to get, it is national pride which is more of
    Our plan is for business of real money which we use in our daily life. Yes! We ought to setup a unit
    which mint COINS. You have heard right “MINT COINS”, all treasuries in world are buying coins for
    circulation and we want to set up a manufacturing unit for making coins, coins made are from Sheets
    in coil – coins blanks bought by treasuries. Please visit –
    As on today competitors are less and return with investors finance to buy advance technology and
    stock of raw – material will make good returns.
    Demand is increasing day by day in India itself it has tripled in three years from 6000 MT to 18000
    MT (this year).
    Please visit websites of
    India –;;
    Abroad –
    Finance required for Capex and Working capital which makes venture 100% secured and makes
    investor assured, as risk is minimal, as all tangible assets like land, plant and machine, raw – material,
    etc are financed by investor, requirement will be in phases as and when required, first for Capex – land
    and plant and machinery and then for others like working capital and incidental expenses.
    The only risk is moratorium period which may take some time and as such breakeven point may be
    extended and return will start accordingly.
    We propose investor should invest keeping lien all its capital invested and allow us management
    control for day to day functioning and after we repay the investors as per terms agreed ownership
    should be transferred to us, term is open for discussion.
    Getting order will not be hard but it may take some time but the experience to deal IMPOSSIBLE will
    make things easy, further we have been dealing with government so we are better posted.
    Raw – material price fluctuation is to be calculated but Price variation clause will be applicable to
    safeguard fluctuation.
    Worse situation investor risk is limited up to incidental expenses as all other investment is tangible in

  • SMALL AMOUNT BUT GREAT RETURN ON YOU FUNDING>>>Hardworking man tired of working for everyone else wants to start carpet cleaning business. I found a company that is being sold and I need $25,000. I will offer $500 monthly payments for 5 years (8.5%) I also will place all equipment into investors name if they so desire. The business will train me and an employee in the carpet cleaning business as part of the sale. I have 16 years of door-to-door sales experience and have many wonderful ideas on how to expand this market. The end goal is to expand the fleet to 3-5 cleaning vans. Feel free to email me if you are interested.
    928-580-0304 Mat

  • I am looking for an investor who owns 30 million dollars for the acquisition of 49% of a gold mine, located in Equador, there is another mine in solomones islands, request money, 50.1 million dollars, two mines are ready for operation, the money will be for the purchase of mining assets and equipment for extraction, there are also other opportunities, very profitable, we can work together and make good business contact me:

  • Hello i am looking for an investor who can provide start capital for a rough diamonds buying and reselling project.Capital needed is 120000$ andw e can make close to 250000$ to 350000$ in less than 1 month.
    Rough diamond business is not like other business, it is very fast adns ecure too when you deal with professionals.
    so we seek 120000$ for start, we run business in 2 months and can convince investor to put agian about 500000$.
    pls contact for more details

  • My name is John,a.k.a jay cash,I’m the founder of Monibeing music Empire, we have 3 artiste who are internationally talanted.we are seeking equity investment of $300,000 to enable us execute this projects.Pls contact 2348137424812./ think this platform is a great idea.

  • My Name is Michael Williams and I’m trying to find $50,000 to finish a hydrocarbon Super Critical reactor. The reactor followed by vacuum distillation, process’s used motor oil or other low value hydrocarbons and prepares them for distillation into Marine diesel. The unit splits hydrocarbon molecules and turns them into first quality marine diesel fuel The unit is built and tested but we need 50 K for final equipment hook up and insulation. This is an exciting unit that can turn waste products into high quality diesel fuel for easy sale. Super critical extraction is accomplished by adding water to the oil and heating the hydrocarbon, and water under tremendous pressure and temperature. The water becomes super critical and forms a powerful hydrolyzing solvent that cleans the contaminants and reduces the viscosity of the oil into diesel. This adds great economics for upgrading distressed hydrocarbons. Please contact me by phone at 801-380-4868 or email Hope to here from you soon.

  • I want to put up an automatic stone crusher of 50 TPH capacity for which I have own land and Pollution permission near Bhubaneswar,Orissa.Wanted Partner to invest 50 lakhs as margin money for bank loan in progect cost of 2.5 crore with a promise of 15 lakhs monthly profit.

  • November 12, 2015

    Dear Potential Investors

    Hello,If there are any true Angel Investors out there,Am looking to open to a real estate investment firm, also will consider a business partner, am well experienced in business with 20 + years .

