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Social Networking’s Business Model Exposed

I along with a lot of other people who do business online am relieved that the latest social networking attempt, Google +1, is basically D.O.A. Let me explain why.

Why Social Networking is a Big Time Wasting Scam

I’ll be blunt here. I don’t like social networking. To me it’s mostly a grotesque waste of time unless you happen to be a narcissist or a college kid who would rather die than not have a date for Saturday night. Since I am neither it has little to offer me besides sucking up precious time like a black hole.  A few years ago Bill Gates said that being online was better for your mind than watching television. I agreed with him back then but not any longer if we are talking about social networking. In that case, you are better off watching a good show.

Let me draw back the curtains on social networking for you and burst the illusion.

The Social Networking Business Model Explained

If you stop to think about it, social networking is just about the biggest scam going online. The business model works by taking advantage of your addictive nature. We are all prone to addictions of various sorts.  The social networking model works by tricking the marks into creating content for free and getting them addicted to continuing with cheap gamification tricks.  What’s that? It’s a fancy new word for conditioning you like Pavlov’s dog with worthless rewards such as up-votes (+1) or credits from other marks so that you will quickly become addicted to the endless toil of trying to earn yet more up-votes and credits. It’s very insidious because it feels like fun until you wake up to just how much time you are wasting each day enriching someone else. This leads me to the money part.

If enough people are drawn in to churn out a critical mass of content, the network’s founders and investors can dump the thing via an IPO and walk away multi-millionaires or even billionaires.

That amigos,  is how the social networking business model really works. It’s pretty nefarious actually as it feeds on the human propensity for addictive behaviors.

When Google first announced its new social network  I was aghast from concerns over how it might impact SEO and online marketing. It’s now beginning to look like there was nothing to worry about from it.

Want to know what’s it’s like stepping into Google’s failed social networking thingie?

It’s pretty much like this scene from Fellini’s 8 1/2.

Google +1 Fail

Inside Google +1












Now that you have seen how the social networking sausage is made you will hopefully consume less.

Here’s more on how social networks turn their users into addicted junkies.

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