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Google +1

Social Networking’s Business Model Exposed

I along with a lot of other people who do business online am relieved that the latest social networking attempt, Google +1, is basically D.O.A. Let me explain why.

Why Social Networking is a Big Time Wasting Scam

I’ll be blunt here. I don’t like social networking. To me it’s mostly a grotesque waste of time unless you happen to be a narcissist or a college kid who would rather die than not have a date for Saturday night. Since I am neither it has little to offer me besides sucking up precious time like a black hole.  A few years ago Bill Gates said that being online was better for your mind than watching television. I agreed with him back then but not any longer if we are talking about social networking. In that case, you are better off watching a good show.

Let me draw back the curtains on social networking for you and burst the illusion.

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