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Social Networking’s Business Model Exposed

I along with a lot of other people who do business online am relieved that the latest social networking attempt, Google +1, is basically D.O.A. Let me explain why.

Why Social Networking is a Big Time Wasting Scam

I’ll be blunt here. I don’t like social networking. To me it’s mostly a grotesque waste of time unless you happen to be a narcissist or a college kid who would rather die than not have a date for Saturday night. Since I am neither it has little to offer me besides sucking up precious time like a black hole.  A few years ago Bill Gates said that being online was better for your mind than watching television. I agreed with him back then but not any longer if we are talking about social networking. In that case, you are better off watching a good show.

Let me draw back the curtains on social networking for you and burst the illusion.

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Crowdfunding Industry Unites Behind Regulatory Organization to Protect Investors

WASHINGTON, DC and NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwire – Mar 23, 2012) – With the passage of the JOBS Act, the Crowdfunding Industry is uniting behind a Self Regulating Organization (SRO) to monitor and oversee this new

The President Supports Crowdfunding

marketplace and ensure investor protection. The Crowdfund Intermediary Regulatory Association will commit to providing investor protection and market integrity through effective and efficient regulation of those within the crowdfunding industry. CFIRA will create rules, oversight and a united voice for the CrowdFund Investing platform companies as the industry is formed. CFIRA announced today that the founding partners will be:

  • Startup Exemption, The CrowdFund Investing authors that wrote the framework for the Crowdfund legislation passed by Congress.
  • The SoHo Loft Capital Creation (TSLCC) Events, the definitive event platform for the private markets aimed at facilitating capital formation and job creation.
  • Gate Technologies & GATE Impact, a platform and electronic marketplace and that provides regulatory compliant private market transactions. Continue reading