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6 Responses to East Coast Angels Directory

  • Looking for funding for startup inventory. Owner has already invested $780,000 need $268,000 to complete project. Located in Savannah, Georgia

  • im looking for someone to partner with in gold mining, my number is +2637339264,

  • Starting an advertising company in savannah, ga. Digital display format. Loopy Network Advertising gives small businesses and affordable outlet for advertising. Concept has been proven and now looking to launch.

  • angel Investors Wanted for online tech payment company we are making some revenue and know how to grow the business i created a startup about a year ago and ive been funding the site my self looking for $30k up to $90k not to much money is needed i have strong data of how to grow the company and we are already cash flow positive with no debt we have no previous investors my name is david text me on my cell 860-799-1309 or email me at

    should be able to return your investment in 1year 6months up to 2 years
    our company is like squareup and like paypal

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