    Me and my daughter are looking to launch a new startup real estate investing company, I’m asking for startup capital of $15,000.00 (USA $$$) for building, utilities and employee wages, business formation,also unexpected expenses to start.

    Our company will be called CorphelpInc and will be located in the State of Nevada.

    We live in Alhambra, California but will be seeking investment properties out of state.

    Can you help us get started or lead us to someone who can bring our ideas to life.

    We both have real estate experience myself some 20+ years as a due diligence underwriter and her working in the secondary market teacher lending practices.

    We have been working on our business ideas for over 4 years now and are now ready to work full time.

    Thank You for your time. Sincerely. Don Enrique

    VISION: Within the next three years, we intent to grow CorphelpInc into a $100,000 annual revenue real estate company that specializes in acquiring discounted properties of residential and multi-family real estate.

    MISSION: We source discounted, distressed properties to buy and hold and flip some to real estate investors.

    • First-year revenue $60,000.
    • Achieve profit before tax of $40,000 for the year ending 12/31/16.
    • Obtain relationships with three portfolio lenders with REO inventory.
    • End the year with a buyers list of 500 real estate investors.

    • Build our network and professional relationships within the investor community.
    • Cultivate relationships with REO agents.
    • Obtain access to nationwide MLS and database of cash buyers

    • Attend local REIA meeting each month beginning 1/1/16.
    • Launch buyer and seller websites by 2/15/16.
    • Launch Facebook advertising campaign to build buyers list by 3/1/16.
    • Obtain a nationwide list of REO agents and asset managers by 2/15/6.
    • Contact a minimum of two potential investors per week beginning 1/1/16.
    • Contact a minimum of two REO agents/asset managers per week beginning 2/15/16.
    The vision is to grow the business into a $100,000 annual revenue real estate company within the next three years that specializes in acquiring discount properties of residential and multi-family real estate. Utilizing real estate investor association (REIA) meeting and a wholesaler.

    The objectives are first-year revenue of sixty grand; achieve profit before tax of forty-thousand per year, ending 12/31/2016;

    • do you have a business plan for consideration?

      • Hello Astor, no I do not currently have a business, but if you are serious inerested I can. I do have many years of actual trouble shooting business experience. Please feel free to call mest (626) 975-8422.

  • Looking for an investor for $800,000.00. This would be to buy property and building, make improvements to the building for a nightclub, which would be two type nightclubs.. I have been in the business for 30 years and retired because of my marriage. I made well over a million dollars in this location along and purchase 2 more nightclubs from the profits. After a marriage I was talked into selling everything I owned and retiring. During my marriage I built a home in a Country Club, etc….and then boom…Divorce time, I wasn’t needed anymore. Years have passed and now….. Well I’m back ready to again build the biggest nightclub within a 100 miles of my area. This can be a partnership or a loan. The property and building along is worth about $750,000.00 almost next door to a mall, a busy area. Lets talk and make some $$$$. DB is back!

  • My name is Thomas Brown and I am representing Amy Brown who is the sole owner of M&M Towing. We are a automotive towing company located in Battle Creek, Michigan. We offer tire changing, lockouts, jump starts, fuel delivery, winch outs and local and long distance towing.

    The towing industry is a multi billion dollar industry that has yet to be tapped on a national level by a single company or corporation that owns and operates each location.

    We are going to open 100 locations across Michigan within the next 5 years. We will be the first company in the towing industry to have this many locations.
    This will allow us to provide a service at a low cost that will attract and help all road clubs, insurance company’s, dealerships, repair facility’s, company’s with company owned vehicles and individual motorist.

    We are seeking a loan of $600,000 at 20% apr over a 5 year duration. $15,896.33 per month for 60 months = 953,779.81. This loan will fund 20 locations with 3 trucks at each locations. We will profit from $500 to $3000 per week after expenses, per location.

    If you are interested, please email me with contact information, at

  • Hi am felix from South Africa i have an idea that can produce billions of dollars to any individual or company that invest in my idea.I have an idea to eradicate hiv and Aids out from the world entirely.Please get back to me if you can invest in the project we meet in person.Thank you.

