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Creative Financing for Your Startup

Raising Seed and Startup Capital From Angel Investors

Who are angel investors?

They are typically entrepreneurs themselves. Angel investors differ from venture capitalists in that they are investing their own hard-earned money into your company rather than that of institutional investors. They usually invest in the range of $25,000 to $250,000.

Here is some important advice if you are pursuing angel investors. Don’t waste your time chasing investors more than an hour’s drive from where your company is situated. Both angel and venture capital investing are face-to-face relationships. If something starts to go wrong at an investment, the investor wants to be able to reach it in no more than an hour’s car commute. They do not want to have to jump aboard a plane to hold an impromptu meeting with management team.

It never ceases to amaze me how many first time capital seekers waste money couriering business plans overnight to a party on the opposite coast after the briefest of telephone or email conversations. They are then shocked to discover that even small deals require multiple face-to-face meetings which they cannot afford.

How to Close the Deal With Your Angel Investor

How to Raise Seed and Startup Capital From Angel Investors

Here are some additional articles with valuable tips and advice on how to find, approach, and deal with angel investors.

How Not to Approach Angel Investors Read this first. Don’t make these money raising mistakes when seeking seed or statup capital.

Angel Investor Networks Across the Country Comprehensive listing of angel investor groups and networks which provide seed, startup, and growth capital.

18 Responses to Angel Investors

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  • Seeking a $10 million dollar investor(s) for a six-year project that involves the publishing of art and ancillary products from the most renowned artists from every country of the world and the construction of the world’s first global Peace Monument and Cultural Centre.

    Every aspect of the project has been successfully tested and, if those interested would like a conversation with the co-founder of the project, please contact Ed Solomon at 1.949.295.5894.

    We are proposing that within the six-year period, the return of the $10 million original investment and $50 million ROI.

  • We are a used car dealership on a busy highway seeking to expand our inventory. We can provide very reasonable 10% interest on 3 year investment, or this could be worked out to monthly payments. Call (864)-847-5140.

  • Me and my son who just finished his degree in computer support and repair are looking to start up a joint business. We live in Dunkirk Indiana. At one time Dunkirk was a booming community. We want to bring it back. He wants to start a computer repair shop and I want to open a donut and pastry shop/café with wifi availability. Eventually we want to also open a animal rescue and transport business as well. In Jay County we have two but one is a kill shelter. We have amazing ideas for the rescue as well that we can take to other counties in our state. The issue is capital for our start up venture. Can you help us get started or lead us to someone who can bring our ideas to life. Thank You for your time. Sincerely The Nickols.

  • Hello, If there are any true Angel Investors out there I beg you to take a look at my organization Mystic Rose Social Service. Eight years of serving communities in the state the business resides in as well as others, my census of serving individuals and families has now reach over 7000 and rapidly increase due to these hard economic times. I have invested in individuals keeping there homes to putting homeless in homes, providing food, clothing, volunteer services, paying for individuals to see doctors, elderly care and these just name a few. Mystic Rose Social Services mission is to enhance the lives of those it serves by meeting the comprehensive needs of individuals, families, and the community through a partnership of programs that provides accessible education and health and human services of the highest quality. We have serve others as our mission states to the highest quality. I have never receive a government grant or ask for donations because I am able to work and make money by selling Insurance, grant writing, consultations, business plans, as well as social workers contracting out. This is how I have been able to maintain good community resources and giving back to the communities I have even put up my own vehicle and house to get the money to keep someone else from starving and been homeless. I am not here to tell a sad story but I really need an investor. I have proven paperwork or you can just Google the company’s name, it will be the proof needed. I started this business on my front porch August 8, 2008 in the first three months I was serving over 500 families. On August 21, 2013 I was told buy the property owner Mystic Rose address you have until the 23 to get our things and get out of my building. I was 1 month behind and was not giving a writing notice. I was out of the building on the 23 with no where for the Agency to go. All I am asking is for an Angel to Invest in our organization a facility. We work very hard and we just receive a contract with Texas Health & Human Service that if we don’t get help soon we will loose it. The reasons rent was not paid is because we do not receive nothing but the money I work for, I have been carrying this Agency off of my income that I earn and my husband income that is giving to me to support my own household. Well I do know that if God willing it will only be an Angel that will come to our aid. Thanks

    • Do not invest a penny with Lanettia Littleton she is thief and con woman who has conned many investors and people in need out of their money! all under the guise of a state agency that is supposed to help the needy run for hills!! Her license should be revoked and she should be in jail she even ripped off her staff in Corsicana.

