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Creative Financing for Your Startup

Here’s a joke that like all good jokes contains a kernel of truth in it. When you are starting out and resources are scarce you need to compensate with resourcefulness.

This is How Business Works

Deal-maker Dad: Son, I want you to marry the girl of my choice.

Son: No way, Jose!

Deal-maker Dad: The girl is Bill Gate’s daughter.

Son: Okay, I’m in.

Deal-maker Dad goes to talk to Bill Gates.

Deal-maker Dad: I want your daughter to marry my son.

Bill Gates: No way, Jose!

Deal-maker Dad: My son is the CEO of the World Bank.

Bill Gates: Okay, she’s in.

Deal-maker Dad goes to see the chairman of the World Bank.

Deal-maker Dad: I want you to appoint my son the new CEO.

Chairman: No way, Jose!

Deal-maker Dad: He’s the son-in-law of Bill Gates.

Chairman: Done!

And that’s how deal-makers and real entrepreneurs do business.


All great entrepreneurs understand how to push emotional buttons so as to motivate people into lending their cooperation and support.

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