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The ONLY TWO Requirements of This Program Are:

1.) A business partner with a Strong Personal Credit Profile

This means a 700+ FICO Score.

2.) A business EIN (Employer Identification Number) – Not required for Pre-qualification. Personal Credit Guidelines (Unsecured Business Credit Cards)

Applicants must submit a recently updated Full Credit Report(s) showing full credit history, inquiries, collections and negative events, limits, balances and payment history for all 3 bureaus. A “Tri-Merge” report that showing all 3 bureaus on one report is preferable.

Acceptable Credit Reporting Sites *Preferred Vender – $1  fee


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8 Responses to How to Qualify for a Business Loan

  • Looking to get funding for local used car dealership in North Charleston, sc. the name of the Company is Auto Clean

  • I want Loan for the projects in India. Can I get without paying upfront fees there are lot of fake lenders who promise lo int rate but cheat later

  • I have a graphic design./large format digital printing/ signage company. I have been in this business for 35 years. My company previously owned by my father and i has been in business for 45 years. Our sales until this year have been between $1,000,000.00 and $850,000.00. My father passed away 4 years ago. In order for me to obtain his shares i had to purchase them for $500,000.00 and have been making payments since 2007. After his death i had to continue to pay his estate/ step mother and step family the remaining balance of $179,000. The estate has now forgiven the remaining balane of only $76,000. Due to this i had to cut the business expenses back in order to make these payments. It also used all of my working capital. So i am basically starting from scratch. All of the large corporate clients are still ordering but i am soon unable to accomidate the very large orders due to lack of capital needed to manufacture. I am looking for a investor interested in finding either a active or silent partner. Past financial records can be provided. Would also be interested in a line of credit at a reasonable rate and term. Would need roughly $200,000.00 to bring the company back to the volume of revenue it once had. Serious inquires only please. Time is now a factor. Thank you very much.

  • Need loan or funding for Construction equipment on urgent basis.

  • Looking for a small loan of up to $25 000 to run a furniture making company. Already have the company in operation but need to add on machinery..

  • We are local miners in Asante Region of Ghana we are looking for investors who will invest in our mining company to enhance our production.

  • Need a loan or funding for ongoing agribusiness venture of US$680 to boost production through increased product variety, value addition, and greater market penetration from the a legit investor. Funds required by early January, 2018 start of planting season, at reasonable rates and terms.

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