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Social Networking’s Business Model Exposed

I along with a lot of other people who do business online am relieved that the latest social networking attempt, Google +1, is basically D.O.A. Let me explain why.

Why Social Networking is a Big Time Wasting Scam

I’ll be blunt here. I don’t like social networking. To me it’s mostly a grotesque waste of time unless you happen to be a narcissist or a college kid who would rather die than not have a date for Saturday night. Since I am neither it has little to offer me besides sucking up precious time like a black hole.  A few years ago Bill Gates said that being online was better for your mind than watching television. I agreed with him back then but not any longer if we are talking about social networking. In that case, you are better off watching a good show.

Let me draw back the curtains on social networking for you and burst the illusion.

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How to Create Recurring Revenues for Your Business

Recurring Revenue

Recurring Revenue

In my course on how to grow your business faster I cover the benefits of having a recurring monthly revenue model. This basically means that your customers are regular repeat customers. If you have ever run a business you are no doubt aware that keeping an existing customer happy is far easier than finding a new one. Generally the toughest businesses to run are those which make a single sale and then kiss the customer good-bye forever.

Having repeat customers greatly increases the value of your company whether you are trying to raise more capital or sell it.

So let’s take a look at five recurring revenue models that should be part of your business model. You are unlikely to be able to cram them all in, but do try to at least integrate two or three.

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