  • I have a small scale minning project that needs funding I am seeking 50000dollars I have 30 years experience and have the ability to make this a profitable business

  • Our Company has designed and developed a mobile software application that will enable artists, galleries, managers, distributors and collectors to publish, promote and transact the sale of works of fine and commercial art in the form of paintings, sculptures, prints, digital files, music and other media. The Company’s plan is to match sellers of Art Objects with buyers of Art Objects and to provide the Art Market with a database of Art Objects presented in a mobile app by city, gallery, artist, genre, price and other categorizations.
    The global fine art market in 2014 had a value of $53.7 billion with the online art market having a value of $2.6 billion. Leaving Artistic Ventures to far surpass these numbers.
    The Company’s strategy to integrate art commerce with mobile technology is inspired by industry predictions that by 2017 mobile apps will be downloaded more than 268 billion times, generating revenue of more than $77 billion and making apps one of the most popular computing tools for users across the globe.
    Normally only the most prominent venture capitalists and celebrities can access pre- IPO shares. We  have a limited number of preferred pre- IPO shares. If you are looking for a double or triple, this opportunity may potentially yield such returns. 

    A, These preferred pre- IPO shares will be at a discount to expected public share price . 

    B, As a preferred shareholder you can never be subject to  reverse splits or dilution. 

    C, For every 1 preferred pre- IPO share you purchase it’s equal to 5‎ public common shares. 

    If you would like to learn more about our company and this potential opportunity please contact me below.

  • We just start creating our new product facial creamy cleansers. We need assistance in both finance and management to get the product off the ground & into the market stream. Please let us know if you can assist. Thanks


  • Hello my name is Steve Muma…I am making this call for any one who is wishing to invest in hostel development within my country…A project started by my father but due to financial constraints the project is temporary paused. my contact is +254719368387

  • Please help me! I need a loan.

  • Seeking a $300K secured by land I owe in Central California. Will be a 2nd. t.d. to a $100K 1st. T.D. Estimated property value at $3 million.
    Difficult is loan request is on my signature only. Property vested in tenants in commons.
    Additional information can be requested via email.

  • British Company seeking $10M USD for a packaged Investment over 5 years maximum. Email for information:

