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New Regulation A+ Rules Expand Inexpensive Capital Formation of Up to $50 Million

Many in the investment and crowdfunding community had eagerly been waiting for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to release rules to enact the provisions of Title IV of the JOBS Act. The SEC finally released its regulations in March of this year. The new rules contained a partial preemption of state securities laws which surprised many. Title IV told the SEC to liberalize the provisions of Regulation A which is an exemption to allow smaller companies to sell private securities up to an amount of $5 million. It represents a huge step forward for crowdfunding.

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The Power of Crowdfunding: Mining Companies Now Compete With Startups for Crowdfunding Support

Thanks to the advancements of investing, more and more upstarts are becoming confident enough to launch their new products and services to the world. By getting $5 – $10 from those who can commit, a business that had no way of getting funds from traditional means during the 90s can now get the funding they need through crowdfunding. Usually, getting monetary support from people all over the world via crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo only apply to startups that have no backing from stockholders. However, today, the old mining industry seems to be looking at crowdfunding to get the support they need for operations.

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The tides of today’s corporate finance are shifting quickly. Traditional methods for business funding are being morphed and replaced by new and sexy alternatives. But, as often is the case, it’s sometimes best to make new friends and keep the old. Older tried and tested options for raising capital are often still overlooked in the haste to chase the latest small business funding fad. And while the sexiness of financing methods like crowdfunding and crowdlending are receiving a great deal of press at the moment, other alternative financing methods still weigh-in heavily as an option for raising capital for both existing and startup businesses including reverse mergers and direct public offerings (DPOs).

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