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seed capital

Are you raising startup and/or seed capital?

Only licensed broker/dealers are able to accept success-based compensation or commissions for arranging funding.

Consultants, finders or others attempting to raise capital cannot be compensated with commissions or other success-based compensation. This is a violation of Federal and State security laws.

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Funding Small Business Growth with Individual Retirement Funds

There comes an inflection point in nearly every stage of small business development where growth stagnation is inevitable except for the infusion of some form of capital, human or otherwise. Unfortunately, such inflection points can also be extremely time-sensitive as in, “we need for growth and we need it now!” The recent credit squeeze has also been detrimental as small businesses have been hurt the most by dried-up liquidity in financial markets. Luckily, there are a number of ways to tap existing funds, including using retirement funds as a method for funding small and medium businesses.

Self-Directing Retirement Accounts

While the more complex structure of self-directed IRAs and solo 401(k)s have existed for many years, the rapid mainstream acceptance and affordability of such accounts has only materialized in recent vintage. Unlike a traditional IRA, a self-directed IRA takes administrative control out of the hands of the IRA custodian and gives it back to the account holder. This means investors are free to invest in products other than stocks, bonds, mutual funds and money market accounts.

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How to Get Startup Capital and Seed Capital

Everyone wants them. Sometimes they can be provided by outsiders.

Oftentimes you will need to up your game and discover how elite entrepreneurs create startup and seed capital seemingly out of thin air. Not only will this help you to launch your startup quicker but it will impress the socks off future investors–should you still need them. Get started today in creating seed and startup capital.

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