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Your Booster Rocket

Why do I refer to it as a billionaire strategies course? Good question. Every story, including the ones about how great fortunes are built, has three parts: a beginning, a middle, and an end. In the course we zero in on the stories of a number of typical tycoons who started from modest backgrounds and patiently learned how to wheel & deal in assets. It’s also extremely helpful to think of most industries as three level pyramids. At the very top you have a small number of giant Fortune 500 companies. In the middle tier there are many more so-called “middle-market companies.” At the bottom you have the most densely populated tier consisting of small companies. To create wealth you need to work your way up the pyramid. That’s where self-made billionaires come in. If you can learn what they did right early on, you dramatically improve your chances of creating real wealth over the course of your business career. Think of the course as a booster rocket that propels you upward at the optimum trajectory.

If you are looking for something that offers to make a you billionaire, please go back to Google and start your search over. This is a serious course for people already successfully running a small offline business and with a long term commitment to building something of real value.

Billionaires Are Good Horse Traders

We will cover the basic growth strategies of billionaires who have made their fortunes through a combination of business building and deal-making. We will also cover how billionaires create value. This is primarily a game of value creation as opposed to number-crunching. Most people talk themselves out of even trying it because they mistakenly think that they need to be a super “quant.” The truth is you don’t need to be a numbers-person. What you need is good old fashioned horse-trading sense which comes from nothing more than experience within an industry.

Did you know that billionaire Richard Branson took twenty years of building businesses to finally understand the difference between gross and net income?

How to Spot the Best Opportunities

A good entrepreneur is like a professional gambler in that he knows which tables at the casino offer the most favorable odds. Our objective is to identify the best “tables” at which to start playing this game. We will cover how to identify the industries that provide the best chances for getting off on the right foot for business building and wealth accumulation.

We will also learn how to avoid the ones that need to be steered clear of. Half the game is in knowing where and when to play.

Slip Streaming the Leaders

Long ago as bicycle road racer, I learned about the benefits of slip streaming. By riding in another racer’s slip stream, I could travel at his speed but with only 60 to 80% of the effort, depending on wind conditions. In effect, the rider in front was towing me. We will cover what I call “Slip Streaming Strategies” which rookies with minimal assets can utilize to bootstrap themselves into the billionaire game.

Unleashing the Golden Feedback Loop

The course is about showing you the strategies and tactics that self-made billionaires use to build deal-machines and buy up companies. How far you then go is up to you. However, the odds are that if you even implement only 5% of what you learn from them, you will be go much further than you would have otherwise.

The great thing about this course is that it reveals an advanced strategy for wealth creation that I have come to call the Golden Feedback Loop. Billionaires understand how to create and unleash the Golden Feedback Loop which will destroy the status quo within their industry and throw competition off balance. The GFL is covered in detail in the course.



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