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Angel Investors

This is the First Part of a Free Series on Raising Seed Capital from Angel Investors

This series should be of relevance to anyone looking at raising capital down the road whether it be from angel investors or venture capitalists.

However, before we begin the series, allow me to get something off my chest. The label “angel investor” is one of the most misleading names ever given to anyone or anything. It creates significant confusion which then leads to a great deal of wasted time. A lot of first-time capital seekers infer from it that these are people who basically use their savings as grants to fund all manner of loopy or at least half-baked ideas. They also erroneously believe that the main criterion used for giving away this money is the level of the entrepreneurial wannabe’s need. The more the wannabe thinks that he or she needs the money the more obligated the investor is then to cut them a check. Continue reading

How to Meet Angel Investors for Starup Capital

Angel investors finance far more companies than venture capitalists and the good news is that there’s probably an angel investor group near you. To meet them about providing you with startup capital, you will need to contact the local network chapter or club. Sorry, but you can’t get their home number and email because they don’t want to be swamped by entrepreneurs. These days angel investing is a business for which they prefer to have a screening process administered by paid staff or volunteer MBA students. They  have plenty of deals to choose from. Continue reading