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Peerbackers A new way to fund your dreams and help others to do the same.

Peerbackers helps you raise seed capital from both peers and strangers.

It leverages social media to draw attention to listed projects. It’s another donation based crowdfunder.

2 Responses to Best Crowdfunding Sources for Seed Capital: Peerbackers

  • We have developed a new marking round for the Military/LE market. It also has applications in retail airsoft market. Now they can see when they mark their opponent. We can save the government $780 million a year by going to our product. We have distribution set up on five continents. All we need to raise is $600,000 for machinery. We can do loan or revenue financing. Our minimum ROI is 600%.

  • WeldVac, LLC has invented an environmentally conscience, semi-green technology, comprised of an adjustable vacuum and support system, to evacuate the particulate matter, smoke, toxic gases, sparks and molten metal from a welding work area. Our invention’s benefits are threefold: (1) ‘green’ aspects of the system (environmental benefits), (2) welder safety (human benefits), and (3) productivity improvements (potential time & cost benefits).

    Our invention completely changes the dynamics of a TIG welding operation; it dramatically improves worker safety, protects the environment, significantly increases worker productivity, and favorably impacts job costing and profitability. Many of the problems plaguing the welding industry are resolved by our invention!

    We’re currently in the investor-seeking stage; we have a working prototype. Please let me know if this project is of interest to your organization (and I will forward additional product information as well as our investment objectives). Contact: Brian Reese at

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