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Ignore Google+ and Google search will ignore you. – Larry Page, Google CEO

Oh happy day! This is the best news that the Internet has had in many a year. Google has finally admitted that Google+ has been a colossal failure. The man behind the Google+ fiasco has been banished and the infuriating forced integration of all services will now finally come to an end.

From the get-go, Google+ had been a day late and a dollar short. It was always totally unneeded and redundant. For pure socializing we already had Facebook, Myspace, and dozens of other smaller sites. For business we had Linkedin and dozens of niche sites.

No one wanted Google+; no one needed it.

Google Plus receives a fatal blow.

Google Plus receives a fatal blow.

Well, that is with the exception of a few social media gurus. They wrote books praising the new network and pointing to its alleged rapid growth as proof of market acceptance. However, the fact of the matter is that Google had the market clout to coerce millions of users into signing up for Plus whether they wanted it or not. When enough didn’t do so, Google started forcing Plus on us. Suddenly anytime you wanted to use Gmail or YouTube, you found notifications that you had a new Plus account. This then led to hours being wasted in trying to disconnect your YouTube comments from your Plus professional persona. If you had multiple Gmail accounts the experience could be downright maddening.

I finally succumbed to the pressure the Google+ protection racket two months ago purely for SEO reasons.

Now the people have spoken and we have won.

It is indeed a good day on the Internet.

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