  • My name is Gracye Reed, My story hasn’t changed much just trying to help myself and the disabled here in the United States and maybe the world when the time comes, you’ll see things a little clearly and a different way. all we need is an of investor or another disabled investor person that might see what I see and willing to help. I’ve had cerebral palsy since birth. I was on my feet walking as good or bad as it was. When later on in my 13th year, I had a surgery that put me in a wheelchair full time. The last surgery I had kind of put me in this position, for being in a wheelchair and getting around. I can walk, only for short distances. I’m going through the same things other disabled people go through, everyday. However, that does not define me. My passion to help the disabled community defines who I am. I am a very outgoing person with a desire to fight for the rights of all the disabled. I am compassionate toward people who strive to be happy, to yearn to get out of the misery that is their reality. I would like to prove to the world that the disabled community have so much to offer in life.
    People tell me; that these three things should and would work for me and help me with this. All I’m asking is to give some of us the help we need to do what we have to do in our life’s. That way we can help those, that are having the same problem and we can help ourselves. Banks and others like them don’t give us a second look because we don’t have nothing to give for collateral. How can we give something that we don’t have ore get.
    Please read all of this! I’ve been in a wheelchair for over 29 years. I am 44 years old. (Can I ask you a question; if you, your wife or someone in your life had to go for a vacation and little fun; or finding somewhere to work. And one of you or the both of you were in wheelchairs, walkers or canes and there no place for you to go! What would you do?)
    Let me tell you more about what I’m trying to do and who this is for! This retreat will have benefits for ALL the disabled. This place is also going green throughout the whole retreat, recycling water, recycling energy and recycling cans, paper and glass and much more. The outlook of the retreat as well as the drawing and signs, which I have all of them.
    Employment: This retreat will bring a lot of job opportunities for many people in different ways, if you are disabled or not disabled. I strongly encourage the disabled people to work at this retreat and others that may open.
    Example: cooks, waiters, waitresses, housekeepers, therapists and so much more.
    The Retreat: Wheeling Comforts bed and breakfast retreat includes; a rode Iron Gate that will be around the whole retreat, recycling Center, R-V parking lot, There’s a park named “Victory Park ” one side for us and another for a Celebrity wing. It also includes a guest parking lots, vegetable garden and fruit trees. Then you have the Petty James Reeds Banquet /Conference/Faculty Hall. Wheeling Comforts has a pool and hot tub, men’s and women’s restrooms and “The Cage”, which is the place to have weddings and parties etc. The front of the retreat is a yard. There will be various electrical outlets in the brick fence around yard and house. You have in the house, dining rooms and kitchens and all of the other places where events can be held! There is a large size house, within the house there is a living room, laundry rooms, dining room, kitchen, hall-ways; Pantry & Linen closets, bedrooms & bathrooms. The rooms are named after “stones of the earth”. On the back side of the main house are more various electrical outs and Side-walks that lead you in many directions. One of the ways goes to the day-care, laundry rooms, and staff rooms. In the Courtyard, there are ten rooms. In the middle of the ten rooms, you have the Courtyards. Then you come to the gates of the celebrity wing, and they can have the same fun, with their own privacy as well. In there is a kitchen, dining room, day care, a small park, storage, laundry rooms, the other side of the retreat, and the celebrity wing parking lot. On both sides of the retreat, on the outside gates there are a dog runs and above that a cat runs. On the outer outside wall, on the other side of the Celebrity wing is the gift shop, salon and Medical center.
    Example: There will be special equipment for the disabled people so they can get in and out of the pools, bathtubs and bed; as well as having special vehicles with lifts and ramps etc for all guest and employees.
    Medical and Therapy center: There is a Medical center for any type of emergency or medical needs, for all staff and customers, until the paramedics arrive. A therapy on call for your therapy needs. A psychiatrist, there on call for those needing that back up in life. You also have on the outside wall, a salon and gift shop-Medical supply, everything within this place has the A-D-A requirements.
    There are many places to hold special events and parties like (1) both sides of Victory Park (2) The Cage, (3) The Petty James Reed Banquet/Conference/ hall. (4) Pool and Hot Tub Areas (5) Courtyard (6) Celebrity wing, only Celebrities here. In all of these places, you will be able to hear music from the stereo systems; we will also be able to break off or change the music in many ways and areas around the retreat as needed. So we can have many events at the same time. I would love to give us, the disabled a place of our own. A place to come and have some fun (if needed and a place to work.) We have Know comfortable place to do anything like this!!!! It will be the first. I’m also have my none-profit, Willing Comforts Centers INC. With this I’ll be able to give to the ones that feel the world has forgotten them. With the both of these will be working together, I’ll be able to do a little more, also both of these have been patent. So if you can help us, we would greatly appreciate it; and can help the disabled community get back into the world and give them a little place to call their own!
    Background and passion: My background might be a little different than most people, I have learned to overcome obstacles that would tear most people down. I have gone to many places that say they are for ADA or handicapped accessible. I have gone to hotels that say they are handicapped accessible and ready but they’re not. The rooms are not the right size and the bathrooms aren’t either. Outside of the rooms, you have recreational areas that are not adapted for us, pools in which the steps are too steep or are not wide enough to get a good footing. They have no handrails to help you get in or out. Inside the rooms, it is too narrow. The beds are in a weird position for a wheelchair to make it in to the room comfortably. The dining area is either too small for more than two wheelchairs, or the tables are too small for the chairs that fit under comfortably.
    My passion is to create a place where none of this is a problem. Ideally, the rooms and the bathrooms would be a lot larger. You could get in and out of bed without a problem, and in and out of the bathtub or shower with no problem. You can take part in all sports, parties and events without running into walls. You can also work here without someone looking down on you, looking at you in a weird way, but just looking at you with no problem.
    Serving Who? This place is designed to serve any individual who would like to play a part in it, however, I am looking to make a place that the disabled community could call their own. Our goal is to get the disabled to work with, communicate with, and interact with the able body community as much as possible. I want to show the world that we have more potential than they are giving us credit for. Describe the target consumer and discuss why there is a need. Asked questions to people that want to use the facility for weddings and events a short story about their needs.
    The target consumer would be the disabled community to provide them with a fine place to interact with one another since there are not many places currently available. I asked a friend by the name of Laura Chavez, to share a short story about her needs. In a typical wedding the bride and the groom stand beside the pastor at the altar, but being that I am in a wheelchair this has become nearly impossible since most altars have staircases rather than ramps. My other option was to have the pastor come down to my level, instead of standing at the altar, but being down low will not allow all of my guests to see the ceremony. As a bride I would like to be seen and not just heard.
    I would also like to accommodate my guests, many of which are in wheelchairs like myself. Because the benches are too close together, it makes it difficult to seat those of us who are in wheelchairs. They would have to place their wheelchair in the isles, where aside from having horrible seats, they would potentially be a safety hazard. I would like a place that would enable those guests to have a good seat and enjoy the wedding. The majority of the venues and churches I have looked into only have 1, maybe 2 disabled stalls in the restroom. The sinks are too high and there are not enough sinks provided.
    Tanya Goodenberg shared a story about her class reunion. She stated:
    I went to my class reunion, where the restrooms were outrageously far, they were a good wheel away. After I got there, trying to get my wheelchair through the door was a hassle. Once I got in, the handicapped stall was not large enough for the wheelchair to fit in. So I was forced to do my business with the door wide open. After I got done, to turn around and wash my hands I had a very difficult time because the sinks were right on top of me. I had a group of women waiting to get in to use the stalls beside the handicapped stall, but they could not come in because the wheelchair was in the way. The long track back to the party, going up to the bar, the bartender couldn’t see me and I couldn’t see him. A good friend of mine was our intermediate on ordering our food and drinks. I wish that I had a place like the one that Gracye has come up with that way I would have had no problems with the facility.
    (Answer me this?) People tell you, that you have help out here in this world. And you can’t find them out there! They say, being handicapped doors should open for you. Where is the help and where is that opened door or that door to knock on for that help?) I would love it if the TV show; Extreme Home Make Over, could or would give us the helping hand we need for this. This place needs funding for this project. This project will help all disabled and non-disabled with a work. All investors that sees this project; I would love it to talk to you and get your input and maybe your investment help.
    Why is the disabled community looked over. Why is it when a disabled person have something they have to do there’s no help, nobody willing give it to us, and doors slammed in our faces. Please help the disabled community with this special project-program with some of your financial help, we can. Help those who need jobs, those that are handicapped and want to
    work and those that just need a place like this to relax, and have some fun and just want to get away in life. If you will help us out on this year! You and I can answer the prayers of those that need help! HELP US PLEASE!!!!!!!

