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Hey there,

I stumbled on this great documentary (available on YouTube) with great insights on the startup journey. I particularly related to the emotional side of impacting family while hustling, and maybe you will relate as well. Enjoy!

Topics Covered: venture capital, startup capital, seed capital, bootstrapping, idea generation, business model, pivoting, technical co-founders, scale, supply chain, cashflow

Full Description:¬† The story of three of Australia’s fastest growing startups – SafetyCulture, Vinomofo, and Canva – as they scale from garage offices to millions of users and worldwide impact. The New Hustle follows the personal journeys of the founders as they develop and iterate on their idea, attempt to bring it to market, raise capital, and face countless challenges along the way.

Runtime is 53:56.


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The Power of Crowdfunding: Mining Companies Now Compete With Startups for Crowdfunding Support

Thanks to the advancements of investing, more and more upstarts are becoming confident enough to launch their new products and services to the world. By getting $5 – $10 from those who can commit, a business that had no way of getting funds from traditional means during the 90s can now get the funding they need through crowdfunding. Usually, getting monetary support from people all over the world via crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo only apply to startups that have no backing from stockholders. However, today, the old mining industry seems to be looking at crowdfunding to get the support they need for operations.

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