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Mark Zuckerberg has one basic growth strategy that he recycles over and over and it’s worked marvelously well so far.

It works like this.

Step 1. You get stuff from suckers without paying for it.

Step 2. You then sell that free stuff to make a profit.

So far he has made money having users create content for free and then data mining it for resale to advertisers and lord only knows who else. The Facebook spin-offs launched by alums use the same model. You create the content for free and they get rich off it.

What a deal!

The latest news about National Geographic dropping Instagram just rams this point home about the Facebook business model. If you ever wondered why Facebook acquired the company now you know. The cat is out of the bag. The plan all along was to take your photos for free and then sell them. It takes incredible chutzpah to do something like this.

When National Geographic heard the announcement it killed its Instagram account. Let’s hope more businesses and individuals do as well.

The Instagram Effect: National Geographic Suspends Its Popular Account

Instagram’s revamped terms and conditions, which seemed to say Instagram and/or its parent company, Facebook, could sell your images for profit and not give you a penny, have upset many folks online. And though Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom has had to react and has promised this won’t happen, at least one big publisher isn’t buying it: National Geographic, which has a prominent Instagram page, says it’s “suspending new posts to Instagram” and may leave. (Source)

Facebook is the Internet version of the TSA. It’s an entity without any respect for its users and only committed to metastasizing across the world like a cancer.


4 Responses to Facebook Gets Smacked for Instagram Scam

  • Yes,
    FB is a cancer that thrives on killing the organism that affected.
    Zuck lives like cancer. Why not some one post his bed room pictures on internet and make money.

    Thank gives a lesson to respect others

  • I very much doubt that was Zuckerbergs business model from day1. It’s the entrepreneurs that homed in who looked at the model and established how Zuckerberg could make money from his fast growing machine. Zuckerberg is just another guy that sold out to the dollar and shame on him for going along with it.

  • You guys seem awfully virulent. Or jealous. I think its jealousy. I agree that tis no good a model to sell my photos – I mean, come on, who cares about the before and after pics of my Movember brush with mustache, but do we really need to call this guy cancer. I bet you use his product 15 minutes a day, minimum. I think you just wished you had 5 billion dollars in revenue this year.

  • “I bet you use his product 15 minutes a day, minimum. I think you just wished you had 5 billion dollars in revenue this year.”

    I don’t use it at all. Never have. I have never had a Facebook or Instagram account.

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