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  • Hi my name is Ahmed Ihusaan Jaufar.
    I am from maldives. I have a big land which is 10000 acres which i want to build a 7 star hotel in maldives.i want to give our tourist the enjoyable place they want and privacy.

    Thank you for your precious time to read my comment

  • Hello.My name is Fatmata Fornah.
    I am the CEO of Fand J Egg Farm
    Am seeking a grant of $50,000
    to start my poultry business

  • Hello my name is Neshtar…I am making this call for any one who is wishing to invest on a business which could bring a good returns in a short period of time. in our country. For more details. Please mail me.

  • Need $250,000.00 to obtain a business loan worth 50 MUSD to purchase hotel in Cancun Mexico. Contact me at +52 9982206016

  • hello im alfares i have the idea of an app in mind the designing and the marketing is all on me all what i need is a loan or a partner i just need 8 to 10 k USD themoney is back guaranteed from the first month of the app starting and the idea of the app is really creative and simple
    please contact me for further details on whats app +965 51046089 or on email

  • My name is Jordan I want to start and trash and recycle company two bids are available with a potential 35 million in gross revenue over 10 years. performance bond needed 4 months working capital. And initial investment of 850,000. I have 7 years experience in the trash business, I also have a financial economics degree and if anyone understands the economics of trash and recycling is the supply is infinite and demand is infinite. Money available hand over fist with proper financing. Did i mention recession proof every day millions of americans put there trash out countless business do the same and every day the trash companies come by and pick it up the pie is big enough to get and nice cut grow your company for 12 years and sell or keep the cash cow rolling.

  • I’m Rahim Muhammad CEO with A1Profootball League, LLC. We’re a professional developmental football league. We are looking for working capital ($150,000.00). A1Pro has a major investor on board. For additional information please feel free to contact me.

    Thank you.

  • We are six hard working people and only need 175k. We already have been doing all we do for years but now we have to have our own place. We pay rent if 1500 a month and can buy our place of business and living. But we need the help for the 175 k. Is there anyone in Canada that would truly help us ??? 519 291 7449

  • Solid investment opportunities and joint venture openings , we have available $50.000.000 ( Fifty Million United States

    Dollars ) Cash ready for investment in mind we are not focused on big investments only we are looking for both big and

    small opportunities since we believe in long term partnership we are open to receive proposals from any business or

    company owners mostly running businesses which need additional capital for expansion will be of added advantage to

    us since we want to gradually invest from $1-$50Million United States Dollars or even less so in mind we are looking for

    openings in the following countries : United Arab Emirates , Qatar , Bahrain , Oman , Saudi Arabia , Afghanistan , Iran ,

    Turkey , Brunei , Singapore , India , all of West and central Europe , Latin America , USA , Canada, Russia,

