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Here’s Why Chasing Venture Capital is a Waste of Time

If you ask anyone who’s been there, raising capital is a difficult and altogether time-consuming process. For some, it can even wind-up wholly unfruitful. For the successful, it can still mean hours of effort and money spent in travel, pitching and hob-knobbing. Those who’ve done it, almost all wish they could have their time back. Fundraising can be a period of dark pessimism where the would-be, but persistent entrepreneur truly has a chance to test and see if s/he has what it takes to last the day. In chasing venture capital in 2014, there are a few ways in which I believe venture capital may have outlived its usefulness as a sexy asset-class.

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As many of you will know, Jay Abraham is one of the top marketing and joint venture consultants of the past 30 years or so. He has published a number of best sellers on marketing and success in business as well as offered hundreds of seminars which have been attended by thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs. Now Jay has asked us to help distribute free copies of one of his most popular offerings. If you are a consultant or adviser, this is a must read marketing book.

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Ignore Google+ and Google search will ignore you. – Larry Page, Google CEO

Oh happy day! This is the best news that the Internet has had in many a year. Google has finally admitted that Google+ has been a colossal failure. The man behind the Google+ fiasco has been banished and the infuriating forced integration of all services will now finally come to an end.

From the get-go, Google+ had been a day late and a dollar short. It was always totally unneeded and redundant. For pure socializing we already had Facebook, Myspace, and dozens of other smaller sites. For business we had Linkedin and dozens of niche sites.

No one wanted Google+; no one needed it.

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