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The Best How to Buy a Business Course

This course is designed for the serious entrepreneur who wants to have an advanced palette of strategies and tactics to employ. Let’s be honest, it’s getting tougher and tougher to survive let alone prosper out there in the global 24/7 marketplace. Indeed most won’t make it this economy. Moreover, when they eventually fail they won’t even understand why it happened.

My area of specialty is entrepreneurial finance. It’s the fun practical type of finance that allows you to do things most people would think impossible. What I have learned about startup finance over the past 25 years is now all in the Startup Guide. Sadly most people’s knowledge of finance is limited to “I’ll write a business plan and hopefully someone will give me money.” If you try to explain to them that there is always something that they can do right now to move their project forward, they don’t want to hear about it. They only want some kind stranger to drop $500k or $5 million into their laps so that all their financial problems are instantly and permanently solved.

It doesn’t work that way.

To survive and thrive in today’s ever-increasing competitiveness, you need to learn advanced business strategies from the best of the best. Yes, they do know more than you do. Don’t make the fatal and unnecessary mistake of thinking that you know all that there is to know.

What You Will Be Able to Do?

Here are additional things you will know once you have completed the course.

The Most Important Billionaire Asset and How to Acquire It

To go all the way with these strategies, you will need one key asset. It’s a money-making machine. The course identifies it and shows you how to acquire it.

How to Pay for the Company You are Acquiring

Most first time buyers of a business embarrass themselves when the seller and broker realize that they have no money to buy the company. This course teaches you proven creative financing strategies to use so that you come across as a professional.

Identifying and Controlling Industry Chokepoints

Billionaires tend to dominate their industries. In this section we will explore how this has been achieved by both past and present billionaires.

Self-Priming Growth Strategies

This section will elaborate on strategies you can use to “bulk up” in terms of financial strength so that you are taken seriously by established players.

Built-to-Flip Strategies

How to build companies designed to be flipped to bigger players in your industry.

Fast-Follower Strategies

Most billionaires are not first to market but rather fast followers who quickly learn from the mistakes of the leader and then capitalize on them.


How to initiate and organize small scale industry consolidations for sale to larger players.

How to Buy Companies

It’s far better to buy something wonderful at just a decent price than to buy something just decent at a wonderful price. – Warren Buffet

This section will cover how to identify the best buys in your target industries as well as negotiate the best price and terms.

How to Sell Companies

This section will cover how to “fatten up the hog” and then find motivated buyers for your company as well as negotiate the best possible price and terms.

How to Build Your Dream Team

This section will teach you how to attract and build your dream team of specialists. The course is designed to show you how to be the quarterback of the team, to use North American football terminology. Over time a team of specialists will grow around you. This is a team sport if you want to go all the way. If your goal is to stay small and private, you can use professionals in place of a full-time team.


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