  • My name is salim from tanzania, our company called STEEL INTERNATIONAL LTD from TANZANIA (east africa).Our company deals with export of metal scraps. Right now we have the project in angola which involve more than 150,000 mt. we are looking for the investors who we can work together since this project a huge amount of money around 5 million us dollars, also we are looking for the buyers who are ready to provide advance payment so that we can supply him whatever he wants that means if you are the buyer of metal scrap( hms 1&2,used rail) we can sign the contract of supplying you 50,000 mt of our product, then u pay advance payment of 3 million us dollar as advance payment and then the remain balance u will pay us after the deal is done,

    the buyer and his representatives are welcome to visit the work place when the operation is going on, for now we have not yet started the project, waiting for any serious buyer who can pay advance as i suggested or investors who can give us capital for this investment and he will get 15% ROI annually, we can supply 100,000 mt can see the attached above and u will see our project plan,company profile,some photos of metal scrap and the ship which we want to cut it down as scrap metal.

    im waiting for any question or suggestion from any serious buyer or investors who are ready to work with us.


  • Our company is called Westin Green Agri Product. We are based in Cape Town, South Africa. We are seeking
    investor(s) for our poultry project which comes with an abattoir. The poultry farm which grows 360 000 chickens per cycle, will be sold to us with a contract in place. the project will immediately create jobs for 360 people.We are seeking $7 million dollars to start our project and are open to discuss the terms and condition. cell no. +27834339424

  • Hello, we are in need of startup capital to launch an exciting new fashion line for Latinas aged 18 to 29. Our business plan asks for $1 million dollars.

  • Can you really help us? We are seeking $250,000 in startup capital to launch a new social media platform for aspiring artistes! We really need help. 212 345-2876

  • Dear Jesus, we pray that you deliver unto us some mighty needed startup capital for our new bible camp which will open in the summer of 2014.

    We know that you won’t let us down.

    Deliver our cash to

  • Great money making possibility in downtown Orlando FL. Building, furniture, and inventory included they are asking $399.999.99

    Reported revenue is $1,310,010.00 
    cash flow of $410,000.00 

    Nightclub has several lounges/private booths/dance floors/stages and bars.

    This nightclub is 5 years existing. As of now they are only open 10pm-2am Thursday, Friday, Saturday. .. There is lots of room for hours and added days for operation. Looking at possible double income. Will pay back startup capital on agreed time plus %. Option for partners when startup is paid off. Nightclub currently has 27 employees. I will bring in 4 of my closest friends that have years of nightclub exp, also prior military. Security/Bartender/DJ/Bookkeeping.
    I do have a business plan of detailed expenses if contacted. 

    Existing owner will train and make familiar to the business.

     I’m asking for angel investor for startup capital of $550,000.00 for building, utilities and employee wages, also unexpected expenses to start. 

    I have experience in the nightclub scene from Barbacks-Management. 1 year barbacks/1 year security/2 years bartender/ 1 year manager. I have 3 years exp as customer service manager also. I’m a former Law Enforcement Officer, also prior military. I am in college for business management and will continue to seek degree. I currently reside in Wyoming but will relocate immediately.

    Thank you for your time. 
    Dilworth Luken

  • My partner and me is looking for some seed startup capital and was wondering if you can help us.

  • new power assist technology enhances the output of any energy source looking for partners

  • hello, i m looking for angel investor or venture capitalist for my project Waste Tyres to Fuel Oil which will be sell to various industry like cement,ceramics,glass,power plant factory etc.and this oil also can be conerted to diesel .Is there any one to interest about this ? please send me mail at

  • Would like to receive seed funding for and existing funeral home .Would like a cash injection between 500k to 600k.This can be broken down between two investors. Can do 12% return over five years with principle and interest at end of term.I am a 100% disabled vet. Hold current embalming and funeral directors license in two states. North Carolina and Georgia. Started embalming at the age of nine. Tours of duty Vietnam and Iraq. Retired from U.S. Postal Service in 1998 with 20 yrs. of service due to my disability. Severe frost bite acquired in Germany tour of duty.I’ve chased my dream for over fourty-five years , but GOD and the Holy Spirit will not let me give up.My grand daddy taught me early in life, “Its not the size of the dog, but the fight in that dog “.

  • I am seeking a Private investor to invest $20K USD for the purchase of 10 Ounces of AU Dore Bar/ Gold Nuggets. This amount is for testing and confirmation of the product. The investment covers cost of product, Gov. Export tax, insurance, air freight, round trip ticket for one person the seller to fly from Liberia to USA to meet with buyer in Maryland, USA. At that time, they will be ready for the table top meeting, ground transportation local in USA, customs Broker’s Fee in USA, & Hotel Expense for 5 days. Investors rate of return on this deal is estimated at 1% of $1 million a month ($10k). The Investors payment is secured through the buyers SBLC (Stand-by Letter of Credit). The buyer has signed the Letter of Intent (LOI) as I have attached to purchase the first 10 ounces of AU Dore Bar. The buyer can commit to purchasing $1 million USD of Gold on a monthly basis from the seller. This will be a one time investment. The buyer will issue a Standby Letter of Credit from a top rated bank in the United States. The SBLC Stand By Letter of Credit will be Irrevocable & Confirmed.

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