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How to Create Startup Capital

Well, not exactly but it come close. Think of it as an indirect endorsement. Big name east coast venture capitalist Fred plugs one of the many financing methods elaborated on The Smart Startup Guide. It would have been better if he had mentioned the creative financing manual by name, but I’ll roll with it anyways.

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For Investors it’s All About the Exit

I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a Hamburger today. – Wimpy

Here’s a common scenario that most first-time capital seekers experience. They write their business plan, finish their prototype, add all the suggested window trimmings, and then start talking to potential angel investors. Some of these prospects will initially behave as if they are seriously interested in funding the deal. The entrepreneur then has a series of meetings with them and plans to ask for the check at the next one.  That’s when things abruptly change.  Suddenly the investor stops returning calls and responding to emails. In the minority of cases, they will tell the entrepreneur that they have decided to pass on the opportunity. However, more often than not they will simply become unavailable.

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Legal Documents for Raising  Seed Capital

One way to save on legal fees in financing is to use the Net to find sample documents you can use for your deal. First step is to find samples of appropriate documents. You will be amazed at how much is online and free. The next step is to go through the documents slowly making the necessary changes. Then finally have your lawyer vet your draft version.  Do not avoid this final step.

Here are some samples you might be able to use.

Seed Series Financing Documents