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At different points in his life John Paul DeJoria was homeless and an East LA gangbanger. Then he he turned his life around and launched John Paul Mitchell Systems with $700 back in 1980.

Here he tells how he did it in detail while being the keynote speaker at the Stanford 2011 Entrepreneurship Conference.


2 Responses to How to Build a Billion Dollar Company With a $700 Startup Budget

  • I have to say that I have fallen in love with the John Paul DeJoria story. I am enamored with the philosophy and bigger than yourself approach to creating. I feel that your vibration is closer to my own than I have ever heard from any other successful business person that I have listened to.

    We are a skin care clinic in our infancy and your story has really given me affirmation on the way that I have been guiding our company. I could certainly share more, but I have a new role model and thank you for sharing yourself and your story with people like me that are looking to follow in your footsteps!

    I am really rejuvenated and ready to continue on my path to profoundly change the skin care industry from it is alright to poison yourself to look better to noninvasive and nontoxic alternatives that make the skin healthier, more vibrant and radiant which makes you look younger.

    Elle Kersey

  • We are a new company called Somatika. We create and sell personal care product formulas for manufacturers of various cosmetic and OTC types using adult mesenchymal adipose stem cell proteins with proven results. These proteins are safe, effective, powerful, fast acting and offer sustainable growth in hair, skin, wound healing, wrinkled and aging skin. We are looking for next stage launch capital. Thank you. Laura Davidson / Founder & CEO.

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