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This is hilarious.  It’s a compilation of all the annoying phrases and buzzwords entrepreneurs over-use. An all-too common problem with being an entrepreneur is that after a while you begin to believe your own bullshit. This is especially true of those involved in pitching investors for money.

One Response to Sh*t Entrepreneurs Say

  • I am an entrepreneur
    I am a serial entrepreneur
    I am hiring rockstars
    I am also hiring ninjas
    I am raising a round
    I have enough runway to hire more ninjas
    I think success is all about who you hire
    I think failure is important
    I only hire people who have failed once before

    I am pivoting into something more local

    I am pivoting into something more social

    I am pivoting into something more mobile

    I am looking for seed funding for my new company

    I am a serial entrepreneur

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