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  • Lucrative Real Estate business and Tourism Industry beckons foreign investors from the U.S, U.K, and other European Countries to invest in a fast emerging metropolitan city like Kochi, Kerala, INDIA.. The Govt of India has opened the doors to the extent of 100% FDI … as far as Tourism , Real Estate and other lucrative joint ventures are concerned.. We possess a 5 billion USD Market base in this booming metropolitan city..

    Even the IT industry is doing brisk business at Kochi with all the Global Giants like the Microsoft, HP, Oracle IBM etc focussing their attention on this emerging metro …
    Kindly contact GEORGE MAMPILLI — email –

  • I am a young entrepreneur from west Africa, republic of Angola. I am seeking a partner to invest 2 million dollars on onshare Oil business.The investor will earn more than fifty percent of all earnings and royalties steming from the oilexplloitation

  • I am seeking an angel investor to build out this project.

  • I am seeking an angel investor to fund the build out of this project.

  • I seek cooperation for the establishment of an affiliate in Nigeria, West Africa for the production of Dimension Stones; Blocks, Slabs, Tiles and Cut-to-size.

    We own one of the most precious and beautiful Granite Pearls in the world. It exists as a hill on more than 2.5 kilometer spread. However, we are only able to license 1.8km of these pending income from production. There are other such Deposits awaiting my acquisition as our financial situation improves.

    The Business Plan is subject to your rectification as your choice Equipment and Management should replace the envisaged. se.


    The expected annual turnover is between $20m-$25m USD The Building industry here in West Africa is very dynamic and the demand for Granite Tiles is unprecedented, ranging from a minimum of 1450000 Square Meters monthly.
    The current source for this market is China, Europe (Italy and Spain) and India. There is high cost of shipping and other logistics expenses; hence the price of a 1sq meter by 1cm Tile of same quality is approximately $100 USD here. With local production of our high value Tiles and Slabs, we will reduce the market price by more than 50% and still remain competitive due to the absence of shipping and other importation related expenses.
    This Rock is actually covered by Granite which becomes more precious as you dig into the Rock surface. There are more exotic minerals and precious stones. The Quarry Lease is renewable every 5 years.

    I have added Equipment as the Excavator to enable us tap other Minerals, precious and semi-precious, as Tantalite, Quartz, Dolomite and so many others within the community. This will help us break even and pay back all loans within 50% of time stipulated as expected break-even- period as a lot more money will be made from these.

    There are internal funds sourcing opportunities through Government owned Bank of Industry and the IFC, however, they require at least a 30% project completion status or best of all merger with an Operating Partner. This will be the first truly Tiles manufacturing Plant in Nigeria. The highest others ever done is import Slabs which they cut to size. If you set up the Bloc production aspect of the Quarry, we will readily get funding to bring in Slabs, Tiles and Cut to size Equipment from the Bank of Industry here.

    We have discussed with NOAT of Italy for the Blocks and Slabs Cutting and Polishing Equipment. However, you might have a preferred Chinese Company to nominate or bring along for that aspect of Finishing.

    The Federal Government of Nigeria is exploiting avenues of Solid Mineral Industry development; hence we are confident of support and Industrial incentives from Government.
    Also, there are a lot of Government incentives to promote the Industry in the form of Tax Holidays, Free import duty on Equipment and subsidized Military and Police Guards for Expatriate staffs.

    There are so many reputable Whole Sale Buyers of Slabs and Tiles already applying to take our products.

    Thank you.

    11C Osunyemi Close,
    Off Ogundele Street,
    TEL: +234-809-800-0663
    CELL: +234-803-3256371

    Yahoo Messenger: a_dako
    Skype: Ahammadu

  • For the first, I would like to introduce my self. My name is Irwan Kurniadi, 43 years old, Male, married, has not been had any children, and still been working at private company in Jakarta – Indonesia.
    I got information by posting from Google about how to find the investor and I found your blogger which was offered funding with low interest rate ( 3% less) or share benefit (percentage) as an angel investor for build / start up a business.
    Therefore, with humility I hereby apply for funds from you to startup my business plan.
    The business that I’ve planned to build is supply a materials of corrosion protection for jetty’s steel pile, beside supply I also apply the material on pier to prevent the corrosion.
    As we known that Indonesia is an archipelago country which was had many harbor as sea transportation port for trading, sea passenger transportation, navy, etc. So then, it should be need an appropriate maintenance for keeping the operational life time of the harbors. because the corrosion can be causing a damage and shorten the operational life time the jetty.
    Until today, I have collected data from some damage of the dock to be repaired and I have received a request to repair some of the dock, and I also has estimated the price (supply and apply) and I ensure the business will give 20% profit for us from fixing any dock.

    To make this happen, I have to build some sort of company for office and workshop and certainly needs funding. Therefore, I request the loan of $ 500,000 USD from you as the initial capital to run the business as well as for the purchase of materials and wages application.
    I will pay the loan installments for 10 years with mild interest as you specify.
    As references, I hereby submit my bio data, as follows:

    Full name : IRWAN KURNIADI
    Address : Jl. Kol. Pranoto no. 18 C, RT. 07 RW. 05 kel. Tugu, Kec. Cimanggis
    City : Depok
    Province : West Java
    Country : Indonesia
    Post Code : 16451
    Sex : Male
    Marital Status : Married
    Occupation : Private employee
    Position : Product Sales Supervisor
    ID no. : 1674012702730006
    Telephone : +62 812 8047 6686
    Loan amount : $ 500.000
    Loan period : 10 years

    For more information and discussions about business plans, please call me on my phone number above or my email address.
    Thus the loan application I sent to you, and I sincerely hope that your generosity can provide this plea, finally I am very indebted to you and I am waiting for a good response.
    (I would be glad to meet you and will show my business plan if you really want to help the funds to me)

    Sincerely yours,

    Irwan Kurniadi
    +62 812 8047 6686

  • My name is Antons Matjuks. I am 27 years old from Latvia. I need a startup loan of 40.000€ for an investing project. Mail me if there is someone interested at i am ready to give the loan back within 2 years with an interest rate of 25%

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