    Turkmenistan etc so we are looking for opening in the following fields of investment :
    1.Business Investment Opportunities in Dubai Construction Industry.
    2. Oil and gas
    3. Financial services
    4. Foods and snacks
    5. Healthcare
    6. Security
    7. Transport
    8. Environment
    9. Tourism
    10. Energy
    11. Hotels and hotel Apartments
    12.Commercial Villas
    13.Jewelry Making and Retailing
    14. Specialty Schools
    15.Childcare Facilities
    16 Travel Agency
    17. Real Estate
    18. Multi-Level Marketing –
    19.Restaurants and coffee Shops
    21.Car Rental
    22.Car sales
    So these are a short list of business opportunities we can invest in any more proposals are of added advantage .
    N/B We need direct business owners no middle men no brokers send your business proposals and target amount

    directly to our email below and also you should be able to provide at least 10% Of the required Start up capital

    ( )
    Waiting for your inquiries and business proposals .
    Mr Titus

  • Miami Beach based company looking for a $5M – $12M investment.
    “CLUB TROPIGALA” world famous latin theme supper nightclub re-opening @ ex Playboy Plaza (5445 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach) 1mile N of previous location (18 yrs @ Fountain-blue Hotel), area in Miami Beach considered some of the hottest real state in the USA.
    Business & Buildout Plans ready for presentation; conservative detailed 5yr projections of $60M+ EDBITA.
    Capital utilization: purchase & remodel the 21,000 SF property.
    11 yr lease in place, $15,500 pm (includes all but gas).
    5 yr purchase option @ $5M ($2M down, $3M financed @ 6%, 30yr amortization, 7yr balloon) – property appraised at $10.2M in July 2016.
    Looking for equity / loan investment.
    Enrique A. “Henry” Ramos
    1 (305) 582-3150

  • My name is Ferry/Djing and I am looking for an investor or business partner. As of right now I am still in the start up stage and looking for $150,000-$200,000 in exchange of equity.

    quick summary of my idea:
    it is a mobile app that is free to download. It’s really the fun and simple the way I see it, and it will help a lot of people happy with this app. My main goal is to help people get financial help, with either paying bills or student loans. I have everything planned out already, all I need is the funding to create the app, and advertising.

    To see the full proposal, please email me

    This idea is currently not on the market and it would be amazing if someone is willing to work with me and making this idea into reality.

  • Hello all, I am a local truck driver based in Illinois who knows the industry well. I am looking to start up my own LLC and need an investor to help me purchase a truck and trailer to get the wheels turning and the revenue growth going. I am projecting roughly $130,000 total for startup, including the first month of overhead

  • My name is Timothy Easton and I am the owner of Castle Defense 360 Security Consulting and Protection Services, LLC, based in Lebanon, Missouri. We are a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. We have a capabilities statement and resumes to provide upon request. We have a LinkedIn company page as well as a personal profile. We are seeking working capital for operating, marketing and payroll expenses(hire someone to do admin work).We also have product ideas that are currently at a standstill due to lack of funding to move forwrd. We are only seeking $30,000.

    We are registered to bid on all federal government contracts as well as State government contracts in 15 different states but we will go where we are needed and requested. With your support, I know my company will grow and become an integral part of our nation’s security.

    We cannot do it alone, we cannot succeed alone, everyone needs help at some point and deserves the opportunity to prove themselves but without someone giving that opportunity, it is almost impossible

    With the ever evolving threats and recent increase in terrorist and criminal activity, the safety and security of our nation and its citizens is in jeopardy. We are dedicated to doing our part in protecting our freedoms and our way of life.

    The company was established due in part to the increase in criminal and terrorist activity. We believe in the absolute essential need for security solutions that provide services far beyond the traditional security guard and other security related service. We provide a service that is rare in the industry, full spectrum solutions that provide protection using a 360-degree approach, protecting you from the street and beyond.

    We only employ top quality and knowledgeable security professionals who are highly trained, dedicated and passionate to do their part in the defense of our nation and its citizens. Nobody is exempt from crime and terrorism and there is an inherent need for the types of services that we provide. Our team of professional and dedicated security specialists are highly trained in a variety of skill sets from military and law enforcement backgrounds. We know the value of discretion, determination, dedication and customer satisfaction. Client safety and security is our top priority and we work with this mindset in every aspect of our duties.

    Our security solutions are in depth, relevant to current threats and are cost efficient. All of our services are available to residential and commercial clientele as well as Federal, Local and State government agencies with key focus on infrastructure related businesses and agencies.

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